TGS 2006: Pricey PS3 Games?

Following up on Ken Kutaragi's pre-TGS keynote address, Japanese site Impress Watch has posted the latest in its "Random Tracking" editorial series. This periodic feature is written by Munechika Nishida, a well-known contributor to the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and Ultra One PC magazine, and this latest update has some surprising revelations on the PS3.

To most gamers, the most eye-catching part of the feature is a claim about game prices. Citing "multiple information sources," the article states that the price of PS3 games will be concentrated in the 8,800 to 9,800 yen range. The primary reason given is the rising cost of development.

Note: 8,800 to 9,800 yen is $75 to $84.

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Jay da 2KBalla3864d ago

Once again something 360 fans have been telling all of yall for the longest. Because of this I damn sure wont be buying a ps3 anytime soon.

Jay da 2KBalla3864d ago

And by anytime soon I mean most likely not at all.

wakkiwakko3864d ago

A month or so ago one of sony's reps confirmed the prices will stay at the 59.99 price range. I think this will be proven wrong by sony in the coming months. :D 84 for a game. It was fun to joke around like that, but if it's true, damn! Hahaha.

Jakens3863d ago

I'll pay $84 for a good game. Right now I have pre-ordered Need For Speed Collector's Edition for about $74.

Phenom193864d ago

i think this means that i'll have to use my good friend ebay when i get a ps3 later on

BlackCountryBob3863d ago

There are probably lots of people saying that but the problem is that someone needs to buy the game new for the ridiculous price and be willing to sell it on ebay for much less!

Phenom193863d ago

yea ur rite, someone has to be the guinnea pig and its a shame, but it is what it is. im not going to pay full price for a ps3 and im certainly not going to pay above $50 for a ps3 game

wakkiwakko3863d ago

I heard sony made it so you can't play used games on your ps3. Or buy used games on your ps3. I dunno. I read it long time ago. Could've been a rumor or summin. But the high price point is scary. And if the rumor is true. It's gonna suck a lot. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.