Awesome Cortana Cosplay Pics

A cool series of Cortana Cosplay pics. Halo has transcended the humble realm of videogames and seeped into our popular culture.

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ChrisW1836d ago

Those hips in that first pic would most definitely knock everyone back!

BistFrond1836d ago

Those spartan costumes in the top pic look like movie quality ... where would you buy something like that?

thorstein1836d ago

I don't know, but what is a Female Warf doing behind her in the second picture?

PwnerifficOne1836d ago

You make them out of Paper(Yes, paper) and Resin. Try checking out the 405th.

otherZinc1836d ago

Those hips were nice though! Some just wouldnt know what to do with those quality graphics she has!

FreshRevenge1836d ago

not feeling the vibe here with any of the girls here. They look great but I am not seeing it. Well maybe they will post another picture that pulls it off?

SilentNegotiator1836d ago

CORTANA cosplay? That blue thing that resembles a woman from the Halo series?

"I can't fap to this!"

Eh....seriously, when I hear "Cortana cosplay"....that's, like, bottom of the barrel nerd-dom, right there.

dark-hollow1836d ago

Don't lie!
I know you once fapped to those shiny blue hips!

The_Blue1836d ago

I think in halo 4 they should put her in a custom Spartan suit.

KidBroSweets21836d ago

Only one of the girls looked decent. And the real cortana is still the best

dead_eye1836d ago

Some right munters in there like

Captain Qwark 91835d ago

agreed most of them chicks were pretty beat. i think id rather slam the videogame character than any of them chicks. and the first one lmao, she would have been better off dressing as a warthog

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The story is too old to be commented.