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Submitted by Nick212004 1332d ago | interview

God of War: Ascension Dares You to "Find A Multiplayer Game That Looks Better Than Ours"

"God of War: Ascension will be taking gamers before the original God of War where Kratos forms a bond with Ares in which he must destroy after realizing he has sold his soul to the devil. Featuring a revamped combat and weapon system, improved animation blending, promptless mini-games, and new puzzles, God of War Ascension is set to bring chaos never before seen within the God of War franchise." (E3, God of War: Ascension, PS3)

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DJnal05  +   1332d ago
Hmm GOW!!

Multiplayer would be awwsome!!!!!
HebrewHammer  +   1332d ago
Honestly, the lack of right-analog controlled camera angles brings this game down quite a bit on my list of most anticipated PS3 titles in 2013.

I dont know why, but things like that irk me. It's a beautiful game! Why not allow players to be immersed in it fully by doing away with the fixed camera?
DialgaMarine  +   1332d ago
I'm pretty sure they already that there will be limited Camera control. I guess meaning certain maps or modes will allow it. The fixed doesn't really ruin much. The only problem from it would be if there are ranged weapons, like the bane, which would of course result in players abusing the fact that others can't see them if they're on a bottom corner of the map and just kill from afar. Hopefully nothing like that is allowed, because that's a potential game destroyer right there. :S

On that note, this game does look absolutely fantastic, and please don't throw the "fixed cameras means less rendering BS", because God of War 3 showed us that it was still rendering everything in the environment, despite not always seeing it, seeing as there was not even the slightest lick of pop-in throughout the entire game.
floetry101  +   1332d ago
Yep. The fixed-cam, for better of for worse, remains that way so they maintain something in the vicinity of 40-60fps. If you were to move the camera around, you'd probably see a whole lot of gaming dead space. Not sure if this will hinder the multiplayer, I can't say I'm remotely interested in that aspect either way, time will tell I guess.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1331d ago
"Find A Multiplayer Game That Looks Better Than Ours"
OOh my, this is gonna get quite a few pc fanboys fuming in Graphics card rage!!
creatchee  +   1331d ago
You can't really put in a traditional player-controlled camera, as God of War uses the right analog stick to dodge. Changing that would disrupt the feel of the game.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1331d ago
Why alter the feel of the game by messing with the camera?
I've played every single GOW game and it only took me 5 minutes to get used to the camera in the first GOW game on PS2.

I've never felt the need to move it around because I can already see everything I need to see and it doesn't get in the way.

[On Topic]
I don't think it's all about graphics. Obviously the single-player will look beautiful. However the MP should focus on being fun more than looking the best. I could give two flying s**ts about game "x" looking better than GOW:A's MP.
GOW is awesome, period.
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mewhy32  +   1331d ago
Lets hope that the total focus hasn't been on single player and they've just tacked multiplayer on at the last minute.
ginsunuva  +   1331d ago
Dodge vs camera.

Dodge is more important
Shane Kim  +   1331d ago
Just imagine the fights! Real skill involved with the dodge technique! I want the dodge ability over camera as well.
jsslifelike  +   1332d ago
Monster Hunter?
cpayne93  +   1332d ago
I think the key word here is "looks".
Lord_Sloth  +   1331d ago
Now I love Monster Hunter to death but GoW curb stomps it in the gfx department which is what they're talking about.
tmanmushroom  +   1332d ago
I really liked the multiplayer trailer they revealed, I hope to see more great news for God of War!
Chuk5  +   1332d ago
Yes, but can we find a multiplayer game that plays better?
Most likely, but I will reserve judgement.
-Alpha  +   1332d ago
GoW's mp will probably end up as an afterthought like so many other titles that simply want to cash in on the online passes, dlc, etc. Dead Space, Mass Effect, Bioshock, nothing really sticks out. No one remembers these games for MP, so hopefully the SP is good
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Machioto  +   1332d ago
Why would that happen?because gow ascension plays similarly to an action adventure fighting game so a transition from a single player to a multiplayer shouldn't be hard for there team to create.
brew  +   1332d ago
I noticed you didn't say Uncharted. You never know , this could be a quality multiplayer game worth playing along side the single player. Only time and personal taste will tell.
koston3647  +   1332d ago
yeah dude, when naughty dog revealed MP in Uncharted 2, everyone doubted it and it ended up being very impressive.

same situation here
-Alpha  +   1331d ago
I didn't include Uncharted because I genuinely liked the mp. But I think UC is just an exception, not a norm. UC's mechanics were perfect for a MP game, which is something I don't see for titles like GoW, Dead Space, and Mass Effect. I'll gladly eat my words if the mp is great, but I doubt it.
frostyhat123  +   1331d ago
@brew Uncharted really? The 2nd one was the first amazing game of the series, I don't think the mutliplayer could be considered tact on.
miyamoto  +   1331d ago
This is how PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale should have been.
" GoW's mp will probably end up as an afterthought like so many other titles that simply want to cash in on the online passes, dlc, etc."

I strongly disagree.

From the set up & level design alone I see & believe this game was built with Full 3-D Multi-player game play in mind.

GOW:A share some design elements like notable games that preceded it:

Ehrgeiz by Square
Destrega by Koei
Dissidia Final Fantasy by Square Enix to some extent
and many more.

This is like POWER STONE 2 by Capcom on steroids and violence.

These are very fun, tried and true multi-player 3-D fighting games.

Now that Sony Santa Monica threw in platforming and hopefully level creation as hinted by the SP this game could top all of these mentioned games.

This is how PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale should have been-in full 3-D.

Sony could have been spared the flak & accusations if they went this route.
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Serjikal_Strike  +   1332d ago
challenge accepted
gamingisnotacrime  +   1332d ago
Uncharted 3 mp looks pretty darn good

but it plays not as good
PersonMan  +   1331d ago
I can't quite figure it out, but I don't like multiplayer in Uncharted 2 or 3. It just doesn't leave me satisfied.
DrRobotnik  +   1332d ago
Challenge Denide

Related image(s)
--Onilink--  +   1332d ago
on consoles probably not, on PC, Battlefield 3 is miles ahead. And quite frankly, the least important component to multiplayer is graphics.

I'll reserve judgement until it comes out, but out of the many forced multiplayer options into single player games, this one is right on top with ME3(which was pretty good) and Dead Space(which was pretty bad)
--Onilink--  +   1332d ago
hahaha nothing like making a slightly negative comment about something sony related here in N4G.... i was just asking for those disagrees

please do show me how on earth the multiplayer in this game looks better than Battlefield 3. Or please do tell me that MP is not being forced(ill even bet the game will have an online pass) and everyone has been asking for MP in god of war...

God of War has always been about single player, and it has always looked great. And as everyone could expect its one of the best looking games this gen, but cant really compete with an advanced PC game
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1331d ago
They're obviously talking about consoles.
This IS a console game after all. Which makes the talk about PC graphics pointless. Everyone already knows PC is capable of better graphics. Yet you felt the need to remind everyone about it.

To put it simply: You got disagrees because your comment was redundant an only served to make you look like a jackass. No offense.
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Ravenor  +   1332d ago
Its 4 on 4 MP, if this was a genre that had lots of traffic I would say the question/challenge makes sense to begin with.

Comparing GoW Ascension to any other MP game that isn't a similar genre just doesn't make sense. BF3 on the consoles has far more going on then GoW Ascension, but I'm sure the animations and textures will be much better in GoW. So what one is the better game visually?
BitbyDeath  +   1332d ago
Should add graphical comparisons
--Onilink--  +   1331d ago
do you honestly need a graphical comparison to tell that Battlefield 3 on PC looks better than anything on consoles???
BitbyDeath  +   1331d ago
Would make the thread more interesting
xAlmostPro  +   1331d ago
Lol, your second comments suggest people took the bait. They didn't you're an idiot. Nobody think it's looks better than BF3 on PC, because common sense says it doesn't.

I'm pretty sure we all know this is a consoles only comment.
--Onilink--  +   1331d ago
What bait?? I simply said i dont think any game on consoles will look better and in the case of pc, there is something better. Which is true.

I also said there are plenty of things more important than graphics in a MP game, which again is also true

And finally i said i would wait until i play it to decide on the mp, because right now it feels forced, which in past occasions have meant bad mp games, but also some good ones, hence the waiting on my part before deciding

So as you can see im not saying anything unreasonable, or trolling( certainly not telling people they are idiots...) or anything like that, im just expressing some facts along with my opinion. As for my 2nd comment, i stand by it, if you want to see something get disagrees, just say something slightly negative about a sony related product then sit back and watch, i guess those 20+ disagrees help me make my point
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GamingTruth  +   1331d ago
i do, and i aint backing into a corner for you nerdy pc fans and your overrated photorealism backpacking game
ThatEnglishDude  +   1332d ago . I wish with this new technology we have, developers would be more ambitious than to just offer better visuals. How about designing new mechanics and gameplay elements that were previously not possible? I'm sick of this constant push for 'realistic visuals' We might as well call the next generation of consoles 'an upgraded graphics card' if that's all they're going to do with the technology.
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BitbyDeath  +   1332d ago
Check out "The Last of Us"
ThatEnglishDude  +   1332d ago
Obviously there are exceptions to what I'm saying. I've seen The Last of Us, it looks great. Being developed by a trusted developer but without physically playing it, it still just looks like a *really* good over the shoulder third person shooter with a cover system and stealth mechanics.
BitbyDeath  +   1332d ago
I just meant it's doing a lot that hasn't been done before particularly on the AI side. :-)
Kinect  +   1331d ago
TLOS is an Im legend's clone , blatantly copying everything, except instead of a dog u got this annoying teenage girl
wicko  +   1331d ago
"it still just looks like a *really* good over the shoulder third person shooter"

That's a lot like calling condemned a first person shooter. I think the cover shooting is only a small part of the game.
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fatboyfsx  +   1329d ago
Similar? Yes.

Same? No.
ZoyosJD  +   1331d ago
The Last of Us...AI
Beyond...emotions (through mocap)
AC3...fluid movement (over complex environments)

It seems that the best in what hardcore gamers really want comes out when the devs can't just push graphics anymore.

If a longer time in this gen means more advancements like this rather than the normal "hey, look at that higher resolution", I would gladly go for a couple more years.

While PC gamers complain about consoles limitations, its the very boundries of the consoles that have devs innovating in new ways that we will all eventually see the benifit of, because devs inspire each other.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1332d ago
Well it is Sony Santa Monica so i have faith that they will be able to execute multiplayer pretty well.
DJnal05  +   1332d ago
They must do beta to iron out the game play...
xtremexx  +   1331d ago
you just want to play it XD
Skateboard  +   1332d ago
Graphics are the least important to me, give me a good game.
DivineAssault  +   1332d ago
Has there ever been a bad god of war game? its an action adventure game series that is always fun to play & looks good doing it.. Graphics arent everything but this game plays good too.. I just hope its not short
ThatEnglishDude  +   1332d ago
It's never been bad because it's been too scared to evolve beyond the first game which was successful.
DivineAssault  +   1332d ago
how could it evolve? all they can really do in an action game is change some of the combat mechanics & platforming.. They can make a new series in a whole different genre but thats about it
ThatEnglishDude  +   1332d ago
I agree to an extent, but we were all saying the same thing 10 years ago. 'How could games look/play any better than this?!' it's not our jobs to find ways to evolve the medium, that should be the jobs of the designers. But it's all to easy to make games just like every other and claim it's because you're trying to reach to a wider audience. We need some ambition and soul back in the industry!
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cpayne93  +   1332d ago
The phone game?
AgreeFairy  +   1332d ago
Killzone 3

That was easy.
Treian  +   1332d ago
left 4 dead 2....
GamingTruth  +   1332d ago
note he didnt say find a multiplayer game on consoles that looks better he said period, thats the thing that i was waiting for most exclusive developers would hold back saying something like this, but this guy isnt going to cower into some corner to please pc fans and thats what i like i agree with him fully
iMaim  +   1332d ago
Battlefield 3. There.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1331d ago
What I'm hoping he means is, find a game in that genre that looks better than their's.....There right, I can't think of any actually.
#18 (Edited 1331d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
gijsbrecht  +   1331d ago
Killzone 3; easily.
Neo-Axl  +   1331d ago
Now THIS is how you get people to check your game out, Gotta be confident, Work hard & know your good enough to take on the competition, :D
Raka  +   1331d ago
yep best MP console looking game to date
PAYNEinc85  +   1331d ago
I think Killzone 3 is the best looking MP game on console.
GamingTruth  +   1331d ago
i think killzone 3 is the best looking mp game on any platform period, til gow ascension
Ramas  +   1331d ago
Demon souls / dark souls
Roccetarius  +   1331d ago
Well, i guess they have to sell the game to the masses using something. Graphics is all it is anyways.
Commodore  +   1331d ago
I don't give a damn how good your multiplayer looks...I care how fun it is.
jjb1981  +   1331d ago
Tzuno  +   1331d ago
Ahahahahhh!!! really????
OldSnakePS3  +   1331d ago
day one rite here
konohashin  +   1331d ago

"promptless mini-games" do they mean more of the WE WONT LET YOU WIN AGAINST THE BOSSES WE JUST WANT YOU TO PRESS X, O, [ ] or /\ to kill them.......
units  +   1331d ago
Gears 3 and Uncharted 3 dont rely on controlled camera and look better than this
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Honest_gamer  +   1331d ago
should be good online
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