New Video Game Releases – June 19 – June 25

There are some great choices this week. For strategy fans, a major expansion for Civilization V arrives, introducing a new take on religion and a creative spy mechanic. LEGO gets its first voiced game in the form of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. A new twist on Pokémon arrives in the form of Pokémon Conquest, blending Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the “gotta catch ‘em all” game play the core series is known for.

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browland12370d ago

The first Lego Batman is actually one of my guilty pleasures, so I might pick up the second one if the price is right.

ostgar2370d ago

Mmmmmmmmmm MTG on the go!

Vivalajmax2370d ago

LEGO Batman 2 looks like a surprisingly ambitious Lego game. I'm hoping the franchise is willing to go new places like this more often, the past games were fun but they began to feel repetitive.

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