My Renewed Interest in the Wii

Alice of - "It’s been at least two years since I last played my Wii. I admit that I was one of those who was swept up in all of the excitement when the Wii released in 2006."

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MultiConsoleGamer1952d ago

Two years since you played your Wii?

You're telling me you ignored games like DKC Returns and Go Vacation? For shame.

arcsoft1952d ago

I got wrapped up in Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper.

PopRocks3591952d ago

For an entire year? Dang... you must REALLY like Ratchet and Sly.

eagle211952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

YOU BETTER go get DKCR for $29.99!! It's like a 94/100 to me...classic gameplay. :)

So many great Wii games with The Last Story out next month in the usa. Please write a follow-up after you enjoy at least 10 games.

BattleAxe1952d ago

Can't really blame Arcsoft, he probably also got wrapped up playing Mass Effect 3, God of War Origins Collection, Killzone 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Uncharted 3 and God of War 3.

What have the Wii crew been doing for the last couple of years.....hahahahaha

Hisiru1952d ago

So you missed Xenoblade too? Shame on you.

I finished Ratchet and Clank in just one week. I still need to buy Sly Collection.

Venox20081952d ago

I gotta recommend you Rhythm Heaven: fever , DKC:returns, Kirby's epic yarn and more.. :)

Instigator1952d ago

I just finished Pandora's Tower at the 20 hour mark, 30 hours of The Last Story, Zelda: Skyward Sword took me 60 hours, and I had to force myself to put down Xenoblade after 200 hours because, frankly, I have to many games I want to play before I retire the Wii completely.

I could take you even further back than the last 6-7 months, but to be honest that would be a herculean task.

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MySwordIsHeavenly1952d ago

Donkey Kong Country Returns was a great game, but it doesn't even touch the first two Donkey Kong Country games.

AWBrawler1952d ago

You missed Monster Hunter???

sloth33951952d ago

renewed interest in the Wii or the Wii U since thats the pic you are using

arcsoft1952d ago

The Wii but it's because of the Wii U.

TheSaint1952d ago

My granny hasn't used hers in a while either.

glennco1952d ago

not even sure where mine is. i am the first to admit it was coz of graphics. they actually look worse the better the cable you use. use the cheapest crappiest composite cable and it looks better than a high-end component cable. you do not want sharp clear images when it means gigantic jaggies. wii sports 2 would have been the last game i played

even though i tried, it was never anything but a party console for me. couldnt play single player for more than an hour before i just lost interest.

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