These Far Cry 3 screens are a great way to kick off your Sunday

GameZone writes: "Ubisoft's upcoming FPS is definitely a title to watch out for."

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dontbhatin2006d ago

Looks great!!! cant wait to max this on my pc!!!

guitarded772006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Far Cry 3 is the most impressive first person shooter I've seen coming out this year. It stomped all over CoD and MoH at E3 IMO.

dontbhatin2005d ago

Agreed. But i am still very excited for MOH as well it looks as if they had pushed that engine to look better than BF3. Multiplayer looks intense and seems like a solid experience!

Hazmat132006d ago

omg epic single player, 4 player co op (2 player offline co op), and best of all map editor! this game is gonna be fucking awesome!

Hanuman2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Yep, The map editor is a great feature. I love to put buildings, cars, barrels and other stuff in all kind of setups and blow them up. Farcry 2 editor wasn't that good though. The Crysis mapeditor is still the best one out there.

edit: Oh, and the pics are great too :)

kevnb2006d ago

I'm interested, far cry 2 was almost good but had huge flaws.

sourav932006d ago

Why do I have a feeling that these are bullshots...? I saw FC3 gameplay during E3; none of it looked this good. Who knows, maybe this is a newer build running on a high end gaming rig. Guess we'll find out when it releases in September.

Da_Evil_Monkey2006d ago

you're right, these are bullshots. If you look at the 5th 'screenshot' it's blatantly obvious. The game looks great, but nowhere near that good.

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