Video Games at E3 That Were Neat or Cool

Brad Shoemaker, "First it was trendy to malign this year's E3 for being too big, too out of touch, too gauche, or too boring. Then maligning the people doing the maligning became the thing to do. I suspect we'll be yelling at the people who are yelling at the people who are yelling about E3 soon enough, but before this snake of negativity begins to eat a second tail it didn't even know existed, let's cut through all the nonsense and admit that whatever issues the video game industry and the expo itself may have, there were more than enough games to get excited about scattered around the show floor."

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PNeafsey2134d ago

I really hope that what John Carmack showed works out. The need for a large gaming room separated from the rest of the house would be eliminated by a self-contained helmet like that. Though I will be the first to admit I will always want a gaming room for friends, there is also something to be said for the portability and ease of the helmet.

I can't help it, I love tech. Bring on the future.

P.S. Brad - No Dishonored? I'm disappointed.

Soldierone2134d ago

Virtual reality helmet, at first I was gonna say no thanks. Then I watched the interview with Carmack that they link you to, and I'm sold. He is doing such a great job at evolving it past crap that its interesting to me.

I like how he says "we want to hand it to hackers" so they can see what they can do and use those projects to sell it to actual companies. I hope Sony or MS embrace it.

SeekDev2134d ago

And Carmack made it at home. A freakin' home made VR helmet. Awesome!

ApolloAdams2134d ago

The entire F2P sector was the neat/cool thing to me because they looked very well and compared to a $60 I was surprised that so many offered great looks and features.

SeekDev2134d ago

Just because they're F2P doesn't mean they don't make money :P

F2P games mainly use a microtransaction system to make money. Wanna get that armor? It's only a dollar. That new hat? A quarter. Small transactions like that go a long way, this allows them to kinda keep up with the $60 games out there.

MrMister2134d ago

Plus non-intrusive ads can help to keep it free too