Happy Father's Day: A Celebration of Chuck Greene

Everybody knows the ESRB stat about how the average age of gamers is around 34, yet very few titles provide an honest portrayal of what it’s really all about. There is however one game in which you play as a father, a good one. Hell, a fantastic one! That game is Dead Rising 2, and that father’s name is Mr. Chuck Greene.

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Unztayble2136d ago

Very much a fan of the Dead Rising games.

GuyThatPlaysGames2136d ago

Disagree with you here. The games have terrible clunky controls and almost none of the characters have dialog while actually playing. All you get is a popup box with text.

Unztayble2136d ago

I'm aware of the controls, timed gameplay, AI, and framerate slowdown issues. But I can't help coming back to it again and again to get all the endings and unlocking all the moves to use on the zombies. I enjoy it, so much that I platinumed DR2. I know it's no AAA title but I have fun with it.

fossilfern2136d ago

Im with you I enjoy them too.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232135d ago

they are amazing games. there is no other game out there that does what dead rising does.

P_Bomb2135d ago

I had a good time in Dead Rising 2. I'd never replay it, but it served its purpose. Downloaded Case Zero for XBLA as well.