Two new songs from Halo 4 OST

With the last update for HaloWaypoint on Xbox 360, 343 Industries deliver a new video with two musics from the Halo 4 OST. So listen, maybe.

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FuturLife2100d ago

There are two songs mixed in one video.

The first one is from the begining to 2:12, and the second one is to 2:13 to the end. =)

Da Ill One2100d ago

ok so they both have the same name?

FuturLife2100d ago

Cannot say, their names seem to be Requiem for both, but I'm not sure, there is no information about that particular point.

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iClenchTatas2100d ago

1st song sounds like a 007 movie, and the 2nd sounds like a batman movie.

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