19 Sony heroes that belong in All-Stars Battle Royale

CVG: Within hours of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale being announced, 100s of gaming sites had written character wishlists, always with the same old names - Lara, Snake, Drake.

You can't ignore these icons, and neither will we, but what about the fringe characters, the forgotten heroes, who defined PlayStation history? Here's who we'd really like to see in a multiplayer dust up...

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AO1JMM2003d ago

A historical correct giant enemy crab? Lol

CanadianTurtle2003d ago

Hey man, don't diss. My great grandfather died in the real historic Japanese war. He was killed by a giant enemy crab!

LoaMcLoa2003d ago

It was his own fault for not using real-time weapon change!

ChunkyLover532003d ago

He should have flipped it over and hit its weak spot for massive damage.

Nimblest-Assassin2003d ago

He needed to attack his weakpoint for massive damage

GribbleGrunger2003d ago

of course the real fools are those that didn't get the joke

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dark-hollow2003d ago

I know it will cost them to get these characters but please for GODS sake include crash, spyro and any iconic characters from FF 7 to 12.

PS3Freak2003d ago

No Kazuma Kiryu? Come on.

Nimblest-Assassin2003d ago

no.... I don't play Yakuza... but there is one character who should be there


PS3Freak2003d ago

You should play them they are amazing. Both Kazuma and Majima should be in this game.

By the way Original Japanese > English dubs for pretty much EVERY Japanese game. The English voice actors never sound right.

Nimblest-Assassin2003d ago

sorry, but Mark Hamill made my childhood awesome

Joker and Luke Skywalker? The mans a legend

smashcrashbash2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Okay first of all some of those characters belong to other people and would cost a fortune to get in the game. Secondly Enemy Crab? Noby Noby Boy? Eyepet? Really? And last of all I do like some of those ideas. Traveler, Kat, Nariko,Sir Dan Sackboy and Wanderer are good ones. Everyone else like Guitaroo Man and Vibri can be background charters

duli142003d ago

Gabe logan from syphon filter should be in it

NukaCola2003d ago

I agree.

Would love to wee as well:


These guys may be no longer on Sony's system only but they started out there and they deserve to return for the battle. Oh and I think Gex is well overdue for a comeback anyway.

Also, some of these characters could be part of the stage like EyePet who could come in and get in the way of the screen like those damn Nintendogs do. I don't know what is the final outcome of the title but I would love to see tons of cameos in every tiny aspect of the game. Go all out SMASH with this title. This one is for the fans.

ElitaStorm2003d ago

Nariko vs Kratos omg i cant wait

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