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After over two decades of originality, Nintendo has started cranking out similar looking Mario games with the New Super Mario Bros. series, releasing the third and fourth entires this year.

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PopRocks3592254d ago

Interesting read. Glad someone approached this topic a tad more objectively and intelligently than most have prior.

fatstarr2253d ago

mario is mario, its always going to be around for the new generation of children to enjoy that will never notice this untill they are older.

power rangers
and so on.

I would say a hybrid mashup of galaxy and sunshine would catch my attention.

sunshine was my favorite mario game of all time.

it gave him a bold look and lots of new things to experience with the water pack.

linkratos2254d ago

I really hate the "NEW" line of Mario games. Ironic name considering we've seen almost everything these games have to offer in their superior predecessors SMB1,2,3 and SMW.

But those are technically their own line of games according to Nintendo themselves. The real line of Mario games has continued to Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and Galaxy 2. And it's apparent that this series is in no way stale or unoriginal. 3D Mario is among the premier franchises in gaming, teeming with creativity and new gameplay experiences.

I don't mind Nintendo selling these "NEW" games though, they are a cash cow that Nintendo can bank on to fund the development of their real creative and inspired games. Similar to how Ubisoft uses AC side stories to fund AC3 and other games like Rayman.

Y_51502254d ago

I would like to see the return of the frog suit from Super Mario Bros. 3! :)

tweet752254d ago

even though weve seen some of it before playing through it will still be one of the greatest joys you can get in the video game world.

TheDivine2254d ago

I really dont like the New SMB games. Dont get me wrong, they are among the best 2d platformers available but Mario stays relevant because each gen he is reinvented in a unique way. NSB was amazing on ds, i waited since the snes and SM World for that game and it didnt dissapoint. It was like a 2d mario 64. Then the released a wii version and now a wii-u and 3ds game. They needed to make a new style for the wii-u and 3ds marios. Personally i wanted a cell shaded/cartoony Super Mario World type game or SMB 3 type game (@ Y-5150 i also want the frog suit and capes!). NSMB feels very generic and boring after so many games. Theyre still fun classic mario but theyre diminishing the power of Mario games by releasing so many. It took from snes to the ds for a 2d mario, n64 and gamecube each had one mario and it was 3d (those were games i played for years each and learned every secret and nook and cranny). Now they seem to want to capitalize on it and have a 2d and 3d mario on every system and the quality or i guess charm and uniqueness has gone down. Now its just regurgitating the same shit even if its gameplay is amazing and nostalgic.

The wii-u one at least looks beautiful and the squirrel suit looks super fun. Thats a step in the right direction but it needs a good world map like SMB3 and SMW with secrets, shortcuts, and special stages. The 3ds title looks kind of crap since its all about coins.

lizard812882253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

The NSMB series just seems bland to me, and have taken a step back from the rest. If you look at the older games, even the GB ones, the levels are pretty big. You can move up and down, left and right. In NSMB series, it seems you just move right and win. It went back to basics of the 1st two games (Not SMB2USA), but it lacks any challenge. As much as I like seeing Goombas and Koopas, the Mario world has a ton of other baddies that aren't being used. Where is Charging Chuck?! Even Chain Chomps seem to be rare in 2D mario games. Shoot, even the Hammer head bros are a bit rare.

It (NSMB2) looks like it does add something about going up, with the Raccoon Tail back, but I hope it just isn't 1 platform that is really high and you need the RT to get up there.

Plus I'm a bit worried about all of the coins you collect. Within the trailer, the guy got like 6 1-ups. Mario games are easy enough. I don't need them cramming lives down my throat.

Wiiu looks better, HOWEVER, it looks like it is built around 4 player again. NSMBW was fun and all, but got boring really fast solo. Rayman Origins was a much better game solo than this. Plus it seems like they turned Baby Yoshis into gimmicks, unlike World. In World the 4 (IIRC) Yoshis did something different that helped. However, here, it looks like Baby Yoshi is just a gimmick for a level, like light Yoshi. What purpose will it serve out of that level? Same thing with Bubble Yoshi. We still don't know if they can even become an adult by eating baddies yet, because everybody is too busy using their gimmick. World's gimmicks were better used. A fire Breathing Yoshi, A Stomp Yoshi, and a Flying Yoshi. Each of these could be used in a plethora of different levels, but as I said, what good will a Light Yoshi do, outside of a cave?

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