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The World of Guild Wars 2

10 reasons to be excited about Guild Wars 2 (Guild Wars 2, PC)

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godzookie  +   1333d ago
looks awesome
mcbrid55  +   1333d ago
I loved Guild Wars. Hopefully GW2 won't disappoint.
MacDonagh  +   1333d ago
An MMO that doesn't require a subscription fee? Colour me interested. Sadly, my computer pre-dates the Cold War. ¬_¬
GamerPERIOD  +   1333d ago
Ive put nearly 80 Hours into the Beta. And I agree with all of these reasons. It is definitely worth it!

There are events that change that the way the world is and its not the same every time you walk into an area. Which is one aspect I love.


There was a time during the beta that we needed to cross a bridge to get to where we were going. And the "bad guys" where trying to blow it up... needless to say the two of us were out numbered and they blew up the bridge... So we had to stop trying to get to where we wanted to go. Eventually a NPC Engineer from the neighboring fortress showed up and told us he could build us a new one so then we had to go on missions to get the supplies he needed and protect his crew when they were building it. After it was rebuilt we made it across to find the enemy was already trying to blow it up again!. Luckily while we were rebuilding the bridge some more players showed up and we were able to save the bridge this time and then it stayed there for everyone to use.
batbatz  +   1333d ago
OMG OMG WANT WANT, counting the seconds till launch
mcbrid55  +   1332d ago
Really interesting game mechanic. Sounds like it really brings people together. I just hope they make it scale for how many players are in the area. It might be annoying to have progress stopped because other people are not there to help you out or not enough people in the area to kill all the baddies.

Guess that wouldn't be much of a problem after it launches though. There was plenty of people in most of the servers in GW 1
Bolts  +   1333d ago
I preordered and having played the beta I quickly realized that the hype on this game is garbage. Instead of quest list the game have quest zones, and the dynamic quest hype is just that, hype. There is no real change in the world at all. Its just another scripted event. It was cool the first few times, just like the first few public quests in Warhammer and a the first few rifts in, well Rifts. But once you figure out how the game's so called "dynamic quests" works it quickly turns into another theme park ride.

Another of the game's much hyped feature that doesn't deliver is the combat. There is no truely nextgen combat in this game at all. TERA maybe a shitty Asian grind fest, but it's combat totally stomp GW 2's SWTOR clone/hybrid action in the dirt. GW 2's combat is still stuck in the tab targeting era where every caster is an auto aiming, circle strafing turret, only this time the your turret character can dodge and block LOL. Which brings me to my next point...because there is no healer and tank, the range classes totally pwns the melee in both PvE and PvP. Yay?

Oh, and last but not least, my favorite GW 2 hype is the end game. GW 2 solved the age old issue the end game grind by...not having an end game at all. LOL. Creative. GW 2's end game is basically PvP ladders, you know the ones that League of Legends and the other DoTA games does 10x times better. You can grind PvE epic dungeons and get NOTHING because there is no gear progression and hence no purple loot. To add insult to injury players can buy the same worthless crap off the cash shop LMAO.

Overall GW 2 is a MMO that really doesn't do anything new, yet through hype and fanboy zeal somehow managed to convince a huge amount of people otherwise. Its the same old story all over again with Warhammer, with Rift, and with SWTOR. It's all just another theme park.
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batbatz  +   1333d ago
I like theme parks, however the block dynamic worries me, it broke Champions online, just block block block attack block etc

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