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The 5 Coolest Father Figures In Gaming’s Past 5 Years

GP: "Everyone deserves a father or father figure in his or her life. Someone to tell them that things are going to be okay. Someone to show them how to ride a bike or fire a BB gun. Someone to be there when things aren’t going well.

Father figures have positive effects on children and even adults in the real world, so here are some father figures from gaming that are sure to melt your heart."

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Community2044d ago
The story is too old to be commented.
Vettur2044d ago

I totally agree with this list :P Ussaly there is something that I don't agree on, but not in this case.

Kran2044d ago

I think the only reason why many would agree is because they're essentially the only fathers people care about.

In fact, I feel like they're the only fathers in this generation of gaming :/

Vettur2044d ago

lol, when I think about it, I don't remember any other either :P

YodaCracker2043d ago

The only other one I can think of is Marcus' father, Adam Fenix in Gears of War. Surely, there have got to be more.

Nimblest-Assassin2044d ago

If Sully was my father.... he would tell me why he took a hooker to church

Kran2044d ago







And to have Liam Neeson as your dad? Awesome :D

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2044d ago

Joseph Capelli was a hell of a father figure!

He sacrificed his life and tried to safe the world just for the sake of his boy!!

SonyStyled2044d ago

and for the sake of humanity, but yes the speech susan capelli gave to joe about giving jack a better life drove him to attempt to destroy the tower. man has balls

P_Bomb2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

I'd have included Big Boss, he's been around longer than anyone on the list. Some 25 years, real-time.

2008's MGS4 he finally ends the war against the Patriots, his son(s) and the world as he knows it with a big CQC hug to his boy, then dies in Solid's arms to the tune of Harry Gregson Williams' moving, "Father and Son". Everyone CQC hug their day today, heh. ;)

Can also be seen in the PeaceWalker prequel a few years later as the symbolic father of the militaires sans frontieres, and in the HD Collection re-master of MGS3.

*Honorable MGS mention to Raiden from 2008's MGS4 as well, who meets his son for the first time in said game. Nice family reunion. Please don't screw it up Platinum Games*

Ducky2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

... the two have tried to kill each other in the past, so that kinda puts them at odds.

That, and BigBoss doesn't exactly think of Snake as a son.

P_Bomb2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

No relationship is 100% happy and perfect all the time. Look at Anakin and Luke. It was business. Solid Snake like Luke Skywalker, didn't *know* Big Boss was his father when he was first sent by the military to take him out. That's what's compelling, makes the finale in MGS4 that much more satisfying, when all the truths come out.

To the 2nd point, still the same genes. Even a dead beat dad is still a dad at the end of the day. Liquid calls him father in like every other monologue on Shadow Moses. Snake has a big patricide dialogue with Naomi on Shadow Moses as well, saying how he thinks Boss wanted him to kill him.

Remember Elisa's prophecy at the end of Portable Ops? "Your CHILDREN, LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES, Snake, your SON will bring the world to ruin...your SON will save the world." go to 2:09

NJShadow2044d ago

Hey, where's Big Boss!?

Best father/son moment in a video game... EVER.

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The story is too old to be commented.