Top 10 Most Unlikable Protagonists

BT writes: Unless the creators of a game are specifically trying not to, most protagonists in games are made with the intent of making them likable to the player. This is because, with a few exceptions, the inability to identify with or like the protagonist can seriously impact perception of the entire experience. Most game developers succeed in this regard and I can say that I’m quite fond of the majority of protagonists I’ve played as throughout gaming. However, sometimes, whether the creator meant it or not, the protagonist of a game is just not likable for any number of reasons, from being insufferably whiney to completely annoying.

To go along with that, I’m listing the 10 game protagonists that I simply hate to play as. Be aware that there are massive SPOILERS for a few games in this list, so don’t read if that will bother you.

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Chuk52343d ago

Altair was a seasoned asshole.

Urrakia342342d ago

I found him to be a much better protagonist than Ezio.

SageHonor2342d ago

Ezio was way better than Altair

vickers5002342d ago


Not really. At least not from what I've played of AC2 and Brotherhood. Going to pick up Revelations soon.

Ezio is kind of annoying. He hasn't really matured much as a person since AC2, and he has this "Yeah, I'm awesome" arrogance to him that's just puts me off his character. He's grown enough on me for me to get to the point where I don't 'hate' him anymore, but Altair is a much better character.

Altair on the other hand has kind of a stoic feel to him, and tends to be more serious about things and a lot less cocky than Ezio.

Nimblest-Assassin2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

"When I was a young man, I had liberty, but I did not see it. I had time, but I did not know it. And I had love, but I did not feel it. Many decades would pass before I understood the meaning of all three. And now, the twilight of my life, this understanding has passed into contentment.

Love, liberty, and time: once so disposable, are the fuels that drive me forward. And love, most especially, mio caro. For you, our children, our brothers and sisters. And for the vast and wonderful world that gave us life, and keeps us guessing. Endless affection, mia Sofia.

Forever yours,
Ezio Auditore."

This quotation alone explains why Ezio is a better character than Altair. Altair was bound by duty, he never truley grew as a character. We have been with ezio his whole life, we saw his ups his downs, and him finally coming to terms with his life.

Altair might be a better assassin, but ezio is the better character


Play revelations, thats where you see Ezio as a mature character, then watch embers

Altair was stuck as a static character, Revelations tried to flesh him out, but he could never shake his duty.... he died an assassin and in isolation.... Ezio (SPOILER) died a free man and had the opportunity to smile at his family one last time

vickers5002341d ago

@Nimblest Assassin

Well he sounds a lot better in Revelations, but if we're comparing young Ezio (AC2 through Brotherhood I consider that to be young Ezio) to Altair, then hands down, Altair wins by a mile.

Ezio was an arrogant annoyance in AC2. In Brotherhood he's still arrogant and annoying, but less so than he was in AC2.

I don't like his young, arrogant, cocky personality, it's like he has no discipline and never takes things as serious as they should be taken.

I like that Altair did what he did because it was his duty, rather than revenge. Ezio's reason is a more exciting one, but I'm always thinking to myself that Ezio needs to grow up a little bit.

And you're kind of a dick for just spoiling that for me, since I JUST said that I hadn't played Revelations, and that reply was directed at me. Plus you already spoiled it for me before putting the spoiler in, which wasn't even well placed, a good rule of thumb for spoilers is to place the word SPOILERS and press enter about 5 times before placing the actual game information so someone doesn't accidentally read it.

Anyways, I'm hoping you're right about Revelations, because as it stands right now, I don't like Ezio. I no longer hate him, but I find that there's very little to actually like about him.

I'm glad the new protagonist seems a bit more serious and mature though.

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MrMister2342d ago

WTH? Why is Wario on the list? I love Wario's personality. Just because I like Mario, doesn't mean I have to hate on Wario. Also Kratos doesn't need to be on this list.

If I could add anyone, it would be Raiden from MGS 2 (not in MGS 4 or Rising, just the weak whiny version from MGS 2)

smashcrashbash2342d ago

Kratos doesn't need you to like him.Also could people stop defending the Gods. They were a hundred times worst then Kratos and in the condition they were in infected by the evil from the box they would have gone crazy anyway. You can hate on Kratos all you like but the Gods tormented, tortured, killed, betrayed and tricked him throughout the series.

Most of the Gods children probably wanted them dead. Kratos was just the only one who managed to do it. So lets stop the God pity because the kind of things the Zeus and his guys did in legend pales in comparison to what Kratos has done.Zeus didn't kill Kratos for justice or because he thought Kratos was a bastard. He did it for the same reason Chronos did it. Because he was afraid his son would come and kill him for all the bad things he had done.

dangert122342d ago

The passion for Kratos runs deep round here :P lol
only a list

Skateboard2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Doesn't change the fact that he is right. I felt that in the end Ghost Of Sparta is when Kratos is like #### ## everyone is going die.

Kratoscar20082342d ago

If you carefully study Greek Mithology you can pretty much find that all Gods are FUCKING BASTARDS, they raped, killed, massacre, canibalize countless times.

Kratos doesnt need to be liked, he just go and kill the crap out of anything that get in his way, and he is awesome while doing it.

The worst protagonist for me is Dante from DMC 3.

RememberThe3572342d ago

I was going to agree with you until that last sentence.

StevenVlzqz32342d ago

He can't help it, and it is part of his fate even if the fates themself didn't deem it. First time he was even approached by gods they stole his brother. Kratos is a killer by default. Grown up in sparta / born by Zuez.

Nimblest-Assassin2342d ago

I don't know why I like Kratos so much... he's a dick, and every instinct tells me that I should hate him.... but I can't

He's such a badass

Also... alex mercer isn't that bad... James heller on the other hand is completely different story

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ironfist922342d ago

Kratos wasnt just unlikeable, he was a mass-murdering inconsiderate self-centered douche

MySwordIsHeavenly2342d ago

I feel like you skipped some cut scenes...

SeekDev2342d ago

He was considerate, towards his family. He actually loved them and felt huge regret for killing them, while wanting revenge on Ares for tricking him into murdering his own family. Otherwise, he was rude to everyone who screwed him over, who are essentially all of the Gods. Even Athena who appeared to be on his side, sent him on quests for Ares for many years. Every time he'd ask when he could be free, she'd blow him off and say you have another quest to do. So essentially everyone was on his hate list.

SeekDev2342d ago

Someone, explain to me why I'm wrong. I've played all three main games, so if there's something I've missed, please enlighten me.

StevenVlzqz32342d ago

Your totally right. Not even Athena had good intentions. The gods are the most selfish beings in the story. Athena actually wanted the "hope" inside Kratos to control the world. Kratos really had no excuse not to kill who he had too. Everyone was manipulating him.

RememberThe3572342d ago

So you have no idea what your talking about? Cool.

ironfist922341d ago

I do

everyone else is blinded by their childish nature

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omarzy2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

tidus, and shion are on this list? Everyone else could be there, but putting tidus, and shion just made it bad

Hicken2342d ago

I agree with you on Tidus and Shion. People thought Tidus was too whiny, but he was just a kid. Hell, thanks to his dad, his mom never paid attention to him. Jecht wasn't much of a father when he WAS around, and when he was gone, Tidus' mother just decided not to live anymore. That's pretty screwed up.

Shion's situation was even worse. I mean, I guess she could be oblivious(to Allen's feelings) and more than a little headstrong, but I can't think of a more tragic protagonist than Shion. Virtually everyone she loved died in front of her, some of it orchestrated in order to get a reaction out of her she couldn't possibly have controlled.

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