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Jimmy Fallon Thought The Wii U Was A Wii Peripheral

This morning we ran a roundup of clips from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's big post-E3 "Video Game Week," highlighted by his hands-on time with the Wii U. Fallon's opening monologue, however, is where the entertainment is, really. (Industry, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime, Wii U)

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Emilio_Estevez  +   1329d ago
CNN did a whole like 2 page article talking about the WiiU as if it was a Wii add on as well. This is what you call brand confusion.
Elderly_Cynic  +   1329d ago
I remember following last year's E3 there was a tremendous amount of confusion about it. Frankly, Nintendo have no-one to blame but themselves. Start with a horrible name (Wii), add the letter 'U', then only talk about the controller... brilliant marketing strategy!
mike1up  +   1329d ago
Uh... you do realize that the WiiU was announced last year right?

How long does it really take a moderately intelligent person to figure out what it is?

It is Nintendo's fault that these idiots cannot take 5 minutes and Google "WiiU"?
archemides518  +   1329d ago
to nintendo defense force mr mike, 98% of nintendo's market audience doesn't read game news sites or follow online. they show up at the store or see it in the sunday ad. they don't know how any of this crap works (especially if they are buying for their kids). also most of those people are not "moderately intelligent". have you never been to walmart?
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PopRocks359  +   1329d ago

Snooty comments aside, mr_mike has a point about the googling.

To be perfectly honest though, I believe when consumers go to a store and see Wii U, one thing will lead to another. They'll ask friends or store employees and those people will quickly remedy the issue.

The people who matter most know its a new console. I think that's enough until it's launched. If this issue persists for even a few months after, then things will be largely problematic.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1329d ago
Meh, only the "casuals" are confused on what a console is or what an add-on is. The core gamer knows what's up. And if you're worried about whose confused then you're obviously worried about the casuals, but why?
MaxXAttaxX  +   1328d ago
He did say "last year's E3".

The problem is that Nintendo ONLY focused on the controller when they first revealed the Wii U. That was all they talked about.
Only in one of the many interviews raised the question about the system to Reggie, which he answered with "it's only a box". Of course, most of new that it was a new console because we heard of "Project Cafe" before.


Not everyone follows these things as closely as most of us do online.
Jimmy Fallon thought it was a peripheral and honestly, who can blame him lol.

They kept the name "Wii", so it's possible and understandable for people and casual gamers to be confused and think that the "U" is just an add-on.
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gaffyh  +   1328d ago
I personally think that the only hope that Nintendo has for getting casuals to upgrade to a Wii U is news coverage when the console is released. If the casuals see it on the news, and the news says it is the next console, and they do big features on it, then they might get some more casual owners. Other than that, I can't see many casual gamers upgrading at all.
colonel179  +   1328d ago
People get confuse not because it only has a U added to the name, but because there has been so many add ons, peripherals and games with the name prefix Wii ( Wii Fit, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Wii Motion Plus, etc) that obviously they will assume another thing that has a Wii prefix is an add on, especially if Nintendo just has been focusing on the controller.

Nintendo thought that keeping the name Wii was going to be a great strategy to keep the current Wii users, but I think that is going to be the other way around. I think it will be what "destroy" them. Even though it has worked with the 3DS (although has been a lot of confusion there, too) with the Wii U being a console more expensive than the Wii and 3DS is going to be hard for Nintendo to persuade casuals into buying it.

Also, they tried to recover hardcore gamers when the Wii U was announced (they actually said that the U is for the player who wants core games instead of family games), but then one year later they show nothing for them and Nintendo doesn't even pretend they exist.

Nintendo has been doing a really bad strategy. They haven't sold the controller well enough, and they haven't showed why playing Batman, Mass Effect 3, and other games already out is worth it. They haven't showed why would a gamer buy Darksiders 2, Assassin's Creed3, etc on the Wii U instead of the PS3 or 360. What does the controller do that makes it a better experience on the Wii U? How will it work?

Oh but don't panic! According to Nintendo's logic, everyone is going to run and line up for three days to buy Nintendo Land, NSMBU, and two year old games!
nukeitall  +   1328d ago
The problem isn't the presentation on E3 alone. The *main* problem is in the name!

No part of the name does it suggest this is a successor, like PS1, PS2 and etc. Think about it, almost every Wii peripheral was called "Wii" something i.e. Wii Motion Plus, WiiFit, Wii Wheel and so on. Suddenly we got Wii U!

Tacking on "U" to Wii isn't very descriptive. Heck, the U part still confuses me and I forgot what the reasoning was!
MoveTheGlow  +   1328d ago
Someone went Tom Cruise Crazy on me here last year for insisting that the Wii U was a new console. After this E3, though, if anyone insists that the Wii U is a new console, I go Tom Cruise Crazy on them. So it goes!
neogeo  +   1328d ago
This pisses me off. even my good friend that's a gamer kept going on about how Wiiu will be stupid because it's only 480. I kept telling him it's a NEW SYSTEM! and he just did not get it. This happened more then once. I guess it's not the peoples fault that don't watch ever detail on E3, just casual people.
cjflora  +   1328d ago
The target market for the Wii and WiiU don't know what E3 is and don't care enough about gaming to Google these things. They just want their Wii Sports.
ziggurcat  +   1328d ago
@ mr_mike:

uh... you do realize that even at this year's E3, they only talked about the controller, right? there was no mention of the console itself or its specs.
donman1  +   1328d ago
Nintendo is piss poor at marketing to the core gamers. This is where Nintendo needs to either hire someone with marketing smarts or a company that special in that area. A consumer never NEVER should be told "why not just go on Google and look it up". That statement alone is an inditement that Nintendo has once again failed to set the right expectation for Wii U. So many, to this day still thinks its a add-on to Wii.

Their casual focus E3 presentation did nothing to help separate the fact its a new HD console. They speak of putting the core first this time around but once again their actions paint the real picture. Nintendo have a few months to get it right and I hope they seriously get the job done. Casual really don't even know what E3 is yet they waste time focusing on that market during the presentation. Core games watch and follow E3 yet they only tease us with AAA promises and games that been out for over a year. Show use the games (be it promo videos, a written list or better yet live demo on stage) and this open end statement that their are over 24 in production. 24 of what???

I own a PS3 and will be getting the WiiU because as a gamer I know how to find the information I need to decide if I want it. Not everyone going to go through the hassle of doing this. Apple is KING when it comes to smart advertising and selling their products to the mass market. Nintendo seriously need to take a page or two out of their book.
GraveLord  +   1329d ago
I think the general media just doesn't care about any else anymore if its not an Apple product.
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shackdaddy  +   1329d ago
Ya, I saw that article. It was blatantly obvious that guy wasn't even trying. I mean, he was apparently even at E3...
WeskerChildReborned  +   1328d ago
People need to learn their shit before talking about it.
pixelsword  +   1328d ago
*looks in toilet*

Well, I see I've had a lot of corn and peanuts.

Wait, games. Yeah bro; I'm with ya.

The Wii U is a full-fledged console; it doesn't look or act like a regular console, but I think that's where the genius lies.
Blaze929  +   1328d ago
i STILL don't know just wtf the Wii U is supposed to be yet either. Nintendo needs to do a better job of explaining what their products are. Even the 3DS was looked at as just another DS...hell, it still is!
Megaton  +   1328d ago
It's a shame that a year later Nintendo still didn't do anything to fight the confusion. Last year people thought the controller was the whole console because they didn't bother to show the actual hardware.
Blacksand1  +   1328d ago
People can get mad at me, but that what i been saying. It's the same Wii and games but with difference controller. At E3 he said you can use your Wii remote with the WiiU, so what new about WiiU the controller.
neogeo  +   1328d ago
Maybe if they showed the System FIRST, went over the details and power. Then after everyone got it, they broke out the Pad. Maybe make the system look less like the Wii also could help.
Blacksand1  +   1328d ago
The soccer moms who already have a Wii feel like they already have the Wii fit and stuff for the old Wii so why buy a new one.
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Slapshot82  +   1328d ago
And it is also called poor marketing on Nintendo's part as well!
Tony-A  +   1328d ago
After naming everything on the Wii with the prefix "Wii", it isn't exactly a surprise that those outside of our "circle" would be confused.

Wii Sports
Wii Balance Board
Wii Motion plus
Wii Boxing Glove, steering wheel, sword, light gun, zapper, turbo wheel (look'em up, they're all real)
Wii Speak

The list goes on and on and on and on. What reason does the average consumer have to believe that a "Wii U" is anything different, especially considering Nintendo has been far too focused on telling everyone about the controller and seemingly abandoning the fact that there is a console attached to it.
user5467007  +   1329d ago
I honestly blame the name...they should of changed the name when they had the chance at E3

They probably thought people (aka the Casuals they said they wern't targeting) would be like...

"Oh cool a new Nintendo product, the Nintendo Wii was so awesome lets buy this day 1"

Yet because E3 isn't really watched by casuals and the fact they don't know like us it's a brand new console (next gen) it's probably going to go like this

"A new Wii...well no point buying it, we have a working Wii right here at home...maybe when this one breaks we'll get a new one"

The problem with this is because they're still going after the casual audience and they're likely to get a bad reaction from them on top of the already bad reaction they've recieved from core gamers.

They should of changed the name if they were so interested in going after the casuals again OR they should of picked one audience and stuck with it, the casuals or us core gamers because it really feels like Nintendo havent made up their mind yet. It's one of the other Nintendo but deep down I think you've already made your choice and I don't think it's us. I think they're just saying there aiming for the core audience so they can grab sales early on from both audiences.

As for third party support I honestly think that when the PS4 and Nextbox comes out the Wii U will become like the Wii and will be left in the dust as third part developers decide to make games for more powerful consoles...who can blame them, if you can do more with a game with better tec then go for it.
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linkratos  +   1328d ago
Right now it looks they want both. Which at the moment looks like it's going to blow up in their faces :/ because:

1. Casuals are kind of a wild card. People who think they know how the Wii U will catch on with them (one way or the other) is kidding themselves. So that's a risky (but lucrative) market.

2. "Hardcore" gamers seem to have a sour taste in their mouth from the Wii. Keeping the Wii brand isn't doing them any favors, and E3 was incredibly unimpressive.

Point 2 could change easily with some more info, which I don't blame them for withholding. People care way too much about E3 for some reason, a Nintendo Direct would be much better IMO. But until we get that info...come on Nintendo.
ChickeyCantor  +   1328d ago
"Yet because E3 isn't really watched by casuals and the fact they don't know like us it's a brand new console (next gen) it's probably going to go like this "

No that is why journalist go there. I think yo rather missed the point of E3.
user5467007  +   1328d ago
Which is mostly posted of gaming websites...

I've seen one thing for E3 which casuals would see and that was on BBC news for like five minutes.
MariaHelFutura  +   1329d ago
I said this would happen.
cone   1328d ago | Spam
KILLERAPP  +   1329d ago
Great job Nintendo...
undertaker1919191   1329d ago | Spam
DivineAssault  +   1329d ago
He couldnt even see the graphical differences LMAO! wow is all i can say
Khordchange  +   1329d ago
no, he thought it was a handheld device, which he thought it was connected to the wii. So he thought it was system

BTW 100+ comments
mike1up  +   1329d ago
*Looks at comments above*

The WiiU has seen two E3 conferences! It was announced in 2011!

How can anyone still blame Nintendo? These people are just stupid, or very odd. Does Jimmy Fallon not have any kind of internet connection in his mansion?
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VanillaBear  +   1329d ago
Are you serious, how can you defend Nintendo

You said it yourself they showed it off last year and this year at E3....and they failed twice.

People arn't stupid, if they are going after the casual audience then would you really expect them to look it up if they already have a Wii. You know what they are going to automaticaly think.

We know it's next gen because were gamers...

I don't know Jimmy Fallon personaly so I don't know how much he knows about games in reality but if someone like him thought it was a Wii add on which many of us thought it looked like at last years E3 and even this years then I wonder what the majority of the public are going to think.

Why should people have to look up stuff about a product, if you want it to sell you tell people about it, you don't say "Yeah we have a new product, want more info...LOOK IT UP"
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DivineAssault  +   1328d ago
If they didnt look into it, they arent interested obviously.. The casuals will just go with the flow.. If they assume its an add on & see the price tag on it, they wont buy it.. This asymmetrical gaming marketing is going to end up hurting their business. They need to show games that look amazingly beautiful doing all these tricks instead of HD miis running around.. Others will assume its just another wii in HD
ChickeyCantor  +   1328d ago
"People arn't stupid, if they are going after the casual audience then would you really expect them to look it up if they already have a Wii. You know what they are going to automaticaly think. "

Aaaah people are stupid when it comes to casuals buying shovelware. But they are so intelligent when it comes to misunderstanding a new product.

Oh you double edged sword.
#8.1.2 (Edited 1328d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
mike1up  +   1328d ago
Yes I am serious.

*looks at your avatar*
How can you possibly defend Scrubs? I hated that show. That... is exactly how you sound to me right now.

You telling me what to "defend", is like me telling you what, or whom, to attack.

-"I don't know Jimmy Fallon personaly so I don't know how much he knows about games in reality but if someone like him thought it was a Wii add on which many of us thought it looked like at last years E3 and even this years then I wonder what the majority of the public are going to think."

LMAO. Oh that's right, I forgot. If "super genius" Jimmy Fallon couldn't figure out that this was a console, then nobody will.

The next time that I ponder life's tough questions, I will ask "What would Jimmy Fallon do?".
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Elderly_Cynic  +   1328d ago

I think the point that you're missing is that people who don't religiously follow game and console development are left without a clear understanding of what the WiiU is. It's not that the information isn't available, but the fact is Nintendo, by focusing so intently on the controller, has done a poor job of defining their product to more casual consumers. (Not necessarily casual gamers, but those who don't hit up IGN and Kotaku five times a day.) Jimmy Fallon just happens to be a public manifestation of this disconnect, and his misunderstanding is evidence that Nintendo have a long way to go when it comes to introducing their new product to the market... something they will hopefully address as the launch date looms nearer.
#8.1.4 (Edited 1328d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
neogeo  +   1328d ago
Just what I was thinking. He sure seems casual so my mom will also not take notice and she is one proud Wii owner ahha bubble for you.
undertaker1919191   1329d ago | Spam
Knushwood Butt  +   1329d ago
Not surprising after things like Wii Motion +, and two thoroughly confusing appearances at E3.
AgreeFairy  +   1329d ago
I bet he felt like a purple pikmin.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1329d ago
since E3 all Nintendo been doing is disappointing me
PerpetualMathx10  +   1329d ago
if they don't start a major pr campaign for the casuals they want to attract, it wont sell like the wii because casuals will think they already have it lol.
123_321  +   1329d ago
The disagree fairy just wants to be loved--doggy style!
r21  +   1329d ago
i totally called this hahahaha XD
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1328d ago
Fallon constantly says he's a gamer, but...HOW?!?

When he played Uncharted 3, he said he was a huge fan of the series...but then, had no idea what the controls were when they gave him the controller. -_-
Dlacy13g  +   1328d ago
Easy there ....good gamer or not Fallon has been championing video games on his show for years now. I don't see many others showing us the love he does. He genuinely likes games so who cares if he sucks at them?
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1328d ago
It's not about being GOOD at video games. I'm terrible at them. It's about actually liking them. Does he...or do his producers? It seems like he's never played a video game in his life.
Euthanasia78  +   1328d ago
@MYSORD. You do realize that Jimmy has videogames on his show all the time? right? He does know videogames. This is Nintendo's fault for such a horrible name and awful advertising. They release a new console and ONLY TALK ABOUT THE CONTROLLER?
DivineAssault  +   1328d ago
Thats what they get.. Lying to the loyal fans who follow them about being more about the core & marketing it as an asymmetrical gaming tab.. This system for a 2nd year wasnt ready to be shown.. Casuals are going to see it as an over priced accessory if they dont look into it & core feel left out.. They shouldve shown this system when they had a mario galaxy successor or Zelda or Metroid looking stunning in HD & using very unique features not available anywhere else with a small portion showing the casual games

WHY Nintendo? Why would you do this? This was the moment that couldve reeled in every type of console gamer on the market, had it been ready with more games to show..
#17 (Edited 1328d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   1328d ago
I dont blame Jimmy..I blame Nintendo for treating the WiiU as a peripheral in all their press outtings. When they speak they talk about the WiiU pad not the console...they talk about what the pad can do...never about what is new under the hood of the WiiU. They talk freely about using all your Wii motes and balance boards in a new way to play with the WiiU pad... not in a new way to play with the new console.
PerpetualMathx10  +   1328d ago
couldn't agree more, thats exactly what has been done. not a single mention of what you'll be able to do on the CONSOLE just the pad...
malypso  +   1328d ago
Dude, I seen that last night, or the night before now, and he clearly was caught up in the excitement of it! He said, "Reggie was introducing Nintendo's brand new console the Wii U!" Jimmy knows games for the most part, and was just rambling in excitement saying, "You don't need the System or you do, or you could just use the control; I don't know its just so wired and cool, etc...". People just need to stop because he did a fine job showing off the system, LMAO better that the whole E3 blunder! It's no different than people mistaking the 3DS for the DS and the PS Vita for a PSP. Hell, I still know people that think the PS Vita is just an updated PSP, and 3DS just an upgraded DS. When the games come this will all be over, and it will do fine. 98% of people don't keep up with gaming news!
Jirachi  +   1328d ago
remember when people thought gameboy advance was nothing but another gameboy and didn't buy millions of them? oh wait that didn't happen.
Besides even to this very day people call 3ds game boy.
Hell my grandma called my xbox 360 a nintendo.

Besides millions of people are gonna buy a wii u because it say wii on it.
Honestly there have only been two systems in the history of systems with back wards compatibility that didn't refference the system the have bc with.
Ds and wii every other system with bc(so far) has had a name at least somewhat similar to it's predecessor.
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   1328d ago
Well the gameboy advanced WAS just another gameboy, it's sorta in the name (though obviously I acknowledged the advanced bit, as did everyone else).

The WiiU will sell a lot though, as when it comes to being in the store people will be able to see that it's not just an accessory.
Jirachi  +   1328d ago
The point i was making is the name game boy didn't magically make the gba fail(it actually did better then gbc or gameboy iirc) Ps2 was the highest selling game console ever until wii came out.

Branding can sometimes hurt,but some times the very branding it's self drives the sales.
Rainstorm81  +   1328d ago

the PS2 is still the highest selling console, its over 130 mil...the Wii hasnt passed that just yet
Jihaad_cpt  +   1328d ago
lets be honest here Nintendo clearly did not think the whole WiiU name thing out. Also they focused way to much on the controller portion and that's where casual gamers or parents would have gotten side tracked.

Marketing/ product development department failed big time. We learnt about this in marketing while I was at university.
#21 (Edited 1328d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Euthanasia78  +   1328d ago
IMO, Nintendo is trying very hard to capatilize on the whole letter thing like Apple did. I think they are expecting U to be viewed like I is for Apple. Iphone, Ipad, Ipod.......Wii U, blah blah blah. This is what I think. I think its a HORRIBLE name, and I can only imagine how educated the people are that came up with this? I bet they are College grads that make 100 grand a year, and the best they can come up for a sequal to the Wii is......Wii U? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. In about 2 years, the new xbox and ps are going to absolutely crush this Wii again. Its not for me. I don't hate on Nintendo, I just dislike this wii u crap and the name. Its HORRIBLE
DFresh  +   1328d ago
I don't blame the guy for thinking that.
Nintendo didn't do a good time at all explaining their product, what it had to offer, when it would be released and what price that platform was going to be.
Jamaicangmr  +   1328d ago
Don't worry Jimmy you're not alone, Not even sure Nintendo wants us to know it's a new console at this point. They just wanna ride this Wii thing out and maybe trick some people into buying it thinking it's an add on.
#24 (Edited 1328d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
erivera1994  +   1328d ago
i can see why people are getting confused. The Wii U console looks sooooo similar to the Wii. plus in some trailers you see people use the original wii remotes and the new wii U gamepad. it makes it seem like its just the gamepad that is new and you connect it to the original Wii.
PirateThom  +   1328d ago
Last E3, even people who know gaming got confused over the thing. I thought it was a controller and so did alot of people initially.

This year has the same level of confusion, but amongst mainstream audiences and that is a disaster.

2 E3 showings and people still aren´t sure what the thing is. Hell, it doesn´t even have a price or release date yet.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1328d ago
Fallon is a fuckin idiot!!!! He's about as funny as Conan(which isn't funny at all)
AO1JMM  +   1328d ago
Only an idiot or a casual would be incapable of figuring out what theWii U actually is.

Now bring on the Nintendo hater brigade and call me a fanboy.

Every Nintendo handheld had Gameboy in its name before DS(obviously), every Sony console is called Playstation and so far every MS console is called Xbox. I've been gaming for decades and I knew for a fact it was a new console.
#28 (Edited 1328d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
OmniSlashPT  +   1328d ago
You have the WiiMote and WiiMotion+ so it's not that stupid to mistake the WiiU to a Wii peripheral...all you see about the WiiU is a controller. All you read about it, it's about the controller. Nintendo never talked about the console, no specs, very few photos. Besides, calling it WiiU is plain absurd.

Besides that, casual gamers buy the Wii. If they hear about the WiiU or see a photo of the controller, they will surely think it's a Wii peripheral.

Don't blame people, blame Nintendo's marketing. At last year's E3 everyone was confused of what the WiiU was really about. This years E3 had no news about it, and it had confusing information.
AO1JMM  +   1328d ago
Every playstation has the same shaped controller.
Kos-Mos  +   1328d ago
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1328d ago
People are trying to play this up as "brand confusion" but that's just the fanboy spin. (They always look for a theme and then they run with it.)

Jimmy Fallon is just stupid. And he smokes a lot of weed. I know this because he went to college in my hometown.
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