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Just Cause 2 - Multiplayer Mod gets a new update, incoming public version

DSOGaming writes: "We can’t be the only ones that wondered how a multiplayer mode would look like in Just Cause 2, right? Well, good news - if you had that question in the back of your head too - as the team behind Just Cause 2′s Multiplayer mod has released some new information about it." (Just Cause 2, PC)

PiccoloGR  +   828d ago
Now that's awesome. Hope that Avalanche will include an MP mode in Just Cause 3
john2  +   828d ago
yeap. It does look impressive for a mod :D
FullmetalAlchemist  +   827d ago
A MP mode in JC3 would guarantee a day 1 purchase from me. Multiplayer was the only thing missing from JC2, and it would have made it even more enjoyable playing it with friends.
BigShotSmoov007  +   828d ago
How old is this game and it's just an update?
beerkeg  +   828d ago
Well it's an update for a mod someone is making for the game, it's not from the game developers.
BigShotSmoov007  +   828d ago
Oh okay, that makes more scene then.
Adexus  +   828d ago
Do want!
chanmasta  +   828d ago
Holy crap, I thought this was abandoned ages ago! Awesome!!!!!!!!
john2  +   827d ago
yeah, thought so too. Good thing is that the public version will come pretty soon. Can't wait :D
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   828d ago
Yes, please!!! :D
Plagasx  +   827d ago
Just Cause 2: One of the funnest games I have ever played just got BETTER!
TheSaint  +   827d ago
I'd love to see even two player co-op.

That'd be sweet, the fun you could have with your tethers.
hazelamy  +   827d ago
Just Cause 2, an anomaly in gaming, a game that would really be better with a multiplayer mode but doesn't have one.

i really wish consoles had mods at times.

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