Just Cause 2 - Multiplayer Mod gets a new update, incoming public version

DSOGaming writes: "We can’t be the only ones that wondered how a multiplayer mode would look like in Just Cause 2, right? Well, good news - if you had that question in the back of your head too - as the team behind Just Cause 2′s Multiplayer mod has released some new information about it."

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PiccoloGR1949d ago

Now that's awesome. Hope that Avalanche will include an MP mode in Just Cause 3

john21949d ago

yeap. It does look impressive for a mod :D

FullmetalAlchemist1948d ago

A MP mode in JC3 would guarantee a day 1 purchase from me. Multiplayer was the only thing missing from JC2, and it would have made it even more enjoyable playing it with friends.

BigShotSmoov0071949d ago

How old is this game and it's just an update?

beerkeg1949d ago

Well it's an update for a mod someone is making for the game, it's not from the game developers.

BigShotSmoov0071949d ago

Oh okay, that makes more scene then.

chanmasta1949d ago

Holy crap, I thought this was abandoned ages ago! Awesome!!!!!!!!

john21948d ago

yeah, thought so too. Good thing is that the public version will come pretty soon. Can't wait :D

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