Battlefield 3 Premium and Close Quarters DLC Review

I want to preamble this review of Battlefield 3’s Premium service and Close Quarters expansion by saying that I am not a Call of Duty player so I am not going to compare it with their Elite service. That being said, the Battlefield 3’s Premium service brings a lot to the table so let’s get started with the small stuff first.

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Pwnage182022192d ago

I think this deserves a 5/5 but it was still a great Buy!!!

GamerEuphoria2192d ago

How can you review a service which only has less than half the content out?

dirthurts2192d ago

Exactly why I haven't purchased this yet. To me it really seems like a gamble. I'd rather actually SEE what I'm paying for. Thanks for playing though.

Hassassin2192d ago

I wont buy premium because it would be buying karkand twice.

ddurand12192d ago

Im glad Im not the only person that feels this way.

I know its petty, and that ill probably buy it shortly but this is such an easy thing to fix....simply make our back to karkand codes discount codes somehow.

Jdub895O2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

n4g is caca.