Quoting the Internet: Playing Games After Age 20 Is "Not Normal"

Quoting the Internet explores examples of profound stupidity involving our favorite hobby, video games. People who falsely slander something they’re too lazy to even attempt to research, understand, or consider the opposite view deserve to be ostracized for their behavior.

Read on to find out exactly why Synne Sørheim's comments in a recent testimony are completely unacceptable and unbelievably ignorant.

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Yi-Long2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

... simply because we have reached some kind of magical arbitrary age where some idiots deem it immature to like these things...(!)

Yeah, THAT'S'normal'(!)


Rockefellow2197d ago

Spot on point.

"She must not realize that the largest age demographic for video games is the exact age range she's criticizing. Oh, yeah, or that it's among the largest entertainment mediums in the world, if it isn't the largest."

Yi-Long2197d ago

... trying to put others down by calling them 'immature' and ridiculing their hobbies...

Luckily, I'm 35, and I don't give a rat's ass anymore about what other people think about me watching cartoons, reading comics, playing videogames, or whatever.

Life's too short to not do the things you enjoy doing, simply because some other people might want to bitch and moan about it and call it 'immature'.

Who the hell is she to judge my hobbies!?

Abash2197d ago

Im 21 and sadly my dad sees it the same way as that lady, when I was 18 he'd even tell me that video games are for 12 year olds. That was one of the best things about moving out, not having his criticism for doing something that's normal for millions and millions of other people my age and even older to do for entertainment. Some people just are close-minded and you cant change their opinions

dredgewalker2197d ago

I'm 34, video games help me stay in touch with my youth. People need hobbies to have a healthy state of mind as long as they don't get too addicted to it.

morganfell2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Let's stop going to movies and reading books as well.

After all, what are those two mediums?

Video games are experiences much like a movie or book, except games are interactive events where there is a degree of control in guiding the outcome or at least the speed of the story.

This woman certainly should not be straying into cognitive thinking and learning as there are a host of researchers and psychologists of much greater renown that will bury her opposing thoughts. Incidental learning (a subset of cognitive learning) is a process that, when using immersive techniques such as video gaming, has shown more promise than anything since the invention of the chalkboard. Retention of subject material nearly doubles versus conventional learning methodologies. It's why the Department of Defense is investing so much into furthering it's use.

At the end of the day this woman comes across as some shrill harpy who lost a guy to video games because she failed to understand it's attraction or it's relevance as an educational and social learning tool. Also good, plain fun is apparently alien to her. She likely blew a mental gasket when she found out he had female gamers in his clan.

TopDudeMan2197d ago

She is obviously one of these people who seem to think their way is the only right way to live. There's just no reasoning with these people. It's best to just leave them be.

I'm 19 and I fully expect to be playing video games in my 20s. Hell, maybe even my 30s. And if I make it to my 40s, there's no point in stopping then, is there?

It's a hobby. Like cycling and jogging and other stuff. People do these things alone, are they not going to be able to talk to people?

I don't go out much because there are people like her in the world. If it's not video games, it's something else they're judging you for. That's my choice. I am pretty good at making friends. People get along with me just fine. I am extremely punctual. I'm a promising student. I can arrange stuff well. My communication skills and confidence are around average and I am very happy.

Explain that, ms/mrs sorheim, since you're such a smarty pants.

TekoIie2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

"It is however, something completely different to relate to something in real life, have committed relationships to other people, arrange meetings, go to work in the morning, have a healthy relationship with a GIRLFRIEND, or having common social skills"

I highlighted GIRLFRIEND for a reason... Sooo are all gamers male or lesbian??? Shes one of those ignorant people who only believe men play Video games.

Hellsvacancy2197d ago

"Watching cartoons, reading comics, playing videogames, or whatever"

Nothing wrong with a bit of "whatever" i was looking at some whatever earlier ;)

Gaming1012197d ago

Yet another imbecile pretending to know something when earlier in their statement they admitted they knew absolutely nothing about videogames - PERFECT

Spydiggity2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

it's much better to just sit around watching dancing with the stars and american idol. or some pointless sporting event.

btw, who wants to be normal?

egidem2197d ago

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we're all gamers and we love gaming because of the joy, entertainment and challenges it brings us.

I can assure her this: As long as I'll be able to hold a controller, I'll always be gaming.

I'm 1000898460% sure there are people out here on who've been gaming for most of their lives and ARE above the age of 20 (such as myself). I'm also sure they won't suddenly completely stop because they hit some magical age!

inveni02196d ago

Most of the best games can't even be sold to people under the age of 17, so........ What does that say about video games, again? Oh yeah, they're predominately FOR adults.

Autodidactdystopia2196d ago

I F*&%^$g hate this lady, she reminds me of the stupid girls that were bragging about their gpa in school but when the tests came around, I crucified their asses, dont they know that not caring is cool?

just kidding its only not cool to care when it is to kiss someones ass. otherwise caring is good

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PerpetualMathx102197d ago

crowley ftw. id be curious as to what she does for entertainment, and if there is an age limit for that...

Blacktric2197d ago

Give this guy a Well Said. GIVE THIS GUY ALL THE WELL SAIDs!

MariaHelFutura2197d ago

Yi-long is one of my favorites on N4G.

eagle212197d ago

Fuk her. :)

When we are all looking back on our lives, please don't regret giving up what you enjoyed or something that made you happy because somebody said you should.

Grap2197d ago

i think this is the first first comment on news hasn't have a disagree lol.

MrBeatdown2197d ago

You may think she's an idiot, but that's only because you're not normal.

Unlike you weirdos, I burnt everything remotely fun in my home on my 21st birthday. Because I am normal.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab myself a bowl of Cheerios (NOT the flavored kind! I'm normal!) and watch Law & Order with a smug sense of satisfaction stemming from how superior I am to you lowly fun-having man-children.

Good day!

QuodEratDemonstrandm2196d ago

I couldn't decide whether to give you a well said bubble, or a funny bubble.

I went with funny. I think that's what you were shooting for.

Lazy_Sunday2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

The lack of disagrees in this statement shows you how one sided n4g is.


Wait, you thought I was serious? Fuck no.

Now grown men playing with MLP dolls? That's a little much.

Legion2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

I am pushing 50. I have played almost everything. I have toyed with my own small game creations and have been gaming all through my life. I have had a full military career and raising 3 well behaved children.

Am I a normal father, aged man, gamer? I would beg to say there is no normal... but for anyone to say they know at what age someone should quit something... especially when the demographics of the issue at hand are against their said results... step down and rethink your words.

Gaming is growing along with the masses of children that started out playing games. We grew up and chose to move from the little 8 bit world and expand the stories in the game to meet our needs.

Women grow up playing dress up and having tea parties. When they get older do they stop doing that? No they simply move on to the adult version of it...

Men have the desire to be competitive. We enjoy our techno gadgets. Video games just fit into what we are all about. And just as when we were children and liked the animated movies... we grow up and don't stop watching movies... we just watch more mature movies now. We do the same with games... we move on to more mature titles.

Get over it. You can pry my controller from my cold dead hands.

HarryKawkReturns2197d ago

+1 bubble for ya. Well said!

ceballos77mx2197d ago

Well said my father used to be like that, now at 68 he just finished dark souls, every assasins creed, and he loves the uncharted series, next up for him Skyrim. He told me that now he undertands why i love this hobby.

FACTUAL evidence2197d ago

100 agree' 0 disagree....that's sexy as hell....on-topic, this b***h is insane.

edwineverready2197d ago

If I would care about what other people find immature. I would have stopped playing games and stopped skateboarding a long time ago. I am 36 and not going to give neither of them up any time soon.

TheRealHeisenberg2197d ago

I'm 41 years old now and have been video games since I was 8 years old. I don't get to play as much as I would like to now but that comes with growing up. I would play a lot more if I could but I have a fine @$$ Filipino wife and two kids that keep me plenty busy. We do play video games together when time allows. I just wanted to put that out there before I kindly tell that lady to STFU because she has no clue what she is talking about.

OhMyGandhi2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

@ Yi-Long
your comment was so spot on that aren't even "accidental" disagrees.

BinaryMind2197d ago

I can not believe the mind****ery I just read. The fact that someone who calls themselves a professional psychologist can say something like this makes me question the relevancy of the entire field!

Spinal2197d ago

Well said bro. Agree + bubble.

ApolloTheBoss2196d ago

I have a 50-something year old cousin and plays his GameCube after work everyday and totally normal.

tordavis2196d ago

N4G gamers and fanboys finally fighting together for a common cause.

AzaziL2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I laugh whenever someone talks about games being for kids, yet spends the evening watching reality tv garbage daily. They must be much more mature../s

QuodEratDemonstrandm2196d ago

Keeping up with the Kardashians = normal
enjoying the story in Heavy Rain = psychopath

Makes perfect sense.

Mounce2196d ago

She looks like one of those psyhobabbling dykes that you find in elementary school crushing kids dream-bubbles by shoving her opinionative bullshit down their throats.

Her face, appearance alone, is stereotypical amongst the almost feministic and over-glorified entitlement to think their opinion on a matter is fact rather than simply a Weak personal opinion, I loathe people like her with a bloody fucking passion. It's people like her who basically emphasize probably the peer pressure of losing ones V-card at 16-18, oh shit son, you better do it fast or else you're Not Normal.

Better yet, what fucking Right does she have to say she can say what IS normal and what ISN'T Normal? That fucking bitch, honestly. Any human who thinks they can define what is and what isn't Normal is not only potentially egotistical, but they need discipline of the mouth....


So basically playing Video Games are more inhumane than taking drugs. Oh this is great logic

MrMister2196d ago

I can tell from that picture that she's a bit uptight. Perhaps she hasn't been getting any love in bed...

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GraveLord2197d ago

As long as you have a social life, a job and can take care of yourself, I don't see a problem with playing video games after age 20.

Cosmit2197d ago

Having a Social life is overrated.

TheRealHeisenberg2197d ago

It is only overrated if you don't have a healthy one.

Snookies122197d ago

Lol, she's just mad because she doesn't understand the word "fun", I mean look at her expression. I think that's her when she's happy...

NastyLeftHook02197d ago

Im proud to not be "normal" i cant help but look at the sheep of people flocking to the beach in santa monica and other areas as if they are a flock of geese or another type of animal with no sense of adventure and lust in this life. Normal is the opposite of good, wonderful, and exciting.

Hufandpuf2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Whats wrong with being normal? The beach is fun, and its a great place to hang out and meet new people.

Hicken2197d ago

"Normal" is abnormal.

"Normal" implies there's some societal standard that must be adhered to in order to function properly.

But "normal" people don't exist. Everybody's got something they like that a lot of people would go, "Eew, really?" to. And if you don't, you're one boring-ass, conformist of an individual... no, you're not an individual.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2196d ago

98% of the world's people are weirdos.
So weird is normal.

Sonyslave32197d ago

Agree Grave but unlucky some people don't have that.

I pity the fool who put gaming above everything else

2196d ago