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Top 10 Kanto Pokemon (Red and Blue)

Lee here, with another top 10 roundup! Straying away from sexy this time (boo!), I’m taking a look at my top 10 Pokemon from the original 150. These are the views of a 10 year old me, not from a current me, a competivie pokemon player or anything like that. Think back to when you were 10 and Pokemon was first about, who would you have picked as your top 10 before Pokemon turned in to what it is today? (Culture, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Red, Retro)

WildArmed  +   924d ago
What a nostalgic list.

Brought up some good memories.
VampireHunterDjango  +   924d ago
My top 10 from Gen 1 in no order:Jolteon,Vaporeon,Chariza rd ,Scyther,Articuno,Mewtwo,Drag onite,Blastoise,Beedrill and Haunter.Jolteon was the first Pokemon I ever got to Level 100.The reason I picked Haunter over Gengar is because when I played R/B/Y I never had anyone to trade with.Also I once did a solo run with Beedrill,thats why I like him.Gen 1 Pokemon were by far the best,much better than the Ice Cream cones and rubbish bags with faces that pass as Pokemon these days.
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YoungKingDoran  +   924d ago
i agree, however i also think the next 100 pokemon are acceptable. there are not many i dont like from johto region.
VampireHunterDjango  +   924d ago
Johto Pokemon are my second favourite but from Gen 3 onwards things get weird.BTW I didn't disagree with you,just taught I'd let you know.
Skateboard  +   924d ago
This is my favorite Pokemon.

ItemGet  +   924d ago
Aww what a nice drawing :)
123_321  +   924d ago
I would've added Charizard to the list. The author doesn't seem interested in power, though.
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ItemGet  +   924d ago
Aye as I said, this was meant from the perspective of my 10 year old self, I know pretty much none of my list would stand up in competitive battling these days :)
123_321  +   924d ago
Actually, i was wrong. Apart from Meowth and Farfetch'd, there is some serious power on your list.
Kran  +   924d ago
Pokemon: Kanto

Coming Holiday 2012 for Wii U.

Make it Nintendo.

Even if its Holiday 2013!
Timmer  +   924d ago
Alakazam, best Pokemon ever.
h311rais3r  +   924d ago
Mewtwo is 2 badass
azshorty2003  +   923d ago
Gyrados. After you spend so much time and XP to level up magikarp, you are rewarded with an unstoppable beast. There are 1or2 TMs you need to teach him to help him along since he didn't have the best move set. But trained right, he was a killing machine.
BigDollarZoe954  +   923d ago
Meowth lol everyone has there opinion but that would not have been my number one Jolteon IMO

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