Sony Quietly Removes 4GB Memory Card From Assassins Creed Liberation Bundle

It appears that Sony has quietly removed the 4GB memory card from the Assassins Creed Liberation Bundle.

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LOGICWINS1891d ago

Who knows? They might replace it with an 8GB card.

Lovable1891d ago

Good one..that actually made me chuckle a bit

LOGICWINS1891d ago

You honestly believe that they would just remove something that was blatantly advertised from the package?

Lovable1891d ago

Yes why not? They did it with the original PS3.

glopez1891d ago


Cough *other OS* cough, cough *4 USB drives*cough, cough * ps2 compatability* cough

Man I must be coming down with a cold!

CernaML1891d ago

"Yes why not? They did it with the original PS3."

Oh really? Please, I would love for you to give an example.

The Other OS complaint isn't valid. 2pacalypsenow already explained.

Oh.. no examples you say? Typical from an uninformed fanboy.

LOGICWINS1891d ago

Glopez you should really get a prescription for that cough.

MaxXAttaxX1891d ago

PS2 BC was advertised on the older fat PS3s. Not the newer models.

Other OS and PS2 BC were never advertised on the box/package either.

BrianC62341890d ago

For people crying over Sony removing features from the PS3, most of the features added to the cost. So many people complained over the price of the PS3 so Sony cut out features to make it cheaper. The Other OS feature was taken out to make it harder on hackers so you can cry to those idiots over that one.

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Megaton1891d ago

Yeah, and Microsoft might make XBL Gold free.

I-likeFrenchFood1891d ago

that is a long F#%&ing dream

Lucretia1890d ago

lol, resturaunts would sooner charge for straws and napkins before that happens

2pacalypsenow1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

@Lovable if you are referring to the other OS option , then im looking at my launch 60gb box and nowhere does it say , "Other Os linux supported" And also my slim says PS2 software not supported so i dont know how you came up with that

nukeitall1890d ago

It said it in the manual online! It was touted by high level and official executives of Sony corp.

Worse, it was forced removed from my console after I bought their console! If there was legal action or something forcing Sony's hand, I would give them a pass, but they literally stole a feature away. That is a first one for me, removal of features on hardware. F'ers!!!

StraightPath1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

The memory cards are ridiculously overpriced. Even though i had to fork out for a 16gb.

Sony care for thier consumers? think again they just a greedy coporate company like others using proprietary memory cards to elimate competition and limit consumers choice so consumers have no other CHOICE and are required to by the memory cards from sony at thier desired price. 100% win for sony 100% lose for consumers.

PS Vita without a memory card is useless you wont able to do anything with it. Even saving games you will struggle as not all games save on the game card.

There is no internal memory at all and once again not all games save on the game card. You HAVE to purchase a memory card to play your investment properly. Meaning the price is EVEN higher of the overall system which is currently higher then dedicated home consoles.

Dont bullcrap me they did it for piracy reasons. Original PSP got hacked due to vunerability of the firmware and hackers disassembled the code allowing it to run custom codes. Nothing to do with the abandoned memory stick duo crap memory card. At the end was just used to store games on it.

The DSi uses a normal microsd that can be purchased from where ever you like.

The 3DS came with a 2gb sd normal sd card and both till this day DSi software has not been hacked or the 3DS hacked. So piracy is not a excuse.

LOGICWINS1891d ago

LOL @ people jumping to conclusions. Why don't we just wait for Sony's response on this?

Wolfbiker1891d ago

Actually they used dedicated memory cards for the same reasons that apple doesn't allow SD cards, because they want the same class memory cards for all systems so they all perform the same, however they are way over priced....they should have went the onboard memory route with the option to upgrade.

Also $250 is a fine price, the PSP was same price at launch, don't be so short sighted my friend.

RememberThe3571891d ago

The way I read it was they used proprietary memory card to help stave off piracy. But you can hate them if you want. I agree that not having internal memory is pretty f'in stupid.

inveni01891d ago

As long as Sony keeps ponying up the unmatchable AAA games, I'll gladly pay a little extra for their standardized memory cards.

ChronoJoe1890d ago

That said the vita system itself is extremely good value relative to the hardware so I don't resent them for wanting to make money back on the memory cards.

You don't need anything more than a 4gb one really if you're going to buy physical copies of games.

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mafiahajeri1891d ago

The 4gb one is useless anyway

Nimblest-Assassin1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )



The 4GB is still listed... might just be an error,since the link in the article looks completely different from the screenshot... also considering the fact the bundle is the same price as the base model.... the vita might be getting a price drop

WeskerChildReborned1891d ago

That would be a steal if it did. I hope this isn't Sony being greedy and taking it back cause i hate when they take something out when they say you get it. That's like saying you get TV and it includes a remote but they take the remote out and only includes the TV cause don't you need a memory card just to play the PS vita?

GribbleGrunger1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

edit: it appears that it has been removed

Mounce1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )


That isn't Logic, telling yourself that won't make it become truth, that and I voted you off as a troll.

Other OS was removed due to the tampering of the system as it became a liability, a vulnerability. PS2 emulation was removed as it was a Lesser-desired feature that and PS2's are pretty much found in most homes, statistically am sure less than 50% of the people who bought their PS3 actually sold their PS2 in the process. It was removed so they could further reduce the cost for that 'Delicious' $299 price tag that they badly needed and then got Kevin Butler to advertise.

I hope your cold consumes you :) You seem to speak very delinquent-like when you have a cold.

As for the News story, perhaps it was an inconclusive means of saying there will be a memory card and 4GB by default was to slip in that idea, but perhaps the AC game installation file is ridiculously big so they took it off so not to confuse it when they could switch it to 8GB. Who'd care about a 4GB Bundle when the game says it take 3.0GB installation or more? Barely anyone. Best to wait to see at Launch rather to see what is the final decision.

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tehpees31891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I wonder if they are making us buy it separately. I can see why they would want to :P

KeiserSosay47881891d ago

It's pretty unbelievable how much more expensive their memory cards are, in my opinion.

Hicken1891d ago

It's pretty not, though. How expensive where those 360 hard drives when the system first came out? Or memory cards for any other system ever when they were first released?

Why do people act like this has never happened before, when in fact it happens EVERY TIME?

Megaton1891d ago

The fact that it can be compared to 360 hard drives is proof enough of severe price gouging.

wwm0nkey1891d ago

It shouldnt happen ever though, I wish Microsoft would let us use and HDD on a 360 and I wish Sony would let me use a SD card on my VITA, but they make A LOT of money this way because its cheap to makes the memory cards and HDD but they sell them at an inflated rate.

givemeshelter1891d ago

It's price gouging anyway you look at it. MS does it and Sony does it. The cost of those memory cards are ridiculous.

OmniSlashPT1891d ago

I remember buying a 64mb memory card for the ps2 for 69 euros...daaamn it sure looks ridiculous now, but it was a huge improvement from the 8mb memory card the ps2 had.

WooHooAlex1891d ago

Not really tho, its like that for ALL mobile devices.
An 8gb ipod touch is $199 but a 32gb is what, $299? $269? Something like that.
The same pricing model is used on basically all tablets and smartphones too. Everyone does this, because they can get away with it.