Reggie “really chafes” when people say Wii lost the hardcore

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime isn't in agreement with those who say the Wii lost the hardcore audience.

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Snookies122138d ago

The Wii lost me as a hardcore gamer... :\

It was great at first, and there were definitely a few wonderful games on there. Just not enough to keep my system around, because it was collecting so much dust. I'd play it once every couple of months.

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avengers19782137d ago

Okay reg, then why are hardcore gamers pissed at you, for not giving them more core games.
Hardcore to Casual is simple, if you only play games on your phone or facebook then you are a casual gamer...
If you know what playing with one or two buttons, was like, if mp used to be you and a friend on a couch with 2 controllers, If you play many, many games a year, and a wide range of games, When you can talk about games not because they are out now, but because they are coming out in a year or 2, then your Hardcore.
And if your only playing one fricking game I dont care what it is you are not hardcore...

Nimblest-Assassin2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I've been a die hard Nintendo fan since the SNES..., recieved an N64 for Christmas with Ocarina I got a gamecube on opening with melee, I bought a Wii on opening day for games like twilight princess.... but then in 2008, I got a PS3... and only revisited my wii for Mario Galaxy 2 and Skyward Sword

The problem Nintendo had was the lack of third-party support. There were these huge game famines on the wii... that you craved something new to play, but the shoddy third party games, and shovel ware on the wii just turned me off. There are a few third-party gems, but the truth of owning a wiii was for the games nintendo made... but those came out in few offerings and over extended periods of time

I never felt the need to buy a PS2 or an xbox with my gamecube... however I contemplated that with the wii

I bought a PS3 to scratch my hunger for more games...

I have supported Nintendo since I started gaming... the problem is the WiiU just turned me off. It feels like a catch up sadly.

I might pick one up... but its going to be the first time I have never got a nintendo console at launch

morkendo232137d ago

I believe the problem with Nintendo losing gamers they have not yet release none of SNES portfolio games on wii or announce any on wii-u yet which us gamers waiting on. im dieing for CONTRA,GRADIUS,R-TYPE,EINHANDE R,G-DARIUS,DOUBLE DRAGON,GOLDEN AXES,DRAGON QUEST.

N4g_null2137d ago

Wow the gc drought where way worst than the wii.

eagle212137d ago

To me the modern definition of hardcore is a nympho gaming maniac. These gamers are insatiable. Some if not most don't even complete their games quickly looking for the next gaming They need help. There is no pleasing the modern definition of hardcore. They are fickle and i'm not saying this is negative. I just know its the truth from seeing how some gamers love a game one week and say its stupid or lame the next. Nintendo focuses on the experience of true gamers.

yeahokchief2137d ago

Yep I bought every Nintendo console except for the Wii. Not buying the Wii U either.

LAZL0-Panaflex2137d ago

Someone disagreed with you, what a ra-TARD.

Spydiggity2137d ago

Zach Galifianakis isn't the least bit funny and should NEVER, under any circumstances, be quoted.

he's a like a fat, even less funny version of Tom Green.

LAZL0-Panaflex2137d ago

Bought it for my kids. I like the title "Wedgie really chafes" when people say wii sux, hey i got an idea wedgie,...get over it. Or i got a one way ticket for ya back to jabbapoint.

manaxknight12137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I think shigeru miyamoto evolved as a game designer, so did his goals. I believe he had a vision of bringing the whole family in the picture. i dont think it has to do with making the games easier but yes more accessible so that families could have a fun experience of video game entertainment. In that sense Nintendo accomplished its vision and made a profit on it and pushed the envelope with the Wii and its motion control technology that was emulated by Sony and Microsoft.
Once again we see Nintendo pushing the envelope on how we experience video games with the Wii U.

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PopRocks3592137d ago

I think Reggie makes a very good point. Nintendo did provide core experiences on the Wii (Metroid Prime Trilogy? Hello?). But there were far fewer 3rd party core games because it could not support proper multiplatform titles from the 360 and PS3, so the core gamer experience suffered.

I got Xenoblade this year and I'll be getting Last Story in August and I think that does it for this year. Kind of sad, really.

Lord_Sloth2137d ago

The problem with the Prime Trilogy is that it was just a re-release or already existing games, like half of what Nintendo launches. They didn't even try to make their last Metroid, they just outsourced it.

PopRocks3592137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Just because they outsourced Other M does not mean they had no hand in production. It's Nintendo's IP. Also Metroid Prime Trilogy may have been a re-release, but it provided new and (IMO) superior controls to the first two games. Not to mention Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was almost brand new at the time.

Besides, what about the two Zelda games they made for it? The two Mario Galaxy games? Mario Kart Wii? Smash Bros.? Those are core titles.

justpassinggas2137d ago

That's not really a good list for nearly 6 years on the market.

Shnazzyone2137d ago

Hasn't miyamoto consulted on all three metroid prime games? To me the "nintendo rehases" is only in name alone. Every time a new mario, zelda or mario kart comes out, it is a new game overall. and it's been that way for the history of nintendo. It's based on the same ideas but it's wholly different each time(kid icarus anyone?)

Compare that to uncharted 1-3, games that all came out 1-2 years apart from each other. All esentially the same game with upgraded controls and minor tweaks but a different story. Gears of war, basically the same game 3 times with a different story, assassins creed, same thing, basically the same game with improvements with each sequel and different settings and story. I'd go into halo but it's the same story.

Now compare Super mario Bros with super mario galaxy two and tell me that's the exact same game and it's a rehash.

Marvel's had many of the same superheroes for about 50 years. Ever see people say, "MAN! ever single spiderman is exactly the same! When are you going to get new heroes marvel?" Some people are just blind to how much more impressive it is to have great relevant characters who spawned on a medium where presentation changes dramatically in a regular interval for over 20 years and to use them effectively and respectably every time.

In short. Claiming nintendo is bad because they take care of their franchises properly is just stupid.

PerpetualMathx102137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

i would say hardcore to me in terms of Nintendo means 1st party or exclusive 2nd or 3rd party games aimed at people interested in Nintendo's 1st party games. the rating of the games means nothing. i do however find it odd that Nintendo made a weird change after gamecube with wii. because from the days of the nes to atleast the N64, everyone you know had those sytems and played all the same classic games. and nothing was categorized as hardcore or casual, for example the same people who played smash bros or mario party also enjoyed games like star fox, donkey kong 64, and zelda. there was no difference in who the games were marketd to everyone played what came out.

i do feel as though with the wii instead of just putting out those typical waves of classic Nintendo games or new ip's, they put out this really dumbed down gimmicky shovel ware aimed at children when in fact children were just as capable playing a new mario game like mario galaxy. we see them do it all the time with pokemon games. so then why was mario galaxy marketed more as a core title when there was nothing more core about the idea other than it not being shovel ware?

i just think Nintendo has created this rift in the platform of quality vs shovel ware. im not saying Nintendo should publish or have nothing but 1st paty titles by any means. but they do need to make sure if those arent the games constantly coming out, gamers have quality 2nd or 3rd party titles to play in between.

gorebago2137d ago

Fastest system i ever got rid of. I think i had it for only six months.

militant072137d ago

mine is just been collecting dusts since I completed RE4 like 3-4 years ago.

gorebago2137d ago

That was the last game i played on it too. It was awesome.

Sorrow242137d ago

RE4 was the first game I bought for the Wii. Best game on the system imho.

militant072134d ago

Its a shame since its a previouse generation game.

TopDudeMan2137d ago

I think if he publicly agreed with that statement he would lose his job.

miyamoto2137d ago

but wasn't it Iwata that told the share holders that Nintendo neglected the core gaming gamers.

“Moreover, regrettably, what we prioritized in order to reach out to the new audience was a bit too far from what we prioritized for those who play games as their hobby. Consequently, we presume some people felt that the Wii was not a game system for them or they were not willing to play with the Wii even though some compelling games had been released.”

I don't think agreeing with Iwata would make him loose his job.

Godmars2902137d ago

What should have chaffed was having the hardcore beg - actually and literally beg - for games like Xenoblade and Last Story - and you still wouldn't Fu*king give them to us!

Godmars2902137d ago

Only after Nintendo turned down doing it directly.

They're name may be on it, but someone else paid to bring it over.

Xof2137d ago

Except we did get Xenoblade and we are getting The Last Story later this summer.

It's Pandora's Tower that we're still missing.

It's just shameful--absolutely shameful--it took months and months of begging and mass petitions and general Internet outrage on an -unprecedented- level to effect change.

And odds are that's just a taste of what we'll see in the future. The Wii's hardcore 'trifecta' controversy was bigger than any other controversy in gaming history. It was huge.

But, lo and behold, six months later: an even larger controversy centered around ME3.

In the future, it may well be that the ONLY way gamers get anything decent is when they raise a giant shitstorm DEMANDING not to be treated like garbage.

Of course, both the Rainbow stuff and ME3 stuff also aroused many dull-witted apologists... the kind of mush-brained fools who are dead-set and perpetuating this lopsided dynamic.