The Best and Worst of Star Wars

Being one of the most massive sci-fi franchises in existence, Star Wars has seen its fair share of game titles building on all areas of the lore in its universe. Being big Star Wars fans, editors Cassidee and Ron lay out their top three favorite Star Wars games of all time...and the top three games that continually make them cringe.

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StrongMan2009d ago

Kinect Star Wars was the lowest point in Star Wars gaming history.


travisefreese2009d ago

My Top Three:

Jedi Knight II,
Star Wars Battlefront II

jamesensor2009d ago

Didn't like the mmo path. KOTOR was probably the best in terms of story, revealing so much of its universe. As for the genre, it's subjective to say the game type was the best, and thus some pick other titles of the franchising. Battlefront II was also interesting. Jedi Academy had a short story and engine was a bit clumsy but the fights with saber and the force were excellent.

t0mmyb0y2009d ago

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 and Shadows of the Empire for the N64 are my favs

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