Why Do People ‘Hate’ IGN?

The dedicated agents of the U.S. Department of Electronic Entertainment report: "Recently IGN ran an article titled "Why Do People 'Hate' EA" a hard-hitting, objective work of game journalism and an early contender for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Journalism. This company, this community, this family of journalists at IGN has one of the highest Alexa ratings of any video game website, and excellent support from advertisers (But not outrageously so) with a criminally underrated forum, but is still widely regarded as one of the worst websites on the internet."

*The United States Department of Electronic Entertainment is a humor site, not affiliated with any government agency.

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AmayaAi2136d ago

Do we? On the contrary I've always loved IGN the most.

TheModernKamikaze2136d ago

most people who hate IGN are youtubers because of their reviews.They always compare reviews with COD because it got a higher score than the game they reviewed.

blitz06232136d ago

It's not rocket science. IGN is hated when the score they give a game doesn't sit well with most people, and vice versa.

Abash2136d ago

Ive agreed with IGN most when it comes to reviews, that doesnt mean I still dont say "WTF?" every now and then to some scores.

My dislike for IGN mostly comes from their articles, they're mostly utter garbage. And I have witnessed extreme bias in one of their articles just a few weeks ago.

AmkOwns2136d ago

Doesn't COD pay ign for a great review?

BattleAxe2136d ago


Doesn't Activision pay everyone for high reviews?

Wenis2136d ago

People don't really hate IGN, its simply that IGN is one of the biggest gaming news outlets, so therefore there is simply more 'hate' towards them than other sites. Sort of like how Jupiter is the biggest planet, therefore gets hit with more meteors.

SilentNegotiator2136d ago

They could give Superman 64 a 3/10 and youtubers would complain that the score is too low, and it's "actually a pretty good game"

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Emilio_Estevez2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

N4G's community is quite fond of IGN's reviews from what I've seen. I also know a few people that pretty much only trust IGN's review opinions.

LOGICWINS2136d ago

IGN reviews are the most clicked on, most read reviews on N4G. If this is "hate", then thats an odd way of showing it.

Sony3602135d ago

They're only fond of IGN's reviews until a game they don't like gets a higher score than a game they do like.

It's pretty pathetic.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232136d ago

IGN is a great site. its N4G i hate /jk

linkenski2136d ago

What the heck are you doing here then?

Kinect2136d ago

its wat da fuck r u doin here

MoveTheGlow2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

I think there was a hatred of the bigger gaming sites around the time that the Kane and Lynch scoring debacle happened over at Gamespot. There was this idea that the big "objective" sites were being influenced too much by publishers, namely their PR wings. It was well-warranted anger, and it lasted for years as IGN and Gamespot struggled to get readers back. There was a lot of discussion of the influence of publishers and companies during the "console war" days after that - did this site get some payola from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo? Why did this system's games get a better score on this site? What's the difference between a 9.6 and a 9.7? These sites were floundering around, trying to find their voice while we were all duking it out over these systems.

Now, Gamespot and IGN, among just about everyone else, have started to learn from enthusiast sites like GiantBomb (to the point where Gamespot took them back in a much better way), Kill Screen, Critical Distance, and even 1up - they offered up awesome content because they focused on subjective ideas from individual writers and reviewers, not some super-imposing "objective"-but-not- really standard from up top.

You get to see a lot more editorial content on IGN now, and I'm really liking that change. Yeah, there are still some weird advertisement/preview articles there, but it's not nearly as bad, and the content's more diverse. Recently, it's gone from being a Maxim for Gamers (Hey, a girl! Hey, a girl! ...something about games.) to being a Gaming Site for Gamers - maybe not for me, but at least for the younger crowd. I'm just sayin', there's more there about games and less bro-tastically "Powered by Dew" stuff now.

Lior2136d ago

The best gaming site is gametrailers. They produce the best reviews and they always have exclusive interviews and new footage of games each month

xursz2136d ago

Disagrees should check them out. They definitely get the best exclusive content in my opinion.

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123_3212136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

I hate everything.
@ jb1276
Yes, i hate him too. In fact, i hate myself more than anything. I'm just so sick of it all...*gunshot sound*

VanguardOfCalamity2136d ago

except the green ranger? ... or do you hate him most of all XD j/k

LOGICWINS2136d ago

WAAAAIT! Before you pass on, can I have your user name?!

123_3212136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

No. I decided that i actually love everything so i un-shot myself.
I LIVE....AGAIN!! Mwahaha.

r212136d ago

Francis, is that you?

DeleteThisxx2136d ago

I love how people seem to think this article is solely about the N4G community . IGN does get a ton of hate from various communities across the interwebz. The problem is, no one sticks by it. IGN gives a bad review and you get "you can't spell ignorant without IGN!" Yet, when they do give a good review, which is more often than people give them credit for, everyone praises them. Stick by your guns people.

Hicken2136d ago

It's like redDevil87 below you says, though: they're inconsistent.

Of course people will be upset when they give a bad review. If, for example, they gave Journey a 2/10 and complained about the lack communication ability with the other player, how short the game was, and the fact that the number of controls were limited, that'd be a pretty bad review; it'd be understandable for people to be upset about that. Or if a game like NeverDead got an 8 out of 10 for being something different in a land full of samey shooters, but they disregarded how broken it is overall, people would be upset with that, too.

But if the reviews are accurate, then people will naturally be happy about it. Happier, at least, than if they were flat-out poor reviews.

Nobody completely disregards them because not all of their reviews are bad. But at the same time, nobody fully trusts the because some of their reviews suck. It's just that, whenever it comes to people talking about it, it always gets generalized as full-on, constant hate.

DeleteThisxx2136d ago

Yeah, except people need to also acknowledge that IGN has many different writers. As a result, matter of opinion comes out to play. Different strokes for different folks. It's not "inconsistent" it's merely subjective.

Hicken2136d ago

I'll concede that each reviewer will have his or her own opinion, and so some inconsistencies may arise there. But there's also the issue- and this applies to MOST gaming publications, not just IGN- of a lack of any solid criteria by which games should be reviewed.

I think it would go a long way toward alleviating the problems we have right now with sites such as IGN if they had a standard set of criteria that a reviewer must judge a game by. But very few sites or magazines have this.

redDevil872136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Too many inconsistent review scores.

Some games get punished for certain things, while others get free passes for the same mistakes.

LOGICWINS2136d ago

That depends on the genre. Story, for example, won't be as important in a first person shooter as it is in an RPG.

ExCest2136d ago

Doesn't IGN get paid for their reviews? I think that would explain the inconsistencies.

Akiba962136d ago

Its not the same person reviewing every game man... You can't expect editor X to have the same view points, preferences, or experiences as editor Y. Stop treating IGN or any site like that like they allthe editors go into a round table to review games. Remember people, reviews are opinions..... just because IGN gives some game a mediocre review doesnt mean that game cant be good to you, nor does it mean that their opinions are "bought" if you find said mediocre game to be fantastic.

StarFox2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

i like IGN for their podcasts i listen every week for them. i like hearing their insight of upcoming games and the companies. could care less for their reviews though