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Video: Reggie and Wii U on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Reggie shows off the Wii U on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Reggie Fils-Aime, Wii U)

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dubal-e  +   1143d ago
Now that was some good marketing, its to bad Jimmy is on so late at night
TheModernKamikaze  +   1143d ago
hence why it's called Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
dubal-e  +   1143d ago
The point I'm trying to make is nobody really saw that. All the normal people were sleeping by then. ( Refer to the comment too bad he's on so late) Let it marinate for a minute, you'll get it. ........ Ohhhhh now I get it.
nintendojunkie28  +   1143d ago
Thank you for posting this,cuz I missed it.That was a pretty good response for ZombieU,or were they just cheering because Reggie's body was so ready?..It's quite the conundrum.
TheModernKamikaze  +   1143d ago
You're welcome. Glad you liked their video.
Shnazzyone  +   1143d ago
Watched hoping for new info of any kind. Nope. Oh well it's good to see more of how it works and more of the console itself. Notice how wiiu controller was plugged in? Strange. Hope they're not still tweaking hardware.
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TheModernKamikaze  +   1143d ago
Maybe the controller was charging.
Mikhail  +   1143d ago
This salvage the Wii U a bit after Fallon called it a new Wii accessory.
PopRocks359  +   1143d ago
Hmm. Should have had Jimmy Fallon at the E3 press conference...
Boody-Bandit  +   1143d ago
Yeah you can tell he genuinely loves gaming.
PopRocks359  +   1143d ago
He also made the Wii U seem a lot more interesting which would have been very beneficial to Nintendo at their otherwise less than an interesting conference.
StarFox  +   1143d ago
no release date? no price? waste of time is what that was
PopRocks359  +   1143d ago
Why would they release such crucial information during a talk show? Are you daft?

Holiday 2012. Now wait until TGS or some other big show closer to release to get the specific date and price. Sheesh.

Edit: @Jamaicanmr

Touche. Point still stands though; a big gamers' show of some kind after E3 will be where they release the date and price. We KNEW this already ahead of time.
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Jamaicangmr  +   1143d ago
Don't think Nintendo will be a TGS they have their own show around that time if memory serves me right.
StarFox  +   1142d ago
oh yes their own stream show where they'll get at least 100,000 views at the most is better than the jimmy fallon show where millions watch. thanks proving that nintendo just screwed up again.
PopRocks359  +   1142d ago
StarFox, don't be stupid. I doubt there are many core gamers who watch Jimmy Fallon. Have some patience; they'll release the price sooner or later between now and the launch of the system.

And by the way, such a reveal won't have an effect on the overall quality of the system. Just thought you may want to know.
DivineAssault  +   1143d ago
i dont think the gamepads are being produced with batteries just yet.. it has 3-5 hours each charge supposedly... i wonder if i keep mid settings on brightness, volume, etc & play something online, if the battery will last over 4hrs.. if theres no headsets that is.. Idk if the mic & speakers on that tab will be clear enough.. I guess the pro controller & a headset will have to do
Vortex3D  +   1143d ago
So Reggie now calls Wii U can do everything? Isn't that supposed to be PS3? How about a simple function of able to play Blu-ray movies on Wii U. But e will say Wii U is not for watching movie which doesn't count as able to do everything. How about show Wii U able to surpass eye candy games like Uncharted or Last of Us? He will come up with some excuses why it's not needed.

I agree he did a great PR at Jimmy's show but if you are able to look closely, everything they showed look like super cool or fun for a few hours, then they get boring very quickly because it's like playing with little kids toys again. But that's what Nintendo is good at, show the product surface until the the product buyers get "inside" the product and found it's just old stuff repackaging like the greatest thing.

If you disagree, good for you because Nintendo already has sold to you. Just hope you don't start asking where's the "meat" after a few months of owning Wii U.
LOL_WUT  +   1143d ago
Man they didn't even show new footage and yeah i heard when he said its Nintendo it does everything.
nintendojunkie28  +   1143d ago
Uh oh!...A BS fanb.....uh..hmm..I mean...PS fanboy has wondered on to the wrong page again.
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Vortex3D  +   1143d ago
I own PS3, X360 and Wii. Does that make me a "fanboy" since I play all the current gen?
nintendojunkie28  +   1143d ago
Maybe fanboy is the wrong term to use in your case.If I were to call you anti-nintendo,that would probably be more accurate.Forgive me,but I get sick and tired of comments like yours on NINTENDO articles.It's one thing to have an opinion,but clearly another to deliberately go to a nintendo related article just to bash them and praise your ps3.What's the point?...It's annoying at the least and an insult at best to the people who actually appreciate what nintendo does.Now,don't get it twisted as I have my fair share of issues with nintendo,but the fact that this is nothing more than a video from late night and you still felt the need to come bash ninty and then champion your ps3.....well you can see how that would come across as a bit trollish.Now,if you don't like nintendo fine,if you love sony or ms..even better,but please air your disgust elsewhere.
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TruthbeTold  +   1143d ago
I hadn't seen the ninja star game before. It was cool. Though I think I'd like it better if it was more like the ninja star demo they showed last year with the more realistic environment. Ah well.

This console is kind of strange for me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it, I just don't know when. As of now, definitely not at launch. It's just not worth it unless they keep following the Wii formula and offer it for $250 at launch. Then I'm buying it day one just for ZombiU. If it's $300+, I don't mind waiting until Super Mario Galaxy U, Smash Bros, or The Legend of Zelda U are released in 2014 or so... Just give me a reason Nintendo. I want you to take my money. I just don't want to feel ripped off...

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