Ubisoft may be planning 'Watch Dogs' video game movie according to domains

Could there already be a “Watch Dogs” movie in the works? If domain name registrations are any indication of things to come, it looks like Ubisoft may be in talks for a film of its brand new IP called Watch Dogs. On June 14, 2012, Ubisoft Entertainment registered a handful of domains like and In total, the gaming company registered four names so far including and

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b163o12137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I still think this game is Next-Gen, but that keep labeling it as Current-Gen. After that demo @E3 i really see know need to rush the Next-Gen consoles....

younglj012137d ago

Why rush next-gen console off of 1 game.No one have played Watch Digs yet.It can have the best graphics in the world but if the gameplay sucks noone will buy it.Yes I was amazed at the concept but I can't judge gameplay by an tech demo.

On topic:This could be like an Eagle Eye movie with GTA elements.Its one thing too pull that off in a game but when it come too an movie its alot harder too get success.So hopefully I can get Watch Dogs on my PS3 bc I'm not going too invest in an new console for one good looking IP.

Megaton2137d ago

Don't kill it before it even comes out. No movies.

AgreeFairy2137d ago

I'm sure they'll make a movie for this. They already did it with Assassin's Creed & Ghost Recon. It won't be a full movie you see at theaters but just a short 30 min movie.

Hicken2137d ago

... or they could be buying up domains so nobody else can.