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Nintendo NEEDS you to shut up

Pietriots: I’m sure you’ve all seen the tired arguments, Nintendo “needs” to get more third party support, they “need” to put more core gigaflops in Wii U, they “need” to offer ten different controllers. Well sure that’d all be great, why not throw in ten free games with the console too.

***Warning strong language*** (Wii U)

mike1up  +   1214d ago
LOL @ pic.

Just say NO Reggie.

On Topic:

This article should come with the disclaimer, "Viewer discretion is advised" extremely profane language.
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fr0sty  +   1214d ago
Or maybe Nintendo NEEDS to listen?
Mounce  +   1214d ago
I agree with this comment here.

Whoever says that a Company should even want their consumers to shutup, truly isn't a company you should follow by any means with faith, I mean, compare it to Sony and how they have non-stop said that they are for their consumers, always for the hardcore gamer and they called them at the very least the Lifeblood of Playstation itself. Nintendo? HEY GAIZ, HERES SOME MORE MARIO AND ZELDA GAMES! A few classic remakes and an optional Donkey Kong or Metroid game on the side! IT PRINTS MONEY?! YES?....GOOOOD! It doesn't?! SLASH PRICES TAKE THE BLAME AND TAKE THE SWORD-CUT TO OUR WAGES!
chaostrophies  +   1213d ago

nintendo didn't tell anyone to "shut up"
M83_  +   1214d ago
Lookin guuud Reggie!
Shnazzyone  +   1213d ago
This is exactly the kind of article that makes 15 year olds across N4G type furiously.
PerpetualMathx10  +   1214d ago
exactly i respect nintendo for sticking to their guns and putting out new stuff like the wiiU. thats why i want one. microsoft and sony will compete their way into the ground, like all the consoles before them did, its always like that between consoles that offer gimmicks and higher end hardware. I've had those systems for two generations now and im pretty much tired of the amount of cost that comes with them and the amount unrelated gaming content that both companies have invested in in the last two years. i want to play games, im in college and i dont have 100 hours to invest in a single game so playing shorter or more direct games with friends is that route i want to go this time so im probably going to give the WiiU a go.

EDIT: lol @ the language, i thought that too, the author is definitely an internet sailer with that mouth.
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fr0sty  +   1214d ago
Why not just get a Wii then? You can have that now, and for cheaper. Not only that, but you won't be in a situation where only one friend gets to use the cool controller. I remember being a kid and fighting over who got to use the better third party controller with the turbo buttons on it, I can only imagine the fights that the Wii U is going to start among kids when it comes to who gets to use that controller.
PerpetualMathx10  +   1214d ago
why would i? the Wii is 6 years old and not what i wanted to play, the Wii U however is something i do want to play. also i can wait for the Wii U to come out and buy that at the end of this year, i highly doubt it'll cost very much. lastly im in college not in elementary school im pretty sure i don't care what controller id be playing with if i was playing games with friends on the console. but i do agree, kids will beat the shit out of each other for that gamepad, also im curious how durable it is because i see a lot of broken gamepads from 10 year olds in the future from dropping them or doing other 10 year old things to it lol.
FarCryLover182  +   1214d ago
Aziz Ansari? Thats what Reggie looks like there.
chadwarden  +   1214d ago
Reggie's body does not look ready
PygmelionHunter  +   1214d ago
He feels like a purple Pikmin.
123_321  +   1214d ago
What a childish article.
So basically, anyone who questions Nintendo in any way or who want new IP from them is a hater.
This his the highest level of fanboyism--the level where you think your preferred company is above everything else and anyone who thinks differently is either a hater or a lying scumbag who should burn in hell for eternity.
Nintendo: Now we're going to blow your socks off with the surprize of the century; A NEW MARIO GAME!!!.
Nintendo fanboys: WOOOW, i can't believe it!, MARIO!!, i never saw that coming, i cant hold back the jizz, AAHHHHH AHH AH AHHH. I haven't jizzed like that since the last Mario game-- six months ago. Nintendo rules!
Microsoft: ........Kinect!.
Sony: Here, take this stuff that we told you to love, stuff that you had no interest in and even hated until we did it. Oh, we forgot to mention, YOU have to market our stuff for us. You don't expect us to do it, do you?. Oh BTW, your PSN account got hacked..............last week, so you gotta change your password and stuff. It's not all bad news though, because you can have three free games a month with PS PLUS.
Sony fanboys: OH SONY OOOHHHHHHHHHHH, computers around the world have just got facials, and the jizz is still a flyin'. It's alright about the PSN hack, Sony. There was no way you could have known. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. Oh those free games from PS Plus are awesome, thanks Sony. We'll completely overlook the fact that you're offering old games that the majority of us have already bought and we'll overlook the fact that you know this because of your surveys, just shut up and take our €50 a year so we can save €8 on the few 50 cent discounts that PS Plus members get. Don't worry about E3 either, Sony, we love Wonderbook, even if it had nothing to do with gaming at all and you could have used that half hour to show the Vita, but only a hater would want that, right?. Yes, of course you're right--you're SONY afterall.
Sony is just so EPIC!!....i can't....i can't...i can't even describe...*runs upstairs*
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PopRocks359  +   1214d ago
Don't make this article into something it isn't. He's saying that you can't blame Nintendo for what developers choose to do with Wii U.

He even explains that if Nintendo offers 50 million dollars for an exclusive GTA game, Microsoft will bounce back with 100 million.

Also I love how you call the article childish when you made a lame joke about Nintendo fans jizzing uncontrollably over a Mario game. Stay classy.

Edit: Well fuck, then I completely misread the context in your comment. That was totally my bad. I stand behind the juvenile nature of the jizzing joke though. That was unnecessary.
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123_321  +   1214d ago
My comment was an attack on fanboyism, not the article. I criticized MS and Sony fans too, you know.
Also, whether you acknowledge it or not, there is a lot of truth to my comment.
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bigfish  +   1214d ago
lol @ the 18 rated article, btw the author is right, nintendo does not have rthe financial backing or a huge amount of risk in their business model to buy their way through this industry, they need to be shrewd and ensure their survival for years to come, if this means pissing some people off, that cannot be avoided.
PerpetualMathx10  +   1214d ago
actually nintendo is always sellig things for a profit (except the 3ds recently), they have a shit ton of money if we are comparing them strictly in gaming to sony or microsoft. the only reason sony or microsoft can afford to out bid or even bid at all is they can take losses in the gaming departments of their companies due to other hardware and software those companies produce. so business wise nintendo operates the most efficiently.
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PopRocks359  +   1214d ago
Rage-induced as it was (and probably completely justified) this article made a lot of sense to me. It's up to developers to create great games for any console. Nintendo shouldn't be held accountable for what they do; it's like blaming Nintendo for mounds and mounds of casual shovel ware that appeared on the Wii. Nintendo didn't make those games (though they did publish a few of them) so the developers are more to blame than they are.
scottd  +   1214d ago
Yes but there is also a think called quality control and the company can decide what games go onto there console and which ones don't. Nintendo accepted the shovel ware because if they didn't there would of been almost nothing on the Wii except There 1st party titles, no one wanted to dumb down every game just to port it over to Wii and have it look like ass and make a very small profit.
PopRocks359  +   1214d ago
But what is good and bad is 100% subjective. What one person thinks sucks (the general public on Duke Nukem Forever) one person may actually really like (for example, I liked DNF). It also works in reverse (most people liked Metroid Other M and I despise it).

Shovel ware sucks, I know. But casual players enjoy games like that. Look at Carnival Games.

Quality control isn't really needed anymore since we're past the era of glitches and long load times. If someone wants to make a game (even a bad one) they have a right. Just as we have the right to not buy it.
ChickeyCantor  +   1214d ago
Quality control doesn't say "It's a casual game so it's sh/t".

If Nintendo refused third party games again, their relationship with third parties would only go even worse.
PopRocks359  +   1213d ago

I don't remember Nintendo ever refusing any 3rd party publishers (aside from The Binding of Isaac). They can't control 3rd party developers; it's up to those developers to choose what platform is good for their games.
scottd  +   1213d ago
Quality control isn't really needed anymore since we're past the era of glitches and long load times.

Really?? past the era? What games are you playing? Besides your idea of no quality control is unrealistic.So your telling me YOU would own a company and not want anyone overseeing that the products being produced by YOUR company were of good quality and something the consumer would invest and want to buy and make your company a profit??
ChickeyCantor  +   1213d ago
I never said they refused third parties in the past. However their relationships were never that great. Refusing them during the Wii would have been worse.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1214d ago
I agree with most everything he has said- he cursed lots but if I wholly needed to avoid this I would throw my TV out.

I am glad that someone else gets what few seem to grab. Sony and Microsoft are different animals than Nintendo. You can not ask them to hunt in the same way.

From what I see Nintendo's way is working. DS, 3DS, and Wii sold well despite (to spite) HardCore haters. So, why would I ever trust the opinion of the people who keep predicting the demise of WiiU? Please Haters, may St. Fu be with you..
NoTheMama  +   1214d ago
Good article. Ive been gaming since the Nes & have nothing but respect for Nintendo. If they were really as bad as some make out wouldn't they have gone the way if Sega by now? Speaking of which, people who compare the Wii U to the Dreamcast are just stupid. The DC wasn't the successor to a 95 million selling console like the Wii U is, it came off the back of the unfortunate failure of the Saturn. (which was a great console btw!)
eagle21  +   1214d ago
I agree with the article as well. The "gamers" complaining are nympho gaming maniacs who are literally insatiable. Nintendo better keep their eyes off these nympho gamers or risk losing billions like sony or microsoft probably will with no guarantee these nympho gamers will support their next machine. I love Nintendo because it is a pure gaming company. Their games must be good as well as sell well for them to survive this long.

Play the games to understand why. Don't judge games by hype trailers. For example Paper Mario can't have some cinematic trailer to hype it. But if you take a couple hours to introduce yourself to it, its as addictive as any awesome rpg ever was.

Of course Metroid can have a cinematic trailer, but my point is Nintendo focuses on the experience that so many average games lack. After their e3, the hands on WiiU previews were very positive. And awesome WiiU games like Project P-100 get overlooked while these nympho gamers complain.
a_adji  +   1214d ago
about fucking time.
malypso  +   1214d ago
I really don't think he should have let his feeling get in the way of his point, but in most respects he is correct. Why get in the way of MS and Sony bidding on an exclusive, when MS doesn't even do that? They just bid for exclusive timed DLC to be on their console first. What really has always helped Nintendo is their first-party titles, which always shine on their systems. People will never be satisfied with what Nintendo does, but we do have to look at the facts; Sony did lose $ for 4 years straight, and both Sony and MS sell consoles at a considerable loss for long periods of time, and its starting to affect them. Nintendo was following trend, not necessarily losing money on systems, but did have power in terms of graphics with the Gamecube; and look how that turned out... This is a business and Nintendo only makes games, not hardware or media like Sony and MS. They have been around the longest and have recently been the most successful in terms of sales. They have demonstrated time and time again, that they know how to pull themselves out of a bad situation. The underestimation of Nintendo has been both MS and Sony's biggest mistake, and if anyone here underestimates them, then I feel they should get ready to be disappointed. I truly believe that a second screen will draw in some unlikely alliances with third-party developers, its just going to take a little time and some-what of an established install base. I also think that they are holding back titles and will start unveiling them, the closer we get to the launch of Wii U, but that's speculating of course. I wasn't the happiest with the Wii but that's mostly due to the poor resolution it pushed, 480p. This time we're at least getting 720/1080p resolution which will help games look their best on home consoles. They're going to be okay once they start announcing more games, its inevitable.
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a_adji  +   1214d ago
The problem is everyone outside of these companies think they can dictate own the rights too but these people are where they are for a reason and it's not to hear your cries.

I have all the machines and as much as I love a shooter or two I find Nintendo games actually fun where as they others get me angry and too serious.

it's also getting boring with the endless sequels like COD which brings nothing new but tells the same story with different characters. zzzzz
DivineAssault  +   1213d ago
All this wii u hype is gtn very old.. They said they were getting the core so just believe them & buy the Wii U at launch then sit n wait.. If your a fan than u should have faith & not be affected by whatever route they decide to take.. I lost my faith but i still respect them as a company from a business standpoint.. As long as it sells, they will bring it so just buy the damn thing.. If u loved the wii, u will love the Wii U.. More power & more games for everyone to enjoy..
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1213d ago
I respect the guy who wrote this article eveything he said is true why should nintendo spend more money to be more like Ms & Sony the truth is ps3 & Xbox 360 owners wish they had games like Zelda & metroid don't blame Nintendo for not having games like GTA5 or bioshock blame those 3rd party developers who decided not to make those games for the Wii u, the Wii u is powerful enough to have any game thats on the ps3.

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