Nintendo NEEDS you to shut up

Pietriots: I’m sure you’ve all seen the tired arguments, Nintendo “needs” to get more third party support, they “need” to put more core gigaflops in Wii U, they “need” to offer ten different controllers. Well sure that’d all be great, why not throw in ten free games with the console too.

***Warning strong language***

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mike1up1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

LOL @ pic.

Just say NO Reggie.

On Topic:

This article should come with the disclaimer, "Viewer discretion is advised" extremely profane language.

fr0sty1950d ago

Or maybe Nintendo NEEDS to listen?

Mounce1950d ago

I agree with this comment here.

Whoever says that a Company should even want their consumers to shutup, truly isn't a company you should follow by any means with faith, I mean, compare it to Sony and how they have non-stop said that they are for their consumers, always for the hardcore gamer and they called them at the very least the Lifeblood of Playstation itself. Nintendo? HEY GAIZ, HERES SOME MORE MARIO AND ZELDA GAMES! A few classic remakes and an optional Donkey Kong or Metroid game on the side! IT PRINTS MONEY?! YES?....GOOOOD! It doesn't?! SLASH PRICES TAKE THE BLAME AND TAKE THE SWORD-CUT TO OUR WAGES!

chaostrophies1950d ago


nintendo didn't tell anyone to "shut up"

M83_1950d ago

Lookin guuud Reggie!

Shnazzyone1949d ago

This is exactly the kind of article that makes 15 year olds across N4G type furiously.

PerpetualMathx101950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

exactly i respect nintendo for sticking to their guns and putting out new stuff like the wiiU. thats why i want one. microsoft and sony will compete their way into the ground, like all the consoles before them did, its always like that between consoles that offer gimmicks and higher end hardware. I've had those systems for two generations now and im pretty much tired of the amount of cost that comes with them and the amount unrelated gaming content that both companies have invested in in the last two years. i want to play games, im in college and i dont have 100 hours to invest in a single game so playing shorter or more direct games with friends is that route i want to go this time so im probably going to give the WiiU a go.

EDIT: lol @ the language, i thought that too, the author is definitely an internet sailer with that mouth.

fr0sty1950d ago

Why not just get a Wii then? You can have that now, and for cheaper. Not only that, but you won't be in a situation where only one friend gets to use the cool controller. I remember being a kid and fighting over who got to use the better third party controller with the turbo buttons on it, I can only imagine the fights that the Wii U is going to start among kids when it comes to who gets to use that controller.

PerpetualMathx101950d ago

why would i? the Wii is 6 years old and not what i wanted to play, the Wii U however is something i do want to play. also i can wait for the Wii U to come out and buy that at the end of this year, i highly doubt it'll cost very much. lastly im in college not in elementary school im pretty sure i don't care what controller id be playing with if i was playing games with friends on the console. but i do agree, kids will beat the shit out of each other for that gamepad, also im curious how durable it is because i see a lot of broken gamepads from 10 year olds in the future from dropping them or doing other 10 year old things to it lol.

FarCryLover1821950d ago

Aziz Ansari? Thats what Reggie looks like there.

chadwarden1950d ago

Reggie's body does not look ready

PygmelionHunter1950d ago

He feels like a purple Pikmin.

123_3211950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

What a childish article.
So basically, anyone who questions Nintendo in any way or who want new IP from them is a hater.
This his the highest level of fanboyism--the level where you think your preferred company is above everything else and anyone who thinks differently is either a hater or a lying scumbag who should burn in hell for eternity.
Nintendo: Now we're going to blow your socks off with the surprize of the century; A NEW MARIO GAME!!!.
Nintendo fanboys: WOOOW, i can't believe it!, MARIO!!, i never saw that coming, i cant hold back the jizz, AAHHHHH AHH AH AHHH. I haven't jizzed like that since the last Mario game-- six months ago. Nintendo rules!
Microsoft: ........Kinect!.
Sony: Here, take this stuff that we told you to love, stuff that you had no interest in and even hated until we did it. Oh, we forgot to mention, YOU have to market our stuff for us. You don't expect us to do it, do you?. Oh BTW, your PSN account got hacked..............last week, so you gotta change your password and stuff. It's not all bad news though, because you can have three free games a month with PS PLUS.
Sony fanboys: OH SONY OOOHHHHHHHHHHH, computers around the world have just got facials, and the jizz is still a flyin'. It's alright about the PSN hack, Sony. There was no way you could have known. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. Oh those free games from PS Plus are awesome, thanks Sony. We'll completely overlook the fact that you're offering old games that the majority of us have already bought and we'll overlook the fact that you know this because of your surveys, just shut up and take our €50 a year so we can save €8 on the few 50 cent discounts that PS Plus members get. Don't worry about E3 either, Sony, we love Wonderbook, even if it had nothing to do with gaming at all and you could have used that half hour to show the Vita, but only a hater would want that, right?. Yes, of course you're right--you're SONY afterall.
Sony is just so EPIC!!....i can't....i can't...i can't even describe...*runs upstairs*

PopRocks3591950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Don't make this article into something it isn't. He's saying that you can't blame Nintendo for what developers choose to do with Wii U.

He even explains that if Nintendo offers 50 million dollars for an exclusive GTA game, Microsoft will bounce back with 100 million.

Also I love how you call the article childish when you made a lame joke about Nintendo fans jizzing uncontrollably over a Mario game. Stay classy.

Edit: Well fuck, then I completely misread the context in your comment. That was totally my bad. I stand behind the juvenile nature of the jizzing joke though. That was unnecessary.

123_3211950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

My comment was an attack on fanboyism, not the article. I criticized MS and Sony fans too, you know.
Also, whether you acknowledge it or not, there is a lot of truth to my comment.

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