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1.3 Million Gamers Register for The Secret World Beta

As the latest beta testing phase for the forthcoming The Secret World videogame approaches, developers Funcom have announced that over 1.3 million gamers are now registered as potential beta testers. This figure shatters all previous company records including that of its previous massively multiplayer online (MMO) videogame, Age of Conan. (PC, The Secret World)

Mariusmssj  +   1171d ago
Nice, it should be a good game!
mathsman  +   1171d ago
I'm going to be jumping into the beta tonight - looking forward to it!
mafiahajeri  +   1170d ago
I got the beta but didn't bother since the gameplay vids look rubbish!
Kaizin514  +   1170d ago
Having played the beta off and on for the last month or so, I have to say I am rather disappointed in it. The concept/story is pretty decent, but the combat, overall flow and feeling of the game is something to be desired. It just didn't do much for me, which is why I tried playing off and on, to see if my opinion would change. I WANT to like it, but as it stands, I do not find it worth spending any amount of money for.
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baraka007  +   1170d ago
Funcom makes it so don't get your hopes up. Im guessing it will be released unfinished.
rdgneoz3  +   1170d ago
"This figure shatters all previous company records including that of its previous massively multiplayer online (MMO) videogame, Age of Conan"

That line made me question how much of a finished product they'll ship if their previous work is Age of Conan...
baraka007  +   1161d ago
Yep they made Anarchy Online too which like AOC and this game are great ideas and could be something special but it will be a buggy mess.

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