Gaming Update: Winds of Change: Microsoft Charts a New Course

Over a bowl of E3 Ramen Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert learns that in addition to dropping the major industry events this year and increasing its presence at fan-centric events, Microsoft is planning invitation-only presentations at its regional campuses and offices.

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Dlacy13g2140d ago

Hmm... its an interesting change in direction for this year. My only question is, aren't Gamescon and TGS not only industry events but open to the public as well? Kinda goes against what they are saying about moving away from industry specific events.

dubt722140d ago

They probably wanted those samller events so that the entire focus is on them, not split in all different directions. Shrewd...

Redgehammer2140d ago

Well when your making clandestine hardware, i guesss you have to cut back a little. ;D