"Playstation All-stars will be a dream come true for gamers" Says Chan Park President of SuperBot

The folks at Superbot Entertainment at truly hype about Playstation Allstars , They even feel it will be the Dream brawl game for any Playstaion fan! Find out why!

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Master_S1922d ago

No copy man, Smash Bross is the dream.

Abash1922d ago

I couldnt care less if it's the same *idea* as Smash Bros, it has all new characters with all new movesets and will be really fun. Especially since it makes the wait for SSB4 a lot easier.

blitz06231922d ago

No, the dream is playing those characters Smash Bros style with some tweaks

justpassinggas1922d ago

It is also for those of us who weren't raised with the Nintendo brand.

I DID play Super Mario Brothers but that was the only real Nintendo experience I had as a child (I only played PC and...arcade games). I got my PS1 in 1995 as my first dedicated console and I've been around Sony franchise characters since then.

So, this game is targeted towards people like me who weren't raised with Nintendo characters and can't really identify with them.

The first time I played Smash Brothers in the Gamecube (I think) was in 2005 and I didn't really care for most of the cast.

theodopolopolus1922d ago

I love smash bros, but I've always played on the playstation, so I've always wanted this game. It needs Jak, and I want the guy from SoTC (forgotten his name).

miyamoto1922d ago

It seems to be a dream come true for PlayStation gamers who requested this game.

But a NIGHTMARE to die hard Nintendo fans who can't deal with the power of the PS3 and its gaming community.

This is the advantage of having a fully capable gaming computer & community support that listens to gamers.

What will be the next game?

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Nimblest-Assassin1922d ago

The dream is that EVERY CHARACTER from EVERY GAME came together, and competed in a battle for the ages.

Since that will never happen, SSB and All Stars will suffice

Omnislash1921d ago

Just because its a game similar doesnt mean its a copy. Is King of Fighters a Street Fighter clone? Is Tekken and Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter clones? No. Besides SSB isnt exactly Original, they took the idea from a different SNK game called "The Outfoxies". Look it up. Battle Royale is gonna be great... at least depending on what characters make it in...

AgentSmith1922d ago

I don't know, PSASB in alot of fun to play! I've played Smash before and it get boring after a while.

Y_51501922d ago

Smash Bros. never gets boring (IMO)!

CanadianTurtle1922d ago

LoL, Your opinion STINKS!

As much as a fun game PASBR will be, it will not reach the same caliber as the SSB series. Nintendo has made 3 iterations of their brawler, and they've pretty much almost perfected the gameplay. PASBR is a new game and we don't even know if the battle system will work.

Also, I doubt this game will even have as much unlockable content as Melee...

All in all, it'll be worth playing!

AgentSmith1922d ago

Opinions are like asshole's everyone got one ,and there always some one who thinks yours stinks! SO I can say the same in your regard The fact still remains that between the both of us I'm the only one who has played both games! Every thing that gamers loved about Smash is present in PSASB, but taken to the next level! The super mode is a mechanic that effects every player on the field. The game plays really smooth and you don't get that floating feeling with the characters.

Lastly; Smash just recently added those additional modes, so if PSASB has just a few they will already be ahead of the competition!

theodopolopolus1922d ago

The only real reason my wii would get used is for smash bros. Four friends and smash bros makes for fun times.

remanutd551922d ago

man hopefully sony gets that rumored ps+ promotion of buying a ps3 or vita version and getting the other one free before this game comes out , i'm planning to get this game and Sly cooper but i dont want to pay for both versions

NBT911922d ago

Yes that sucks big time, like with MGS HD, was sooo looking forward to playing that on Vita until I realised I would have to buy it again.... I love MGS but I'm not a fool, I should be able to get it on my Vita for free... Let alone the fact that it doesn't even have Peace Walker.

Same with this game, I'm in no right mind to buy it twice on release day.

wollie1922d ago

i know i've been dreaming about it for a long time. so... true!

LiViNgLeGaCY1922d ago

Yes, at least it will be for me. I can't wait!

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