Catch Reggie Fils-Aime and The Wii U Tonight On Jimmy Fallon

It's the final night of Video Game Week on Jimmy Fallon and to wrap things up they will be showing off Nintendo's upcoming console. Catch up on all things Wii U in case you've missed out on the latest Nintendo news.

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flavorbabies2170d ago

I feel like a purple pikmin.

Plagasx2170d ago

Hopefully he shows off some third party lol.

xtheownerzx2170d ago

Maybe he will announce a release date.

KwietStorm2170d ago

Yea right. You could be holding the controller right in your hand, but if you asked Reggie if this is the controller, he would tell you that's something they'll reveal in the coming months.

But really, I can't understand how they didn't announce a price and date at E3. That's some pretty vital information pretty close to release that I'd like to know by now.

flavorbabies2170d ago

They usually don't reveal the release date or price during E3. When they announced the 3DS they said nothing of when it would come out or the price.

PopRocks3592170d ago

Because the console isn't due for months and because Nintendo has historically never revealed price points at E3 before.

PerpetualMathx102170d ago

they said Reggie will demo WiiU's ZombiU tonight, it was on Geoff Keighley's twitter. so hopefully we get more news on that with a demo and more on Nintendo Land and the launch line up!

irishyort2170d ago

Gawd! Set the TiVo or Foxtel record feature up, cant make it through 1/2 an hour of Fallon.

It's like watching a combination of paint drying and a train wreck. How he still has his own show is beyond me!

Oh well at least he has game demos on there.

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The story is too old to be commented.