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GameSpot: "Harnessing the power of gravity is exhilarating, but dull combat keeps Gravity Rush from being the soaring success it could have been."

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Snookies122047d ago

Seriously? 6.5? That's crap, this game is one of a kind, having played through a good bit myself. The game doesn't deserve anything less than a 7.5 to be a "great" game, which it most certainly is. Sure I realize a 6.5 isn't awful, but it's just not the type of score a game of this quality should get.

GribbleGrunger2047d ago

agreed. I'm really getting sick and tired of these reviews. I've only played the demo but i know from friends who have the game that it's fantastic. what gets my goat more than anything though is that a game like this -- which clearly has a lot of man hours poured into it -- gets a lesser score than some iphone apps. out of interest i've been actually looking at these so called 9/10 and 10/10 iphone games and i'm just at a loss to understand why it is that, even though the media want to compare the Vita to the mobile market, they still don't want to review iphone games with the Vita in mind. this is hypocrisy of the highest order

FriedGoat2046d ago

I don't pay attention anymore. Gravity Rush is fantastic.

miyamoto2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Gamespot does not like fresh original games?

They did not even bother learning the new type of controls.

I am doing an investigation to this serial low scores ... clue is they gave Skyward Sword a 7.5 it had 162 comments.

Gravity Rush got 633 comments generated!!!

I know there is more than the flame bait hook to this case.

kingdavid2046d ago

Yeah its not a 6.5 but I really just dont care about alot critical reviews anymore. Way too inconsistent.

Hot shots Golf got similar reviews to this as well and that's one of my favourite game i've played this year.

Snookies122046d ago

Well I kind of see why Hot Shots got a slight reduction based on the difficulty that ramps up in the later challenges. Got so hard, I didn't even attempt to get any further lol.

SephirothX212046d ago

A number of people at Gamespot should play the game and then give it the average score of all their scores. That would significantly increase its score I think. It has 84 average on metacritic so I think that's more indicative of the game.

Dir_en_grey2046d ago

Retarded review just like the reviewer.

One more name added to my "Fat ugly retards in that shouldn't be in the game review business": Jim Sterling and Carolyn Petit

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GirlyGamer2046d ago

I got it today and just put it down cause it's passed midnight O_O I haven't played that much but i like what i see so far. The gravity throws can be frustrating sometimes >_> And i always find myself struggling not to fall off the side of the city. Don't know whether to laugh or cry ._. Don't bother with these nitpicky reviews. I mean wow such a low score because you dislike the combat system?!? No matter how you look at it 6.5 is a bad score and if i was an ignorant buyer i wouldn't buy a game with that score.

DigitalAnalog2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

"But that's just about the only thing there is to think about in combat. Defeating nevi is a simple matter of attacking their cores. With nevi on the ground, you can simply run up to them and dish out a few kicks. With flying nevi, you can perform an airborne gravity kick. There's no lock-on, so if a nevi moves while you're flying in for a strike, you need to realign yourself and try it again, which only makes the already dull combat more tedious. It starts out basic and never evolves into anything more involving."

Oh god, this is the biggest problem with the low-score reviews. There is a soft-lock on the moment you activate the kick while you're mid air and you will be able to hit 95% of the time. I've got the feeling these reviewers have no idea how to play this game. Normally reviews are spot-on with the negatives but for some strange reason this doesn't. It's a good thing I've bought it and tested it. Apparently, there is a learning curve in regards to the combat makes me wonder if they even put the effort playing the game.

portal_22046d ago

I didn't find the combat dull in the demo.

knifefight2046d ago

I didn't find the combat dull and Ive beaten the game.

Outlaw19862046d ago

I love this game. Gladi bought it!!!

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