Kotaku: Can Americans Not Handle The Sight of Their Ancestors Being Killed in Assassin’s Creed?

Kotaku: "Every time, in everything that's been shown, the half-British/half-Native-Ameri can hero Connor assassinates redcoats. Every time, he sheds not a drop of blood of the men in blue. He attacks no Colonists. He kills no Patriots. Why not? It seems that someone at Ubisoft has decided that gamers—American gamers, presumably—can't handle it."

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Hufandpuf2169d ago

I can. I don't think Fox News can though.

IaMs122169d ago

Oh i hate the media, blow everything out of proportion and gives an unrealistic/over the edge view of how the world is. Most of the time that is.

lastdual2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

The irony is that many gaming sites will in turn blow the media's reaction out of proportion.

Some obscure local news channel will run a 20-second blip and all of a sudden "[insert network here] is biased against gamers!" etc.

Controversy = more hits all around, so both sides love to stroke the flames...

guitarded772169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Kotaku is just as sensationalist as Fox, this article is a speculative piece of trash. The writer complains that there are no American colonists being killed or patriots being killed in any of the demos. First, I don't really understand why he's so focused on seeing early American colonists/patriots being killed... some strange blood lust? Second, just because we haven't seen it, doesn't mean you can't do it. The AC series allows you to kill plenty of folks and I doubt AC3 will be an exception, so until the game is released and you can't kill any American colonists/patriots, then don't worry you little head over it.

ABizzel12169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Who the F cares. We kill all kinds of people and things in games, why should "Simulated" Historical figures be any different.

Getowned2169d ago

feel sorry for a vurtual non existent character?.. Nah

SilentNegotiator2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

What ancestors? My ancestors were fleeing the potato famine on one side, and escaping nazi oppression on the other.

I've got news for ya....statistically, if you're an American citizen, your ancestors probably did NOT come over on the stinkin' May Flower, alrighty?

Fact is, it's KOTAKU that's creating a stink over nothing. I've seen ZERO substantial or collective controversy on this game until Kotaku suggested that there was. Kotaku is the FOX news of gaming.

Shepherd 2142169d ago

My favorite was when Fox News said Mass Effect 1 was a porn game that had full frontal nudity in it. Keighley put that ignorant bitch in her place during the short debate that was held.

It's not even possible to get a nip slip in Mass Effect 1 either.

Dusdg2169d ago

To SilentNegotiator

Believe it or not 12% of Americans have an ancestor that traces back to the mayflower..

ardivt2169d ago

Well the for me the bigger problem is that people are saying "Connor is killing Americans".
Well to be honest Connor is the only true American and he's killing later generations of European colonists.
Probably the game is also focusing on the fight of the natives against the colonists and suddenly people think twice about the red coat vs blue coat discussion. As already said, the game also includes the time after the war.

DeadlyFire2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Media will take a dog biting a shoe into a malicious deadly attack if they get bored.

pixelsword2169d ago

Dear Kotaku,

Collectively kill yourselves by actually stepping outside in the sunlight, breathing fresh air, and by seeing an actual woman NOT made by a computer.


Gamers who can read.

justpassinggas2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Although they picked a strange game to bring this point up, Kotaku is right (for once) about there being a lack of American antagonists with a non-American protagonist.

Almost every game that is out there which bears some semblance to reality where there is a villain will never feature an antagonist who is American and a protagonist who happens to not be an American.

In every game where there is a clash of nationalities at some level (whether it be the accent or outright identification of nationality), the main character, the hero always is American or has an American accent and the opposition is almost always British / Arab / Chinese / Russian / German / etc. Even Killzone has the main characters with American accents and the enemy having British accents.

Ubisoft is not to blame for this. The general American public is, which is the reason that Ubisoft probably didn't show Connor killing Americans. A lot of us who are here posting online don't care if Connor did or didn't kill Americans but guess what? Most Americans do. Otherwise, Fox News wouldn't be one of the most watched channels and there wouldn't be such a large group of people who think of the word "Europe" as being equivalent to fringe nutjobs.

Hell, not just America but almost every country where Newscorp has its tentacles has this issue, including the UK and France, with their own right-wing groups (BNP, NF) making a huge deal out of nothing.

da_2pacalypse2169d ago

I'd love to play as a game where Americans are the antagonist. That would be great.

Spydiggity2168d ago

so will people in the UK only be killing the colonists?

whole thing seems pretty stupid to me. you're a bipartisan assassin.

Dee_912168d ago

wait i feel like im learning something... i dont like learning things..

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WildArmed2169d ago


Our pride and joy, the American Media.

AgreeFairy2169d ago

If Connor is really half-British then I think it makes sense to kill the redcoats as he's an assassin and knows what's going on behind the scenes or w/e.

chadachada1232169d ago

Exept, AgreeFairy, that the colonists were British too at that time, except for the few French or German or Spanish colonists.

Oh_Yeah2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

would be cool if they let you pick your own path and shape america how you want.

nintendojunkie282169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

lol....The funny thing is,I can actually see ACIII being called out as anti-american by sean hannity,if connor did in fact kill colonists.

TheBigShamona2169d ago


Tonester9252169d ago

To be honest, I really don't care about American History since it's been lied about in History Books. There isn't a trace that said that there were African American soldiers in the Revolutionary War and I bet there wouldn't be one in the game. But, I bet there will be an African-American in poverty walking around town with a southern accent.

I don't know. Maybe being African American and realizing what Americans have put us through along with the Native Americans, the Irish, Middle Easterns puts me in a spot where I just can't respect how America came to be America of today.

I wan't to visit different countries to see how they operate. I wonder how I would be treated.

phantomexe2169d ago

At tonester,Your wrong there were lots of free blacks fighting in the revolutionary war. They came over here in most cases as slaves then set free. They put just as much heart into American as anyone else. There more then one american history book in American and most say near the same thing.There is not one nation in the world that hasn't been throw dark days... so saying what american put blacks,Native americans Irish trow is part of what defines a nation. My family is irish and native american and they have fought in ever american war since 1637. My wife loves doing family research.

TruthSeeker2169d ago

Tonester, what history books were you reading? That info was in mine

Gish2169d ago


Ignorant comments like yours show why we are so slow in growing as a nation.

Everyone feels the need to bitch about their ancestors being treated wrongly. My ancestors came over way after slavery but because the color of my skin I am made to feel the blame of what happened to the african slaves. I think it is horrible what happened but I guarantee you that every single person has an atrocity that has happened to their ancestors.

Try dropping your racial thumb sucking and make your ancestors proud of how successful you are instead of them looking back and skipping over any thought of you because you can't get out of your racial despair. There are many African Americans, asians, hispanics, Irish and every other nationality and race that come here for the ability to have a wonderful life. All have a reason to bitch about something but instead make something great out of the opportunity that is provided by living in this country.

Open your eyes and do something with your life instead of bitching.

pandaboy2169d ago

why do americans always refer to the irish as a race? it's kind of a fashion statement over there to say you are of irish descent when in fact there will likely be far more of british descent that goes unrecognised.

Oh_Yeah2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )


africans sold other africans into slavery. so if anything blame africans for selling their own people to the white people. oh and slavery has been going on forever man all over the world. slavery is still going on in africa today with children smh. how would you be treated in africa, the place of your origin? youd either be enslaved, have to fight, or most likely live in bad conditions. is america that bad now? sorry, had to drop some knowledge lol

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Pushagree2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

It would be a spit in the face to have the Founding Fathers, who were the pioneers of freedom and equality, be slandered as the "enemy." There is no reason to stab George Washington in the neck in this game.

We are not the bad guys, regardless of what euros want to believe.

Tachyon_Nova2169d ago

Its called fiction for a reason. Did you not know that Assassin's Creed, much like the bible, is not a historical document?

h311rais3r2169d ago

Didn't you know Abe Lincoln was a vampire hunter?

ShaunCameron2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Umm. The Founding Fathers were racist murderers, thieves and exploiters. No different from the ones in Canada, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. All descendants of Europeans.

ethan2169d ago


Whether you believe the Bible to be true or not is your opinion, but the book itself actually is a historical document.

TekoIie2169d ago

Actually its possible we will assassinate G. Washington. Based of wikipedia (dam right) Connor could poison him. Just saying its a possibility :/

jdfoster2169d ago

Get a fucking grip.

World isn't centred around America... If they are templars then yes they should be killed! And couldn't you call the founding fathers 'British'? British who didn't want to pay there taxes? And you're 'proud' of these 'racist' founding fathers... Who made there Money out of slave labour and taking over Indians territories and land and murdering them. Battle of wounding Knee? Heard of that?

phantomexe2169d ago

George made it trow the war so can't see you killing him. AC games follow history even in fiction so he won't be killed.On a side note the Brits were just as evil so. Its nice to know we beat the brits a$$ not once but twice,so please take your proper speaking english A$$s back to ur island were inbreeding is out of control....This is a joke i hope some of you get it.

Insomnia_842169d ago

I hearr that the guy who wrote the bible was Steven Spielberg's ancestor.

scotchmouth2169d ago


If you choose not to believe the events described in the bible that's your choice. You end up looking like an idiot though by saying it's not a historical document.

Like it or not there are real people, places and locations that can still be seen today through documents, archelogical sites, etc.

I think it's more intelligent for someone who doesn't believe in the miraculous events to say just that. I think you sully yourself by denying that these locations are fabricated, the Jewish history in the Old Testament is fabricated and that somehow despite the fact of overwhelming evidence that New testament churches existed and received letters by a guy named paul... somehow that is all made up too.

I'm not going to do your homework for you but if you are going to speak out about something at least know what you are talking about and if you oppose a position use logic and reason.

Example: "Ok that Jesus guy existed but I doubt he raised people from the dead"

The most intelligent atheists on the planet aren't disputing that Abraham, Issac and Jacob were real people. Or that Jericho was a made up location (fyi it exists).

tokugawa2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )


except the founding fathers were pretty much as british as anyone living in the british isles then and now.

pioneers of freedom and equality rofl. the colonists rebelled because of taxes! not oppression ffs

@ phantomexe who beat the british? native americans or british colonists not wanting to pay taxes with the help of the french?? history can teach you things if you read it...

TekoIie2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )


"On Thursday, December 12, 1799, Washington spent several hours inspecting his plantation on horseback, in snow, hail and freezing rain—later that evening eating his supper without changing from his wet clothes. That Friday he awoke with a severe sore throat (either quinsy or acute epiglottitis) and became increasingly hoarse as the day progressed. Sometime around 3 a.m. that Saturday morning, he awoke his wife and said he felt ill. Following common medical practice at the time, he was bled—initially by an employee and later again by physicians".

Directly from Wikipedia basically saying he fell ill. Could mean Connor poisons him without Washington realising.

"the patient, yielding to the anxious looks of all around him, waived his usual objections to medicines, and took those which were prescribed without hesitation or remark".

Who's to say Connor may not have tampered with those medicines to guarantee Washington death? Bearing in mind Ubi has said you will be part of events after the war sooo... Washington a templar all along??? =0

This is all speculation but i think my theory has some logic to it :)

gatormatt802168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

jdfoster and tokugawa, Taxation without representation... Look into it

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FragMnTagM2169d ago

It was clearly stated in an interview or some info I read about, that he kills people on both sides of the war.

He is after Templars, and there were some on both sides of the Revolutionary War.

Don't know why everyone is getting bent out of shape.

Rupee2169d ago

EXACTLY!!! Thank you!

Nimblest-Assassin2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Jesus christ.... this is my ultimate pet peeve. When gamers do not give developers the benifit of the doubt and trust them

Same with the Last of Us and people calling it scripted, even though the devs PROMISE IT ISN'T

AC3 is getting flack because people think its pro-american.

I loved the AC franchise since 1... due to the fact of its unique settings and concepts, and great main characters.

If the guys at Ubisoft PROMISE you fill fight against both sides... don't you think we should give them the benifit of the doubt?

Do we really need Ubisoft to release a demo or montage of him only killing blue coats?

Im Canadian and I honestly could care less, I love the story AC tells, and I doubt they would sacrifice it for Americans.. seriously, I don't think people are going to be attached to their fake no name ancestors.

People need to grow up. AC3 looks amazing, and its my most anticipated game of the year. The fact people are calling it pro-merica/ anti-british is ridiculous



People need to learn to trust devs... (sure Bioware lied, and I was disappointed as hell with them for doing it) but still.. GIVE DEVS A CHANCE, BEFORE THINKING YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR GAME!

BlmThug2169d ago

Hmm hypocrite much America

VanillaBear2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

I love how most of these comments from Americans say things like

"Oh not this crap again"
"It's just a video game"
"Why bring this up"
"I'm not bothered"

When in fact if Connor was killing nothing but Americans then those same people would complain.

The problem isn't that Brits are being killed, it's the fact that for a game which is supposed to show both sides of the war and a person fighting those both sides, Connor seems to be leaning to one side and is killing no Americans, probably because Ubisoft are scared shitless that it's going to effect sales.

ardivt2169d ago

well fact is that Americans get pissed pretty fast about everything "insulting" their country or flag.
Brits probably can just accept criticism for (or fiction about) their country in a more mature way.

Rupee2169d ago

@ardivt What an arrogant, condescending thing to say! What the hell kind of criticism do Brits receive? What are some games where Britain is the villain? If you insult anyone's country, naturally, that's going annoy them.

I fail to see how Ubisoft's decision (not even an American dev) on how they portray their game means that all Americans are arrogant and immature. I didn't fucking ask Ubisoft to advertise this way, but now I'm an immature American? This whole issue with who's killing who AC3 is asinine.

Fez2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Brits are always portrayed as the bad guy in films. If there's one thing Hollywood has taught me it's not to trust anyone with an English accent.

Plus British people are the first to insult their own country. We like to say were crap before anyone else gets the chance lol

I think the main targets will be the British in ACIII and I think no one will care. If it was reversed I think the American media would focus a lot more negatively on the game. So it could be argued that it was a conscious decision to at least not show Americans being killed in the gameplay up to this point (maybe the whole game won't be like that but I get the feeling it will...)

Mottsy2169d ago

Ubisoft, to soon bro! And to think I am going to be killing my Ancestors in a video game, guess ill be playing GTA 5 and killing bad guys not Americans!

topekomsi2169d ago

Best and funniest comment all day. +1

JsonHenry2169d ago

Yes, because none of us buy millions of copies of the other games that come out that let us kill Americans.. idiots.

JRoyale2169d ago

@Kotaku in the immortal words of the late Ronald Reagan "there you go again".

avengers19782169d ago

I'm american and see nothing wrong with AC3 what so ever. Hell if I can handle seeing the country invaded and wars on the streets in many other games, I can handle a altered version of american history... I dont even care if by the end of the game I have to kill washington myself, It's a game, and that's were i go to escape real world crap.

KaBaW2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Agreed. I'm American, and I don't care to kill Americans in a video game.. It's a game. I don't care who the enemies are; in fact, i've always wanted a game to play as, say, the Nazi's in WW2.

biffhamly2169d ago

The hell... was Fox News even mentioned in the article? Has Fox News run a story about how evil ACIII is? Uhhh... no. They haven't. It seems as if someone is just fishing for thumbs up in a sea of biased idiots, who understand nothing more than FOX NEWZ SUX LOL THEY SO DUM AMIRITE??? We'll congrats, you got your 100+ agrees. Hope that does wonders for your self esteem.

ReservoirDog3162168d ago

Haha, everyone looks for controversy...

You can ring the bell of fox news but these guys are blowing whistles that aren't even there. They said Connor will play both sides against each other depending on what suits him best. But I'm sure any american that gets killed will be the exception and not the rule. Americans killed the British in the Revolutionary War. British killed Americans.

Seriously, people need to get over it. These things actually happened and no amount of Connor killing Americans can change that.

I never hear the russians whine this much in all the Modern Warfare games where the main villain is russians.

Spydiggity2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

why do stupid people always blame everything on fox news and give msnbc a pass? they're basically the exact same propaganda machine. 2 sides of the same corporate media coin. serving to further divide the population.

divide n conquer.

achmetha2168d ago

i've cried everyday since they announced assassins creed III. i cannot bare to think of my fellow americans dying.


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dark-hollow2169d ago

Just like the Russians and middle Eastern are treated like the roots of all evil in most games/movies I think Americans shouldn't have a problem to see some of their people getting the same treatment.

Pushagree2169d ago

Why should we get the "same treatment." What have americans done? We havent tried to end the world in nuclear fire like russia and we havent crashed planes into skyscrapers.

Seriously, where does all this hate come from? Why all of a sudden do people want to see the founding fathers getting murdered? The US was the first modern democracy and it has always been on the side of freedom and justice.

Jayjayff2169d ago

Dude... are you like trolling?

kent800820072169d ago

I see your government's patriotic education and brain washing has paid off LOL

Pushagree2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

So that's your reason for wanting to see americans being slaughtered on screen? We teach our kids the truth in history books? Last time I checked, the colonists WON the revolution. Why would connor be fighting on the losing side?

God, to think I was expecting a logical and reasonable answer.

EDIT:@ below. Because they lost the war and they were on the side of absolute monarchism and oppressive taxation for the poor. Isnt it the bad guy that should be the one getting killed?

"It's AC..."nothing is true, everything is permitted" remember.

They also said that this would be based on historical accuracy even more than the other games.

@ x2 below. We had to nuke hiroshima and Nagasaki because we would not have been able to win the war on thier own homeland with troops alone. Not only did we REBUILD thier nation afterward though, but we also turned their miltaristic state into a productive and peaceful democracy. Japan would not be where it is today without the US.

user54670072169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )


So why do you want to just see British people slaughterd on screen then

"Last time I checked, the colonists WON the revolution. Why would connor be fighting on the losing side?"

It's AC..."nothing is true, everything is permitted" remember.

Who says they always follow history close to what it says in the books

EDIT: Considering in the past AC games were told America is the central base for Templars, really Americans should been the bad guys. If they wern't so scared of the backlash then they would of made it so you were fighting for the British (Assassins) instead, liberating America from Templar control. Although that hasn't happened since they can't even show one American be killed on screen

Jayjayff2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

"What ave americans done?" Implies that other nationalities somehow have done something to deserve the treatment, Implies that the U.S haven't commit atrocities. (Ironically comments on how bad Russians are for the Cold War event when completely ignores The very real Nuclear Attack on Japanese cities.) And then has the guts to ask for a reasonable argument?

@Japan, because you should be grateful for getting nuked. (And it's not about the effects or hypothetical situations. I was commenting on the action, which in no way should be consider a good thing since it killed civilians, people that had nothing to do with the war. Also there is more to the world than the U.S, you didn't have a god given right to win the war, it could've happened either way so the ends don't justify the means to other. )

Tachyon_Nova2169d ago

No one wants to see them murdered, but why is it more wrong to see them murdered in a fictional game than it is to see anyone else murdered in a fictional game?

Also, it was America who started the nuclear weapons race, and religion, which you american's are so fond of which flew planes into buildings.

ShaunCameron2169d ago

Hiroshima would like a word with you.

You invaded countries and imposed embargoes just because you didn't agree with their political process or they didn't allow you and your corporate buddies to steal their resources. Grenada? Haiti? Vietnam? Nicaragua? Cuba? Lebanon? Phillipines?

For all that talk of democracy, you supported dictators, colonizers and tyrants. Hitler (look up Prescott Bush)? Suharto? Pinochet? Duvalier? Hussein? Israel? The aparthied regime of South Africa?

<The US was the first modern democracy and it has always been on the side of freedom and justice.>

Where was this for Natives and Blacks? Where was this for the people of Vietnam and the Phillipines who wanted independence from their European colonizers? Where was this for the (Black) people of South Africa who wanted freedom from minority White rule?