Can Call of Duty Maintain Its Momentum?

With the upcoming Black Ops 2, the Call of Duty franchise is looking to enjoy its most successful title yet. But despite the runaway success the series has enjoyed over the years, one still has to ask: How long can they keep this up? What do they need to do in order to continue being at the top? Cassidee from tackles these questions with some low-down straight talk.

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PerpetualMathx102042d ago

no, i honestly don't think it'll survive the new consoles, every new console generation brings new ip's and with that what was popular quickly becomes stale. everything has to come to an end. will they make more cod games come next gen? hell yeah they will, will they sell well? sure, but who knows what will grab the attention of that crowd on the new consoles when they launch or soon after, that will make the series take a break. im sure it'll happen sooner rather than later.