Left 4 Dead and Payday: The Heist crossover revealed: heist in No Mercy hospital

Valve and Overkill have just revealed the crossover between Left 4 Dead and Payday: The Heist - it's a Payday level set in Mercy Hospital - the scene of the outbreak in Left 4 Dead

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DrRichtofen2105d ago

I can only hope that this collaboration between Valve and Overkill will soon lead to a L4D and L4D2 release on PS3.

Pandamobile2105d ago

L4D and L4D2 have been out for 3 and 4 years now. If you're still waiting on a PS3 release of them, you're probably going to be disappointed :\

guitarded772104d ago

Not necessarily. The L4D series is still relevant and if Valve did decide to release a L4D 1 and 2 dual pack for let's say $40, I think there would be plenty of people that haven't played the games lining up.

Game4life2104d ago

ive 100 percented l4d2 on xbox and i can honestly say that i would get the game fopr ps3. The game series is very much still played by a significant community size.

srcBFMVBMTH2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Lol, what guitarded77 said. It's still relevant because the many people who haven't played it on PS3 and don't want to play it on PC (because their friends are on PSN) would still pick it up.

"I'm sure the guys at Valve have better things to do than worry about porting their 4 year old games to the PS3"

Haha. Like I said, considering the amount of interest for it on PS3 and the fact that Valve and Sony have become good pals, this would probably make a lot of money for them. I still don't see WHY NOT?????????

raytraceme2104d ago

why the hell is there an xbox tag??? this game is NOT on the xbox.

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srcBFMVBMTH2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Well, considering this is "the beginning" of Left 4 Dead and Valve and Sony have pretty much become pals. We'll probably see a port or maybe even an updated verion of L4D and L4D2 on PS3. This would sell like CRAZY so I don't see why not.

Pandamobile2104d ago

Any gamer that has any interest in L4D has probably already gotten it on PC or Xbox. On Steam, L4D has hit $2.50 in some sales, and unless you have a PC from 2005, you should be able to run it without much trouble.

I'm sure the guys at Valve have better things to do than worry about porting their 4 year old games to the PS3...

DrRichtofen2104d ago

@Pandamobile I've had interest in the L4D series ever since the first came out and first saw gameplay video of it. I just don't have a PC that can play it, let alone any game for that matter. I also don't plan in slapping down a few hundred bucks on a xbox 360 when I know Microsoft is going to release another system by next year. If Valve decided to put the series on PS3 I can guarantee them it would be a day 1 purchase.

AgreeFairy2104d ago

I could buy it on PC but it I won't because it would be pointless since all my friends are on PS3. I hear L4D1 was good but L4D2 sucked. They should make L4D3 like how L4D1 was and release it on PS3.

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user54670072105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Is this actually cannon

If it is then what a f*cking joke, there really doing a crossover with Payday which will tell us how it all started which was a heist...thought they could come up with something a little bit better then that. Just seems like there just doing for the sake of it.

Why do something silly like this when the "outbreak" story could of been kept for a possible future L4D game.

ginsunuva2105d ago

What kind of original story were you hoping for? A rogue scientist develops some experiment-gone-bad, and it spreads to the rest of the world and everyone becomes zombies?

user54670072104d ago

Something that actually seems to fit with the L4D universe. It just comes off as Payday

r212104d ago

dude, its just a lil crossover, whats the harm :L

user54670072104d ago

Because at one time with L4D it used to be a pretty serious Zombie game and now it just seems to be this light hearted franchise where we have crossovers and get to kill a tank with a frying pan...I mean really.

AbyssGravelord2104d ago

Dude it's just a crossover, do you know what a crossover is? It's more than likely not cannon and even if it was it's not like L4D was ever a GRIMDARK game with heavy emphasis on story.

r212104d ago

@D3athTillDawn exactly

MySwordIsHeavenly2104d ago

@MikeCosgrove - Left 4 Dead has always been far from serious. They use movie posters for each campaign, dude.

Dispy2105d ago

I think this is great, this doesn't mean this was how it started, just in the same timezone as before the zombie outbreak. I think it's great

araman2105d ago

I'm betting this is just a level for the summer sale or the holiday sale - nothing more :P

supraking9512104d ago

lol L4D series only thing PS3 owners want from that tiny list of 360 exclusives.

Lord_Sloth2104d ago

Actually I want Tenchu Z the most...

mafiahajeri2104d ago

Ahhhh Rikimaru... LEGEND!!!

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