Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS Vita Review (

Even without Peace Walker, this collection isn't half bad.

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2pacalypsenow2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I will pick it up when its arounf $25 i already have a Ps2 and ps3 copy and plus it doesnt come with Peace walker :-/ and its not really an HD collection since the games are not HD

a08andan2008d ago

Well it has more than twice the pixel density of a 42" full HD tv. (1920x1080) so I would say it is HD.

2pacalypsenow2008d ago

But the vita displays at 960 x 544

a08andan2008d ago

Ye, I know it does. 960x544 on a 5inch screen give a pixel density that is more than twice that of a 42" full-HD screen.

MasterCornholio2008d ago

Yep people can be incredibly stupid sometimes. What matters the most is how the game appears on the actual screen. Like you said since the Vita has a qHD screen, games might not be in HD resolution but they will appear to be HD. Sadly the same couldn't be said for handhelds with poor resolutions such as the 3DS, PSP, DS etc.


josephayal2008d ago

The PS-VITA displays at FULL 1080P+

MySwordIsHeavenly2008d ago

Not buying it new. I'll wait for a copy to come in to my store. Konami isn't getting my money without Peace Walker.

Fyflin2008d ago

Can't wait for this. Passed on the console versions so I can pick it up on vita. Looking forward to being able to copy MGS1 across from my PS3 too.

dorron2008d ago

I'm not rebuying it for the eleventh time. Maybe when it's supercheap...