Here’s A Friendly Tease For All You RPG Fans

Kotaku: "So last week in Los Angeles when I met with XSEED Games, the studio responsible for bringing games like Trails in the Sky to the U.S., I bugged them all non-stop about the RPG's first sequel, affectionately known to fans as "SC," or Second Chapter.

Perhaps just to get me to shut up, Director of Publishing Ken Berry offered a glimmer of hope."

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omarzy2137d ago

the sequel to trails in the sky!!??? omg, fantastic news. i hope its true

Jirachi2137d ago

Never played the original but im always ready for more rpgs

Kratoscar20082137d ago

Yeah more srpgs for psp, this just only help me to get over the idea to keep my psp and not move to the vita yet as i prefer phisycal copies over download.

NeoTribe2137d ago

Vita has physical copies in the form of little cartridges doesn't it? Didn't think it was only digital.

Snookies122137d ago

He meant phsyical copies of PSP games, as there isn't a UMD slot for the Vita.

Kratoscar20082137d ago


Exactly, im not the kind of gamer that sells the games that he owns.

Lord_Sloth2137d ago

Thank god I'm not the only 1 who does this. XXXD

Kratoscar20082137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Same here.

belac092137d ago

i LOVE legend of heroes series!!! i hope this is real.

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