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Submitted by Keroyx 1263d ago | opinion piece

Criterion’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted Could Be the Racing Game I’ve Been Waiting For

Default Prime writer Kyree Leary was a huge fan of Need for Speed: Most Wanted back in the days of the PlayStation 2. So when EA and Criterion came out and said they were doing a new Most Wanted, how could Kyree expect to keep his anticipation in check? (Criterion, EA, Need for Speed Most Wanted Criteron, PS3, Xbox 360)

RioKing  +   1263d ago
Not me. I've been waiting for a remake of the original Most Wanted...only with the same features that made the original game great.

I'm sorry..but no customization, no buy. The recent Hot Pursuit was fun but no customization really affected the replay value of it for me :/
Nodoze  +   1263d ago
There is no customization??? If not I agree...forget about it.

It appeared that the car selection was lacking.
DavidMacDougall  +   1262d ago
If i can't mod my cars they should just call it Burnout. Either way a need for speed game should have customization, i'll skip it
Grimhammer00  +   1263d ago customization? Confirm?
TopDudeMan  +   1263d ago
Well, look at some of the cars in the trailers. They don't look like custom cars. They all look like stock cars. You might get to change the paint, but that's probably about it.

Either way, I think it'll be a good game, though.
cyborg47  +   1263d ago
No customization, confirmed. They just keep dodging that question in the interviews, and talk about the performance no customization.
Nodoze  +   1263d ago
confirmed it is a no buy then. Boo Criterion and EA. Come on.
bub16  +   1263d ago
when you race in this game. are there road blocks with the arrows on the corners >>> <<< i enjoyed burnout but hated because of this
Keroyx  +   1263d ago
From what I've seen from the game so far, there doesn't appear to be anything like that.
Sniperwithacause  +   1263d ago
Yeah customization is great. I would also like them to use the PS eye again.
fedex682  +   1263d ago
This does not look like a NFS Most Wanted game. It looks more like a Burnout game. Not that Burnout games are bad but it does not look like the Most Wanted I know.
RioKing  +   1263d ago
Exactly! And that's something EA and Criterion should really understand alittle better. But Criterion seems intent and delivering more of what they're known for, and not delving deeper :/

Just looks at the comments on the official NFS Facebook, every other comment is about customization and bringing back what people love about the original. Hopefully EA will learn their lesson after the release of this game...

To summarize this perfectly; The other day my friend described the original Most Wanted as a blend between the old Hot Pursuit and NFS Underground games, which is a perfect comparison. This new Most Wanted, however, appears to be a sequel to the rebooted Hot Pursuit...with the addition of the "blacklist" storyline. I'm disappointed already, but I'll still rent it to see what it's about..
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9thWonder  +   1263d ago
this game aint no remake of the original Most Wanted this is just a successor to Burnout as alot of ppl are calling it, i have been skipping countless of racing games looking for that street racing game that will give me a better experience that i had with Most Wanted but this doesnt seem to be it ...... so far theres no customization and way too many super cars what ever happened to the good old tuners i mean really -_- ........wait where is Midnight Club i need a STREET RACING GAME
Nodoze  +   1263d ago
Actually I used the 60 min trial for Midnight Club and have to admit I enjoyed it far more than I ever thought I would. The customization is great, and to the points made above not all the cars were super cars (I was tuning an old school GTI).

I would recommend Midnight Club for those wanting a bit of the street racer thrills. Plus you can grab it for like 20 bucks.
RioKing  +   1263d ago
^AND, if you beat the game....all cars and customization are free! That's when the real fun begins :D
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9thWonder  +   1262d ago
yea not saying i found anything wrong with it cuz i played it myself but the older ones to me were better but it was a street racing game just not as good and fun as Most Wanted especially with the fun police chases
PersonMan  +   1262d ago
I like Criterion's games. NFS Most Wanted looks wicked cool.

As a side note, I love Yellow Porsche's (I drive them all the time in GTA IV).
jaymart2k  +   1262d ago
No paints, yes to car mods like turning,etc.

Really this is just Burnout Paradise 2 with real cars,cops & less car damage.

Besides Burnout Paradise was amazing so yes I'm buying this.
HacSawJimThugin  +   1262d ago
These guys are the best...what for more info before you judge. Have they messed up yet? Its going to be badass just like their previous efforts. Day 1 for me.

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