No Left 4 Dead? No Problem. Give Us Day Z On PS3 Instead

Play-Mag writes: It’s the most talked about PC mod of the day, and we want it on PS3 NOW. Or at least in a reasonable timeframe.

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NYC_Gamer2101d ago

DayZ is a much better zombie survival game than L4D

xVeZx2101d ago

l4d is a zombie survival game?

omi25p2101d ago

i find it funny how everyone is talking about DAYZ because of roosterteeth.

Nimblest-Assassin2100d ago

I actually learned about it from NGT... love their playthroughs of it.

PersonMan2101d ago

How else clicked this story because they thought the thumbnail was "Limbo"?

STONEY42101d ago

Left 4 Dead is an co-op arcade shooter with zombies. DAYZ is a survival game/mod, where human encounters tend to be more dangerous than the zombies. The only similarity is that they both have zombies. The gameplay and direction are completely different, so you can't really even compare the two.

Mounce2100d ago

I've never played DayZ, but from the basic info I heard about it of being a 'realistic' zombie game of survival and potential betrayal of other humans where it's to fight for yourself and whatnot.

I like it. Reminds me a 'Little' about Diablo 2, before Diablo 3 took a shit all over the whole Hostility thing being removed.

evilunklebud2100d ago

Maybe, but to have both is BETTER.

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Godmars2902101d ago

I do know that once upon a time the PS3 could handle UT3 mods with literally little to no conversions issues. So if the original title based on DayZ is already running on the system it should too.

PockyKing2101d ago

DayZ runs on Arma 2, which is only on PC

MAJ0R2101d ago

I know some people aren't really into PC's but just to give everyone a heads up, Arma 2 will never run on a PS3 or any console unless you want to browse the most complicated user interface with a controller and play a slideshow.

xAlmostPro2101d ago

@MAJ0R very true!

However how awesome would it be if sony funded the creators of DayZ to create a DayZ only spin-off :P

Same mechanics, same idea, without the arma 2 requirement underneath :)

One can wish :P

Skate-AK2101d ago

I know 360 and PS3 obviously can't run it but to say it will never come to a console is stupid. PS3 has mouse and keyboard support and I think PS4 will to. So that complicated interface you are talking about would be no different then a PC players.

STONEY42101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

I highly doubt anyone would make a console game ONLY playable with a keyboard and mouse. That's why Arma 2, or any Arma game, will never show up on consoles. There are so many keys, but a lot of them actually do something useful, and the controls can't be condensed to a controller.

Now for a DayZ retail spin-off not based on Arma 2, that would make more sense. And that could work on a controller. But I still don't see that as something likely to happen.

greenlantern28142100d ago

your wrong it could run on ps3, it is not that impressive of a game. working through the user interface might be the only problem. but the game would still run smoothly.

WagFanger2100d ago

You sir, are f*cking retarded. Arma II needs a LOT more processing power than current consoles would give.

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LycanSoldier2101d ago

I think we'd all love to see Day Z just get its own retail release on any platform.

ChickeyCantor2101d ago

It's a game I have, but havn't been able to play yet because the server poop out on me.

Also stop using Yahoo or Bing and google the damn game.

Tdmd2100d ago

"DayZ is a free to play mod launched for ArmA II and is set in Chernarus which is a 225 square kilometre open world that's been hit by an unknown infection that's seen most of the world's population wiped out. You, the player, are one of the few survivors and will need to start new in this zombie-filled world."

Google is your friend! :)

Patriots_Pride2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

I think she is Luigi's girlfriend who Mario has an affair with.

Veni Vidi Vici2100d ago

What's the point? There needs to be some sort of end or goal but I can't see one. You basically go around looking for supplies and fight off zombies and other players. Okay, then what? How do you win? Someone who's played it, explain the point of this game?

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josephayal2101d ago

Anyway, honestly I never really like L4D series

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