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Top 8 Trolls In Gaming

Play-Mag writes: Trolling is an artform – a beautiful one at times. So here are eight of the best trolls we’ve hastily related to gaming in some way. (Gabe Newell, God of War, Oblivion, PC, PS3, Resident Evil, Xbox 360)

ThanatosDMC  +   757d ago | Well said
No Peter Molyneux?
Skate-AK  +   757d ago
Yessss he totally needs to be on here.
Hisiru  +   757d ago
Peter Molyneux should be number one in this list.
Gaming101  +   757d ago
What about EA's CEO? And everyone else who decided to charge to play online if you bought your game used.

Also Jack Tretton and every other politician who actually trolls against the industry. Oh yeah, and that movie critic Roger Ebert, who thinks there is no art in games - because drawing on a computer is so different than drawing with a paint brush.
theodopolopolus  +   757d ago
Peter Molyneux isn't so much a troll, just a genuinely morale corrupt person that thinks too much of himself and his opinion.
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SilentNegotiator  +   757d ago
He said the acorns would grow into trees.

Sounds like a troll to me. lol
guitarded77  +   756d ago
Oh, so you're saying he's a pretentious douche?
Danniel1  +   757d ago
Molyneux isn't a troll, he's something...else. Something far worse and far more destructive and I have no doubt in my mind he will be the end of us all.
andibandit  +   757d ago
He sounds like a memember of N4G
Tainted Gene  +   756d ago
He is worse than a troll....

He is a 'Hobbe'.

But regardless I still have a soft spot for that Hobbe. I must be masochistic.
ItsMeAgain  +   757d ago
What about Robert Bowling?
Nimblest-Assassin  +   757d ago
I wouldn't call Gabe a troll... he is actually a nice guy who offers a great service like steam, and his company offers free dlc

Unless we are talking about him dodging questions about HL3, then maybe

But still... he's a nice guy, shame people make fun of his weight though
solidboss  +   757d ago
no he's a troll
especially after all those negative comments about the ps3 only to appear on sony's stage at e3 to announce the next portal game....ahhh troll tears have never tasted sweeter
Nimblest-Assassin  +   756d ago

I would not call that being a troll... I mean he stated his opinion.... but Sony improved ( I picked up a PS3 in 2008, when they really kicked it into high gear)

And thus he took his words back, I mean he did not constantly attack the PS3 or anything... just stated his opinion
Darth Stewie  +   757d ago
I know these are not a single person but the list should include Crytek & Ninja Theory.
ozzywazzy  +   757d ago
No Reggie? he trolled the world e3
CaptainSheep  +   757d ago
LOL @ the Kratos one. I remember that scene from GoW3. xD
windmill145  +   757d ago
When I read that title the first two names that come to mind are Robert "Trolling" and Revolver Ocelot.

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CommonSense  +   757d ago
can't argue with Troll from Oblivion.
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TheRichterBelmont  +   757d ago
Really funny article. lol
Zha1tan  +   757d ago
Im sorry there fellas, this list in incomplete, where is big John Riccitiello?
josephayal  +   757d ago
no jim sterling???
G20WLY  +   757d ago
This is a list of the biggest "trolls", not "tw@ts" or "desperate hit-hunters" ;o)
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Clayman  +   757d ago
Cliffy B, anyone?
360ICE  +   757d ago
Kotick isn't a troll. He actually is just a terrible person.
tigertron  +   757d ago
Aaron Greenberg, although I haven't heard anything from him in a while...
dorron  +   757d ago
Jack Thompson, the videogame attorney who was to save humanity from videogames's evil.
theodopolopolus  +   757d ago
Why wasn't Gaben at number 3? *kneels on ground shouting at the sky* Why won't you just give us a game with the number three in it?
MrMister  +   757d ago
I'll add Microsoft to that list. 3 years of gaming droughts despite all the money they ALREADY have (200 billion dollars worth) AND the money made from Xbox live subscriptions; Usher at E3; Apps only focus (only Smartglass app was actually genius); Charging to use Apps that are already free on PS3 (and PC); Kinect focus; and the runaround of Halo/Forza/Fable/Gears games YEAR after YEAR. What the hell, Microsoft?

They are the Kings of gaming trolls this gen. Hands down.
Dark_Overlord  +   757d ago
The green hill troll had me laughing for ages :D
AnimeAvenger  +   757d ago
LOL Green Hill Troll.
ShadowKingpin  +   757d ago
I can't stop laughing at the Green Hill Troll.
Getowned  +   756d ago
OMG me too HAHAHA!!
andrew22  +   757d ago
<3 Green hill troll.
momthemeatloaf  +   757d ago
Pachter is the biggest troll
Alos88  +   757d ago
"Look at that cheeky little smile."
But he isn't smiling. Hell, he looks like he just discovered this article.
LightningSamus  +   757d ago
Casey Hudson isn't on there.
LordMe  +   756d ago
Why do people have to use that picture of Gabe? It's creepy as hell!
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   756d ago
It's the only real life picture of the beginnings of a Hulk transformation. People use it as a warning that you should never make Gabe angry.
Father Murder X  +   756d ago
They forgot David Jaffe!!!
Tainted Gene  +   756d ago
where is Ono-san (producer of SF4-and onward)?

lovee the games but he trolled the fighting community hard

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