The Last Of Us’ Jimmy Fallon/E3 comparison. How much was scripted?

Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us demoed on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show last night with creative director Neil Druckmann and game director Bruce stanley on stage to show off a largely identical playthrough to E3. There are a few variations, suggesting it wasn’t all scripted but much of it seems… familiar.

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Darth Stewie2167d ago

They probably practiced the demo alot. I was hoping to see the scene in which Joel and Ellie encounter the dead bodies in the bath tub but instead we got the same E3 demo. Also I notice Sony and Naughty Dog are keeping a tight grip on this game. Sony kept this game a surprise for so long and every time this game was shown wether it be to the public at E3 or to the gaming media behind closed the doors both Joel and Ellie are still in Pittsburgh.

NewMonday2167d ago

Sony shouldn't show to much of the game , it will kill excitement, E3 was enough , they should do a media blackout till releas time .

jon12342167d ago

why do people keep saying sony? thats naughty dog

mushroomwig2167d ago


Because Sony own the rights to the game, it's up to them to decide what they want people to see.

NewMonday2167d ago

Sony are the pulishers, they are responsible for publicity, they may have the best developers , but they are one of the worst publishers.

Their movie division on the other hand has one of the best publicity machines, should get help from them on how to publicize their games.

bligmerk2167d ago

Please tell me I didn't read the above in N4G comments.

Sony *OWNS* Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog is one of 12 first party Sony Computer Entertainment Studios. Sony owns these first party IP's in their entirety.

NewMonday2167d ago

Yes Sony own ND like EA own DICE, development is by teams at DICE and ND, but publishing and publicity is done by the parent companies, the developers themselves don't decide on thes things. They just follow programs set for them

crxss2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

it is stupid that ND plays through that part the exactly same way every single time (at least that i've seen). mix it up! just makes me believe less in the freedom in this game and that it's all scripted.

DigitalAnalog2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Or you can simply read the "extension" demo articles. It's not like they're making up stuff anyways. ND clearly is feeding off doubt from people like you (and there was a lot in E3) and everyone who doubted saw the extended demo changed their minds immediately. I'd rather wait and experience it myself first-hand.

CommonSense2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

watch the way the first guy that dies as a result of being shot falls and then gets knocked back when he's shot the 2nd time in both videos.

then be honest with yourself and not an apologist.

then tell me that you don't see something out of place. if it wasn't scripted, do you realize the odds of that happening twice in a game that is using a physics engine? and it's not's identical.

the guy is obviously controlling the protagonist...but something isn't right with this demo. and it could just be that the demo is heavily controlled for the sake of being a demo. it's too early to judge the final product, but lets not kid ourselves. this demo very heavily scripted. especially the ai behavior.

CommonSense2166d ago

watch the way the first guy that dies as a result of being shot falls and then ragdolls back when he's shot the 2nd time in both videos.

then be honest with yourself and not an apologist.

then tell me that you don't see something out of place. if it wasn't scripted, do you realize the odds of that happening twice?

the guy is obviously controlling the protagonist...but something isn't right with this demo.

CommonSense2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

wow, a triple post...really sorry about that. i guess that's what happens when your hotel internet is slower than dial-up.

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Lovable2167d ago

"They probably practiced the demo alot"

LOL. Are you for real? That scene was scripted. You can't do anything, but follow what they intend you to do. Uncharted was like that and so The last of us

NewMonday2167d ago

A number of the press where shown different playthrus of the same part of the game

Hicken2167d ago

LOL. Are you for real? That scene was not scripted. You can do almost anything to get through that scene, as evidenced by E3 showings. Uncharted was not like this.

Please, pay attention to things before you start spouting nonsense.

Lovable2167d ago

So much denial that it could fill the whole world.

Outside_ofthe_Box2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

***"You can't do anything, but follow what they intend you to do."***

Do you have a brain LOL? Do you seriously believe that you have to REPLICATE EVERY SINGLE THING (meaning step for step, gunshot for gunshot) they did in that video or else the game will malfunction?

It's obvious has hell that they practiced the demo to near PERFECTION. The Jimmy Fallon video is almost STEP FOR STEP with the E3 video lol. That doesn't prove that the game is scripted at all.

Lovable2167d ago

Really? LOL You would practice a demo? Lmao. Keep telling that to yourself. I know there are doubts in your mind too. :)

Nimblest-Assassin2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

So much ignorance... it could fill the whole world

Some people call me a fanboy of Sony, Im not (spydigity).... I just love games, and when people question and accuse developers and other people in the media its a very sad day

The only time it ever proved true was Mass effect 3.... and that was one of the saddest days in gaming history

You have all these people telling you the game is not scripted... most of which are respected in the industry

Why does everyone feel the need to doubt them

Outside_ofthe_Box2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

***"Really? LOL You would practice a demo? Lmao. Keep telling that to yourself. I know there are doubts in your mind too. :)"***

LMAO! That's all you have to say? It's obvious that you realize how stupid you are for saying "You can't do anything, but follow what they intend you to do" after seeing that I've pointed out that everything done in this demo is the same as the E3 showing. Now you are the one in denial.

They've obviously practiced it over and over again in order for both demonstrations to be nearly IDENTICAL.

It's NOT just how the enemies act. The path ND takes with Joel is nearly step for step. The gunshots fired are almost 1 to 1 with the E3 demo. The movement of camera as he scouts the room is nearly freaking the same.

You can keep loling and denying it all you want. This video is not enough to "prove" that the game is scripted when everything in this video is done exactly the same down to the detail as in the E3 showing.

Fools will be fools. What do think will happen if you never enter the room where Ellie picks up brick? I don't think you'll be able to answer that since you lack common sense.

MysticStrummer2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

There are no doubts, Lovable, only fanboys who refuse to see the greatness. There were multiple articles written about extended demos behind closed doors at E3. They talked about the variations in enemy behavior caused by different player actions. It's not scripted.

I'd say the purpose of the TV demo was to let people who didn't see the E3 footage, which is most likely the majority of Fallon's audience, see the same scene that was shown at E3. They don't want to show too much to the public yet so Fallon was coached to play it in a similar way. It's not that crazy an idea, just disappointing to those who wanted to see new gameplay.

CernaML2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Let Lovable post these dumb comments, everyone. There will be a nice big serving of crow for him when the game releases. :)

Also, I don't recall seeing Jimmy Fallon touching the controller at all.

xAlmostPro2166d ago

It's scripted because simply at E3 it was a gameplay video and on this show it was basically a video of some of that gameplay, i'm not convinced the guy was playing it on this show.

The reason for this is the exact same bullet shots, no game can control you to shoot the same places the same amount of times at the same time lol.

However, multiple thought articles suggest there is infact different ways to play through each section. The developers state this also so to disagree with that would be dumb.

Nobody is claiming the game is open world, it does have 'levels' and you can get from A to B in different ways if you wish. Just because the same footage was possibly used twice doesn't mean it's scripted.

Also @Lovable your use of the term 'Scripted' is way off, every game runs on a script however you're suggesting it's different in these two games?.. I think you're trying to suggest in these two games everything is done for you or something which is wrong?.. if you mean in terms of action sequences, well yes that's also common in multiple games uncharted included. The last of us though, allows you to bypass(non heavy story driven) parts or approach them in a different way, that's fact.

solidjun52164d ago

"So much denial that it could fill the whole world."

yea and that's just from you.

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J86blum2167d ago

I believe it to be semi-scripted, while perhaps you can do this situation diffrently I believe either this is the fastest-safest way, or Jimmy was coached, and the only thing that makes me feel that its scripted is after the main character goes through the doorway and is jumped, because there are no button presses to actually fight the enemy.

DigitalAnalog2167d ago

You do realize that if the health bar is at 1%, that "scripted" event would ALWAYS kill Joel if he could not retaliate in any way shape or form.

SilentNegotiator2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

"but instead we got the same E3 demo"

What were you expecting? That's Jimmy "the unfunny" Fallon's video game corner (or whatever it's called) almost every time....some old demo being shown that the audience probably hasn't seen because they don't watch E3 or gamescon footage or whatever.

Thatguy-3102166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

another article about this !!!! Scripted or not scripted it wont stop it from being an amazing game. People just nitpick and fall back to that excuse of being "scripted" in order to make it look bad. Some parts of the games are going to be scripted but like many developer s confirm from the behind closed doors demo that you are offered different paths. Dont see why people are still questioning it. At the end of the day doubters will get a slap in the face when they experience it themselves. The watch dog demo looked more scripted and ppl went nuts over it why do they question this? ohhh i forgot its because its an exclusive for the ps3-_- you got to love this gen /s

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DigitalRaptor2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Thank the heavens there are people like you who have the drive to research things for themselves and promote FACTS instead of fanboyism or general ignorance.

Everybody read this. It explains everything. The kill animations are scripted once you have triggered them contextually through the AI system, of course, but you are still in control of the action that takes place.

And the talk about Bruce Straley having practiced the demo a lot... of course that's true. He's the damn creative director, it's his job to know how the AI works and manipulate it on a playthrough to give off the best impression of the game. He's clearly practiced the playthrough in the same way on many an occasion to get it perfect for demonstration purposes.

Not to mention, many press publications have given their impressions on how the game changes based on your actions, so there's no need to spread false information about the game anymore. At this stage it's just cute.

xAlmostPro2166d ago

Indeed also if you watch the E3 gameplay followed by this demo at the molotov point you'll notice in the E3 demo it goes to the left of the guy then he drags it over, in the demo on Jimmys show it goes straight over to the enemy. Subtle differences

MariaHelFutura2167d ago

ND just needs to show the demo again, doing it differently and put an end to all this madness. People said the same things about U2, about how its was all cutscenes and not playable and look how that turned out.

yewles12167d ago

ND shows a lot gameplay, they're spoiling the game. ND shows too little gameplay, it's not convincing enough. Like I always say: Sony devs NEVER get a break... JUST BECAUSE of who they work for.

rdgneoz32166d ago

When a dev releases games that get a huge number of awards across the boards, they're gonna be held to a higher standard. As a result, people tend to be skeptical about their future work and try to pick it apart until they get their hands on it.

yewles12166d ago

There's a HUGE difference between higher standard, and increased scrutiny...

goldwyncq2167d ago

Of all the demos shown, why this? The Watch dogs demo looked more scripted imo

cstyle2167d ago

It may be a bit scripted or linear but it still will be one of the best games next year. ND is one of the best out there.

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