Vita? I don’t need no stinkin’ Vita! It’s still PSP for me | PS3 Attitude

PS3 Attitude: "As much as I’d like one, unfortunately there’s no way I can justify, let alone afford, getting a PS Vita right now. Instead of looking upon owners of Sony’s latest handheld console with envy (well, to be fair I’ve been doing that too – obviously), I decided I would simply dust off my old PSP."

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remanutd552172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Well I' ve finished most of the games he mentioned, psp had its time, now its psvita and all its features/ capabilities time to shine, waiting anxiously for the new resistance burning skies online patch, playing through gravity rush chapter 6,having tons of fun with escape plan asylum levels and lastly very, I mean very impressed with lbp vita beta.

I just wish evolution studios release a freaking brutal motorstorm game on the vita

cpayne932172d ago

I just recently got silent hill origins, crisis core, dungeon siege, and I downloaded ffvii all on my psp. I won't need any other games for a while, origins is a lot better than I thought it would be, the game was criticized for not evolving the silent hill formula but the only other sh I have played was the first.

The only psp game I haven't played but I want is monster hunter freedom unite.

GribbleGrunger2172d ago

At some point in the future you may well get a Vita and the great thing about it is that you will be able to play those PSP purchases on it, with crisper graphics and better controls. you are on the first step of a transition, and that is EXACTLY why Sony carry on promoting the PSP. I believe that eventually, when the games start pouring in for the Vita (for your personal tastes because there are plenty I love) then you will probably sell your PSP and buy a Vita... and you will never regret it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2172d ago

Origins is a decent game and Crisis Core is awesome, some good buys you got there! =)

miyamoto2172d ago

Awesome games!

I am playing Black Rock Shooter on my PSP 3000 and its awesome too,

Buy sometimes my fingers want to multi touch the front and back of my PSP.

I wonder why...

Ultr2172d ago

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is awesome!! even more awesome if you got some friends that also start with you! damn I put more than 140h into that game, and still going strong!
I play it on the Vita btw! looks great!

cpayne932172d ago

@Ultr I actually have 3 friends who I could play with, so I'm definitely going to get it. But I really want to get it on vita like you said, mostly because of the second analog stick.

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Blastoise2172d ago

Motorstorm is an excellent franchise

remanutd552172d ago

Motorstorm is my favorite new franchise from sony this entire generation , while others love Uncharted, Little Big Planet, inFAMOUS , i love Motorstorm and Resistance but Motorstorm a little bit more lol, LUNATICS UNITE!!!

HarryMasonHerpderp2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Motorstorm is really underrated, It was one of the first PS3 games I got back in 2006 and I don't regret a second of it.
Also Pacific Rift is amazing! haven't played apocalypse yet though I heard it's not as good as Rift? Anyway I really hope they release a proper Motorstorm game for the Vita.

Max Power2172d ago

That's a nice double negative. So, it looks like you do need a Vita.

goldwyncq2172d ago

I see what you did there

Hicken2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

If only double negatives worked that way...

Edit: On topic, this mentality is part of the reason why Vita sales are as slow as they are. Too many people don't want to upgrade.

Hell, I was torn: I could have gotten another PSP and had some money left over. But then I wouldn't have Gravity Rush right now.

I LOVE Gravity Rush.

Anyway, people act like the Vita's price or the price of the memory cards is SO prohibitive, but even if you bought the 3G with the largest memory card, you'd still be coming out a good $200 cheaper than that iPhone or iPad you'd have no qualms buying. And $200 is five retail games, give or take.

capcock2172d ago

Vita is a good system it just needs more games. Sony's e3 was a freaking joke also since I expected them to show a bunch of stuff for the vita to make me buy one but they didn't.

stage882172d ago

Gamescom looks more promising

remanutd552172d ago

sony E3 PRESS conference didnt show a lot vita related but there were 25 psvita games at E3 so yea the games were there.

bothebo2172d ago

Here you go. This should change your opinion: Features&page=1

They only had just over 3 pages prior to E3.

frostedjuly2172d ago

Just Shut up and get a Vita

stefhutch202172d ago

Brilliant idea! I'll just magic up that £200 to buy one, shall I? :)

GribbleGrunger2172d ago

did you use magic to conjure up the PC you are using too?!

joeorc2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

wait a Min what did Sony not Show?

if you want to keep the idea of well they did not show anything at the conference...well be my guest. because that is not just E3. @ e3 SONY DID SHOW OFF PSVita GAMES on the show "floor" you know where it really counts! where people can play the Games and interact with the software and see upcoming games!

you may ask how not showing on E3 conference is helping you, i guess it's not or would not have helped you anyway by the sound of it.

"Vita is a good system it just needs more games."

the PSVita currently has over 40 games already released that are PSVita games,+ over 300 back catalog PSP games "
which i doubt anyone person has played every single one of those , or has completed every single one of those games. Than Add in PSP Mini's and than add in the AR games Sony has released for the PSVita.

and right now you are telling me there is not enough game's on the PSVita?

Im really starting to doubt many gamer's that Have that Idea about there is not enough Software on the PSVita.

it's more About the Price than anything, if you really deep down really want to search yourself that is the truth. be that it's memory cards are too high, well thank the Hacker's for that, they made the high cost for blank media for the system so their hacking attempts can be slowed because no Quick card reader's can be used this time!

they made the high cost blank memory all possible this time because they just could not stop messing with a closed system they knew which was closed in the first place, and yet released their Step by Step how too guides across the internet's all in the name of Homebrew knowing full well
It could lead to piracy. and with ISO dump's of UMD's being so easy to do..many could go to any P2P, or data hosting site and grab the software for free.

Many say well piracy never is a real problem for Nintendo or Microsoft why does it effect Sony so much.

Sony is not Microsoft or Nintendo!

Here is the thing, was the claim that Sony's software just does not sell well on their platforms..right so if it does not sell well and the software is not that great why Pirate it?

do people think not paying any money to the developer for any part of his software is not worth it, even if you do not like his game?

but i bought the PSP for this price and i expect better software..keep telling your self that.

when your software get's downloaded for free several times the number it was sold than venture capitalist WHO INVESTED IN YOUR PROJECTS IN THE FIRST PLACE SEE the number's and say my ROI is not where it needs to be and shuts down on a 2nd or 3rd game. that means 1st party is what you have left.

you cannot have it both way's people want more software , but do not really want to pay for it and in many cases any part of that software because they do not think the game is worth the money.

it is to the developer and the publisher, when hacker's make it easy to dump your publisher's and developer's software online and your sales are not that great anyway. many 3rd party's tend to shy away from your platform.

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