Why You Really Need To Buy A PlayStation 3

Erik Kain from Forbes writes:

The Sixth Axis calls this ad one of Sony‘s best, pointing out that it’s about time Sony made its free PlayStation Network (PSN) a selling point (as opposed to Microsoft‘s paid subscription service.)

I think the PS3 is a fantastic system, but this ad pretty much has me running for the hills. Annoying music? Check. Lots of flash, little meat? Check. Headache coming on after watching it? Yep, that too.

I have a better reason why you all should go buy a PS3:

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xtremexx1986d ago

getting it next week, you dont have to tell me twice.

Jijoro1986d ago

Thanks but I'm fine with my 360.

ceedubya91986d ago

Looks like people don't think you're fine with your 360, Jijoro :).

LOGICWINS1986d ago

Supposedly some N4Gers know people better than they know themselves. It is said that they have this natural ability to detect which consoles you have based on your comments. Just last week I commented that I still wasn't interested in PS Plus, and some VERY intelligent person concluded that I didn't own a PS3 for the very fact that I'm not a PS Plus subscriber.

I hope to attain this unprecedented deductive reasoning with more time on this site :)

FunAndGun1986d ago


I concluded you didn't have a PS3 because you couldn't share your PSN ID. I wanted to see all the PS3 games you played.

prove me wrong little child.

I can't detect what console you have but I can detect your wagon full of BS.

LOGICWINS1986d ago

"I concluded you didn't have a PS3 because you couldn't share your PSN ID."

So because I didn't want to share my PSN ID with a random angry person on N4G, I don't have a PS3? Your just, WOW. Please tell me more wise one.

FunAndGun1986d ago

yep, just as I thought.

you can make as many facepalm jpgs and use excuses about random strangers all you want, but you are still full of BS.

I would take your word for it, but as you have proven time and time again, your words don't carry much substance.

shut me up. show me just how truthful your logic is...unless of course you can't. <-- my conclusion.

Its funny that you will find links and quotes to back up all the crap you type, but you won't prove me wrong in this instance. lol, you love to prove people wrong, unless of course you can't.

LOGICWINS1986d ago

"lol, you love to prove people wrong, unless of course you can't."

Or if I don't feel that their worth the trouble ;)

TheRealHeisenberg1986d ago

@ FunAndGun

You have got be kidding me. So anybody that does not share their PSN ID with you is full of BS about owning a PS3? Holy crap, that is a load of BS. I lol at those pathetic souls that agreed with you. I own 2 PS3s, 2 360s and a Wii. I'm not sharing any of my online IDs with anybody that I don't care to, and I have multiple PSN IDs. Glad to see we have "Who Owns A PS3" Police around here. What an f'ing joke.

@ Logic

I don't even know why you bother as much as you do with the fools in here.

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brettyd1986d ago

It's cool not everyone likes games.

antiAntag0nist1986d ago

Good thing I already have one.

urwifeminder1986d ago

I tried one it died had fun for a while moved on to pc.

Neko_Mega1986d ago

Fine that hard to believe, seeing how the 360 had a 54% fail rate and PS3 didn't have anywhere close to that.

You must not know how to take care of a console very well or you are lying.

Unlimax1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

No he just act like a fanboy .. or officially became a sony hater !

LOGICWINS1986d ago

Yet another example of the impressive deductive reasoning you only find on N4G! A person's PS3 died and they moved on to the PC...LOGICALLY they hate Sony. I'm learning so much from you guys its incredible :)

Urbz78701986d ago

@ Neko_Mega

He said he moved from PS3 to PC where the hell did you get 360 from his comment?

So just because his PS3 dies he's a lair and doesn't know how to take care of his console? I've been threw 2 60GB PS3 which suffered from the same issue and i barely played the damn thing so i guess that make me a lair and don't know how to take of my console as well. Your comment is completely irrelevant.


All he said was and i quote "I tried one it died had fun for awhile moved on to pc". Care to elaborate your comment more Mr.Unlimax?

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