The Last Guardian “will ship” says Sony

Sony have stated unequivocally that the beleaguered and currently AWOL The Last Guardian “will ship”. Although they also add the caveats, “when it’s absolutely ready”, and, “at sometime”.

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gamingviking2134d ago

Sad to see this game in development hell...
Heck, it'll probably release right at the end of this console's generation.

Freak of Nature2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Or perhaps release right at the start of the next gen? Could this be a PS4 launch game? Would they overlook the lower user base? Or wait even another year for the PS4 to get more owners.

I think they may not be experiencing difficult dev time from Hell/... It could be they have gone into a revamp or overhaul working alongside Sony Santa Monica/ Looking to get even more out of this potential system seller.

They could see the release so close to the PS4 that they said lets go all out and have even more head room and create this gem for the PS4.

It's all a guessing game as of now, but one thing is for sure I am in great anticipation for this game as I have been for many years now.

DOMination-2134d ago

This game will be great, possibly even one of the best of this generation, I'm positive about that. But system seller? I highly doubt it.

feeter2134d ago

@Anialator136 - cause its N4G... this will get disagrees too...

ilikestuff2134d ago

if the game comes out for ps4 then they better up the visuals, maybe thats why we haven't seen it, maybe they're making it on the ps4 and it looks so good now that everyone would know it was a ps4 game.

by the by i think the game looks real good i was just saying if its for ps4 it better look even better

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gintoki7772134d ago

I don't think my wallet can handle the next gen at the moment

Stuart57562134d ago

Such a long time in the making, if Shadow of the Colossus was released on October 18, 2005, then THG has been almost 8 years in the making and still no release date, seriously wanting to play this game though. Come on Team Ico, make it happen this gen.

ardivt2134d ago

I just hope they have enough money to complete it. eight years of next gen development without any big income are already quite a long time.

mewhy322134d ago

This was the primary reason that I bought my ps3 two years ago. I read on eurogamer that the developer was experience technical difficulty and that was the reason for the game's delay. Come on. Team Ico is a first party developer writing an exclusive game for Sony. Other first party developers for Sony release very very impressive games and it didn't take them 8 years to do it either. Get some guys and gals from gurella and naughty dog to help out and release this freaking game.

feeter2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Dont get me wrong Guerrilla and Naughty Dog are great but Team Ico is in a whole different league... Ico may not have been the most well received game when it came out but the story and development of characters were amazing... Shadow of Colossus had you pull for a character who you had very little back round knowledge and helped him kill Colossi(who you dont know if they are good or evil) to save someone who could have been evil(just for love)... you get two amazing stories without talking or very little narration... I rather have Team Ico complete another masterpiece without anyone else trying to change what they do sooo well... besides Guerrilla and Naughty Dog have other games they need to finish... as long as it gets completed before the PS4 comes out they can take all the time they want

ShoryukenII2134d ago

It took GG 4-5 years to make Killzone 2. Killzone 3 was released 2 years after Killzone 3 and it really shows. Naughty Dog does produce some fine games in a timely fashion but look at The Last of Us, that game started right after Uncharted 2 and is still unreleased.

Of course, The Last Guardian is much longer than that but that is because (like Kojima), the director has a vision that must be realized and anything less won't fly. It's better this way.

Darth Stewie2134d ago

I wonder if it will end like ICO which was being made for the PS1 but ended up on PS2 so Last Guardian might be shipped on PS4.

IRetrouk2134d ago

Sadly I see that happening, good for the game but not us gamers that want it yesterday, I think this game will he worth the wait though

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