PlayStation Plus Prompts Me to Rethink My Xbox Live Subscription

I have been an Xbox Live subscriber for the better part of the last decade. I've always shrugged off the suggestion that the service should be made available for free; people are more than welcome to take that position, but I've always been personally fine with paying. I've found myself rethinking that position over the last week, and a lot of that is Sony's doing.

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black9111895d ago

It took you 7 Years really?

Thatguy-3101895d ago

I'll take features over discounts anyday. But the free games do it justice. Still wish new apps/fe.atures were annoum

gaffyh1895d ago

I'll take discounts and free games over features that I will almost never use any day.

Ron_Danger1895d ago

Almost all of these features are free on other platforms and in most cases better. Paying extra to playNetflix or HBOgo is redicilous. And all of the ESPN stuff is the same you can get for free by typing into your computer, or better yet, just turning on your tv.

And by discounts, are you referring to the 45 FREE games ps+ subscribers get this year?? They aren't all watered down games either. PS+ subscribers (in the US) already got Infamous 2, LBP2, Saints Row 2, Just Cause 2, NFS Shift 2 all for free since April along with a ton of quality online store games like Virtua Fighter: Final Showdown, Hard Corps, Trine 2, and Awesomenauts (there's also a ton others but I'm at work on my iPhone).

It's one thing to say "discounts" for ps+... It's another to try and justify paying up to $60 (if you don't discount hunt) for Live and then still pay regular price for downloadable games/ add-ons and use features/ apps that are free on other platforms

gokuss1220021895d ago

I'll take free full retail games... over being forced to pay extra just to play "the other half" on all my games... especially games where the main hook is the online multiplayer such as Call of Duty. Speaking of CoD, there are MANY people that ONLY play CoD, and they ONLY play it online; in fact, CoD was their sole reason for purchasing their respective console... Factually speaking, the (retail) cost spent on Live, could have purchased an Elite subscription. So in essence, CoD on ps3 is far better than the 360 version; for you get all the map packs (and everything else that comes with Elite) are Free**

**when compared to Live's $60 (retail) price tag

hay1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

This isn't only about discounts. It's also about discovery. I got tons of sweet games from PSN+ on which I wouldn't shell out my money or didn't even know they exist.
This annual 60usd has paid off easily at least twice in content I got from it EXCLUDING this month's offer.

Trebius511894d ago

I didnt even know about the free games til just now .... guess im signing up.

darthv721894d ago

meaning that these "free" games are in fact free or only free for the life of the service?

Live doesnt give away much in the free department but when they do it really is free even if you no longer choose to be a member.

I'd give plus a go for the year if it meant I could opt out next year and still play the giveaway games.

princejb1341894d ago


is for the duration of your membership
but is still good
it can take up to a week to beat a game that you spend $60 on
why not play 30+ games in a year for $50

nukeitall1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

How about both PSN and XBL?

I like to play online with the Xbox Live community more than I do PSN. That in itself is worth the $35 yearly, let alone the features.

PSN+ offers nice game rentals, but I have too many games as it is. However, PSN+ offers really nice value if you play those games. They aren't *free* though, they are a rental for as long as you have your subscription.

Trebius511894d ago

I still find it somewhat fascinating that people call Facebook, Netflix, ESPN, Twitter, etc. etc. "Features" ....

You can use any of those apps for free on any other platform or device that surfs the internet ...

Army_of_Darkness1894d ago

PSN+ lets you play online weather or not your a plus subscriber, has chat if you got a mic so what other online special feature do you really need to play games aside from that??
I get free games on PSN+ on the weekly that I usually finish within a few weeks so why would I want to keep it on my harddrive when there is gonna be dozens and dozens more upcoming free games to Download?!

I honestly didn't like the idea of not being able to keep the free games at first, but I figured that what would be the point in doing so after clearing it?! just gonna take up HD space.

nukeitall1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )


Do you know what is the most important thing of all in an online game is?

The *community*!!!

That alone makes it worth the $35 yearly fee I pay. To top it off, the party system/cross game chat makes it easy to organize a team of 5 people. If you play online, you know people jump in and jump out all the time. Getting a full team is hard, and Xbox Live makes that far easier.

Beacons let me know which one of my friends want to play game I do, so I don't feel as bad contacting them while they are doing something else to see if they want to play together.

People with microphones communicating also makes a huge difference. On top of that, we get the latest apps streamlined for console use with a unified interface.

Ever patched anything on PSN? Slow!

On XBL, I can patch a game while the game is running. No restart needed. The updates are small and it comes down fast.

Also, I don't have a lot of abandoned friends on my friends list on XBL. They tend to stick around and play a lot.

That are just some of the benefits. If you play online, XBL is the place to be!

People don't get that isn't a feature list in their head, it is how it is done. Android has everything iOS does, but people choose iOS due to the experience.

Ryo-Hazuki1894d ago

I can't wait till PS4 releases because it will have party chat for free. I really don't care about a glorified conference call but I want to see the excuses from ppl who are defending LIVE. You would have to be retarded or a fanboy if you don't switch over from LIVE to PSN. It already doesn't make sense to pay for LIVE now but it really would not make sense once PS4 releases.

darthv721894d ago

It seems neither side will concede in this debate. What many dont realize is that once you become a paid member (of either service) you can really no longer consider yourself part of the "free" crowd.

Silver member of live (obviously) dont get to compete in competitive multiplayer which is probably the biggest aspect of live to begin with. Then again, it isnt for everyone. So what compells people to sign up for live in the first place. Simply put...they do it because their friends do it (mostly).

With that membership comes not only the perks of playing online but all the other parts of live as well. Features that many will say arent really features because they exist on the pc for free. True but live has them tailor made specifically to the platform.

That means you get the best quality in form and function only on the 360. MS has made it their goal to ensure the quality of the service remains high. Even when it comes to the simple things.

Sony on the other hand made their online service an afterthought. They couldnt charge for it upfront because it wasnt worth it. That doesnt mean its crap because it has gotten better over time. The one advantage (and yes its a big one) is the free online play for those who arent paid members.

The paid members get that and much more. in fact, pretty much any new extension to the service is for paid members only. Sorry free psn, no cloud saves for you.

Now the pay to play aspect is a part of both. Live you pay to play online. PS+ you simply pay to play. By that i am referring to all the "free" games that arent really free. You still have to pay to play them or more specifically you have to pay to continue to have the privilage to play them.

Bottom line for both service is, once you have become a paid member there really is no other way to go. I cant see myself dropping live after being a founding member from the xbox days. It has gotten so much better than where it began. I havent yet taken the plunge on PS+ simply because I dont play enough on my ps3 to justify the purchase.

I do like the selection of incentives on PS+ but to continue to pay each year for the right to play titles I could rather go out and buy outright. Sony knows there is big $$$ to be made in memberships. It would not surprise me if they reworked the free side to be less and less attractive (think restrictive) just to get people to join up.

once you are a member of something it makes it that much harder to walk away.

fr0sty1894d ago

Honestly, other than cross game chat and the party system, there isn't much on Live that I'm interested in. It is a great infrastructure for online gaming, but I won't ever support it on principal alone. Any company that locks half of a game I paid full price for, or makes me pay extra for apps and services that others get for free, will not be getting my money. I'll handle the minor inconvenience of having to use old fashioned text messages to contact my friends who are playing other games than the one I'm playing. I can't say I hate on others for thinking those features are worth $60 a year. Some game a lot more socially than I do. I'm not a kid so not all of my friends even play video games, and those that do aren't into online gaming. As such, when I game online, it's normally with people I do not know or maybe just one other friend. To people like me, Live it worthless. The fact that Microsoft makes you pay for Live if you want to even play online alienates people like me. Stupid move on their part.

OneAboveAll1894d ago

I'll take better only functionality, party chat and the safety of my personal information over anything PS3 has to offer any day. :)

Dee_911894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

that makes no sense
Just because they are tailored for the xbox doesnt justify paying for it.
Thats like me paying for mobile sites for my phone because they are tailored for my phone.
Bottom line is they are making you pay for stuff thats free basically everywhere else.
PS+ is basically a huge discount not pay to play.
You would be better off sticking to the crosss game justify xbl arguement.
I was psn+ member for a year and my service was up 3 months ago.I havent re-subcribed yet and wont any time soon ( already havee those free games) so its very easy to walk away once your a subscriber.I was also a Xbl subcriber back in the day.It was quite easy to walk away from that too.
Haha i remember back in 07 08 my friend showed me all the xblpoints he got off other people accounts
your personal INFO might have been safe but your money surely wasnt.

gaden_malak1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

"People don't get that isn't a feature list in their head, it is how it is done. Android has everything iOS does, but people choose iOS due to the experience."

Well except for the fact that Andriod has overtaken ios as phone of choice.

"I'll take better only functionality, party chat and the safety of my personal information over anything PS3 has to offer any day. :)"

You mean the very safe system that even Major Nelson's account was hacked. That's the one you mean?

Blacktric1894d ago

"I'll take features"

You mean you take cross game/party chat and voice messages over tons of free games each month, including retail games that received amazing scores like inFamous 2 and Little Big Planet 2? Remind me again when was the last time Microsoft gave a free and decent XBL Arcade game over Live Marketplace? Thought so...

BattleAxe1894d ago

XBOX Live is a joke. I regret actually buying a gold membership this year.The sad thing is that I've never been a PS+ subscriber, and at least with PS+ you get tons of free stuff and major discounts. I bought my 360 for $100.00 three months ago, I played it for the first two weeks, and I've barely turned it on since. I'd at least like to sell it and get my $100.00 back. As for my Live subscription, Halo: Reach download, Gears 1 and Gears 2 downloads, its basically money flushed down the toilet. Oh well, at least I can say that I gave the 360 a fair shake.

geddesmond1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

You always got free games with the discounts except now you get full retail games and Good PSN titles. Anyone that would rather get crappy apps and stuff instead of 40 plus games a year is crazy.

In Europe we get 10 free games this month and after that 3 games get added every month. Thats amazing even for people like me who owns 100+ PS3 retail games and 50 or so PSN titles.

I mean if it wasn't for PS+ I would never have played MS Apocalypse and now I can't put it down amazing deal.


Your talking through your ass. You don't know the first thing about PSN if there the points you use. Last time I checked the community is just the same. You can see what games your friends are playing and join them very easily because all online games now a days have an in game invite system and most give you the ability to join them in on going games.

I always use and see others with mics, I've over 80 PSN friends and every night theres 40+ online so whats that tend to stick around BS. Maybe people abondoned their accounts on your list cause they added you and realised how dumb you sound.

Patches are not slow on PSN. They are slower compared to Xbox because the file size is always bigger.

Also Apps? We get Vidzone, Netflix, Youtube, movie editor, photogallery, a music streaming serice and the PS3 has a web browser that runs facebook and all those free movie streming websites. I mean Apps are BS on both machines why even use those as a point. I mean PSN is free and its also ad free. On top of your live subscription MS have Live covered in ads lol thats just an insult to paying customers.

I mean be a man and realize your getting ripped off. Why is all these things free on PC but not 360, lol even Nintendo ain't charging for their WiiU online. Yous are just suckers for paying that and where does the money go? to devs like Rockstar for exclusive DLC that ends up on PS3 a few months later anyway lol. Smh your debating points that have always been used and most have been proven to be wrong over the years.

MaxXAttaxX1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

It's called a MEMBERSHIP.

You may not be able to keep most games after your subscription expires(duh), but you do keep other free content and you DO keep every other game you got at a discount, even if you only payed 1 cent.

Got Red Dead Redemption bundled with all 3 DLC packs for $19.

Here are the details on the value of PS Plus from its first year alone:

And here is the latest on PS Plus:

$50 in exchange for $1000 worth of games and other content for a year = WIN.

Online GAMEPLAY ITSELF is exactly the same on both. Unless developers designed both version differently, then it's they're the same.

I'm sorry, but if you have to pay to play online and justify it with non-gaming related features, you have no right hating on PS Plus (an OPTIONAL service that doesn't keep you from most online features).

Shepherd 2141894d ago

The community and refinement of xbox live have been building a strong foundation ever since the older days where Halo 2 dominated everything online in the console world and new ps2 users were wondering why they couldn't play online on the PSN straight out of the PS2 box. It was a ripe and exhilarating time to be apart of halo 2 and even halo 3s community on the 360 and I know for a fact that the same social experience wouldn't have been replicated on Sonys free service. For me, of course.

Different people see value in different things. Most people aren't trying to degrade and convince others not to get PSN, but it doesn't work the other way around here unfortunately. Anyone with any bit of intelligence acknowledges the excellent value of PSN Plus, but don't scoff at those who would rather not leave their memories, friends and experiences so hastily.

ShinMaster1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )


* PS Plus membership extends to both systems with $1000s worth of content.

* Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, MLBtv, NHL, VidZone, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Skype, Facebook, Flickr, Music, Blu-ray, Video and voice Chat, exact same Online Gameplay, etc etc on PS3 and Vita without being forced to pay anything extra just to access these features.

I'll that over having to pay to play online, a "nicer looking interface" and a false sense of "community" no more special than LBP's.

So spin that!

Shepherd 2141894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

So which part about my above post didn't you like? Im curious because its obvious no one liked to hear a different point of view i guess. Was it the part about xbox live and halo 2 being one of the best gaming experience of that generation? Or the part where I said you couldn't play online without a ps2 with the separate component? Or the part where you socially dead keyboard warriors hated where I said that the community was massive and strong? Don't get all ass chapped because you didn't like to hear the truth.

Paying $15 a month to play one game might sound retarded but guess what, ten million people still do it in world of warcraft for some goddamn reason. Oh wait, i remember, because of their friends and the massive community, otherwise who would seriously play that shit alone if players were replaced by NPCs.

lot of people here need a reality check.

Blogz4Fanboyz1894d ago


same wrote for hits rubbish, complete with the whole sony fanboy brigade, writing the same stuff that they have been writing for years....

anyone that thinks live is better disagreed to death and no doubt bubble raped.

i have both, and for gaming, live is MUCH better no questions. psn+ sounds like a good idea, but quite honestly doesnt interest me.

disagree away kids. no one gives a fuck about you fanboys on here anyway.

jaysquared1894d ago

I dropped li e about a year ago and bought a ps3 because I don't game much anymore and mostly used my 360 for Netflix.. Didn't want to pay just for Netflix so got a ps3.. Ended up selling the ps3 about 4 months ago and restarted my live membership... Ps3 was just a pain to use.. The interface is a pain to navigate, the once a month updates that took like 30 mins to download and another 30 mins to install was a b*tch(m$ only updates the 360 probably 3 x a year and only takes minutes), download speed for psn was slow, hate how when I downloaded demos it took 30 mins to download and another 30 min to I install(360 takes about 15 min to download and it installs it while downloading), navigating throuh trophy list and the store was slow, hated how I couldn't control the ps3 with my harmony remote unless I got an adapted, Netflix app on the 360 is miles better than on the ps3, accessing friends list or sending messages sucked..

I gave it a fair amount of time but I just dreaded turning on the ps3 to watch Netflix because it seemed like it had updates every! Each console has it's pros and cons but for me the ease of the 360 and the easier interface made me go back.. I seriously get a headache thinking about my times with the ps3..

Shepherd 2141893d ago


I think you misunderstood me. Halo 2 on xbox live was the dominate online console game of the xbox/ps2 generation. Meanwhile, Ps2 was struggling with a very poor online interface and setup because you had to have that separate component to get your ps2 online. It's for that reason that xbox live has had a vey strong start and has continued to build loyalty and social appeal over the years, it's the same reason why so many people are willing to pay 15 a month for world of warcraft - just one game. It's the social experience that makes xbox live different from pc gaming and psn, and in my opinion as far as Sony has come, they're still working on it. MS is gonna have to change something eventually to compete with Sonys PSN plus, however, just like how psn has had to change to compete with Live.

MaxXAttaxX1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I see what you're trying to say....

But what you're saying about online on the PS2 only applied to the older fat PS2 models which required an adapter. The newer PS2s, the Slim ones which were sold for the majority of the PS2s life cycle, all have built-in Ethernet ports.

Final Fantasy XI was a very popular online game on the PS2.

EXACTLY! Halo 2 was ONE game. Not everyone on Xbox played it online(or at all). Whatever (online)community the original Xbox built, was mainly built around Halo 2, one of the only highlight.
But that was then and this is now.
The reason why the number of XBL members(as well as PSN members) today is higher than back in the original Xbox days, is not because of Halo 2 existed, but because there are multiple games with online play today.
Both 360 and PS3 have multiple games with online play. Aside from the Halo games, BOTH communities are practically matched. And because of this, last gen is almost irrelevant to the subject.

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