Digital distribution is “the future of gaming” say TIGA

TIGA believe that digital distribution drives creativity and provides more opportunities for small to medium sized game developers, while becoming a second nature to consumers.

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cstyle1922d ago

bye bye consoles, blu-rays and dvds.

FunAndGun1922d ago

that is the same thing people said about CDs when MP3s started getting hot.

funny how I can still go into Best Buy and purchase a new CD every Tuesday.

DarkBlood1922d ago

thats when you can literaly kiss me goodbye if that day ever happens

cstyle1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

well you better say goodbye then becuase it is gonna happen. This gen will be the last for consoles.

DarkBlood1922d ago

alot less sales will happen you cant expect alot of us to go digital when its not even fully safe to do so

they need to consider the rest of the world, not just canada *which is where im from* or america for that matter

power is in the consumers so dont be a slave to corperations

StarFox1922d ago

funny because thats what they said about blu-ray players and dvd players, hell even CD players yet i can still go to my stores and buy them.

thebudgetgamer1922d ago

Unless everyone gets decent internet without caps, not gonna happen.

dcbronco1922d ago

The cost of the download could be handled by the distributer since they no longer have shipping cost.

Summons751922d ago

won't happen. Physical will always be around digital can stay an option

Soldierone1922d ago

It will never go fully digital until gamers no longer matter to their products. People like me will never buy full retail games as digital titles, so they would lose customers. Digital might "take over" but physical will always be there in some regards.

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