[Rumor] LittleBigPlanet Karting and God of War: Ascension Coming To Vita?

The introduction of new content on the PlayStation Vita's PSN store has some asking, "Will LittleBigPlanet Karting and God of War: Ascension be coming to the PlayStation Vita?"

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ThatMiamiGuy2195d ago

I would definitely be down for LBP Karting on the Vita. That is, if it still had online MP intact.

*Sudden memories of ModNation Racers: Road Trip come to mind*

As for God of War: Ascension - I think that's a long shot, but then again, all of the God of War games will be playable on the Vita by this summer excluding God of War 3. But who knows, they might enable God of War 3 soon too, so we'll see.

sinncross2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

LBP Karting makes sense but it would need online play with the PS3 version.

As for GoW Ascension... its a prequel and all the prequels were on the portable platform. That said, I am dubious about this decision to make so many of their games cross platform. I doubt Ascension on PSV would hurt PS3 sales much though.

That said, I still think the best thing Sony can do for their titles that are not sports related, is to just have the Online MP of a game playable on the other console. So like, Ascension MP on the PSV while the full game is on PS3. It is just a thought: I only say this because Sony need to evolve the identity of both platforms. I believe that is best for both to thrive while sharing some connectivity.

But I am not going to complain either way as long as Sony keeps making awesome games.

miyamoto2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

if this is true
this will justify the free PS3/PS Vita on PS+ feature

there is nothing wrong with PS3 to PS Vita ports as long as:

-they play very well
-loaded with neat exclusive features
-less expensive that PS3 version
-discounted or free with your PS+ subscription

ginsunuva2194d ago

Wait, Sony never said ps2 games are coming to vita yet.

And GoW wouldn't be a good match for vita. You need to experience the epic visuals in hd. And

SoundGamer2194d ago

They did announce that God of War 1 and 2 from the HD collection would be playable on the Vita this summer through the new Vita update.

dotwithshoes2195d ago

I honestly think this is a terrible path for Sony to take. Console ports are not what hand helds are for, hand helds are for hand held games.

ThatMiamiGuy2195d ago

As long as they release just as many or more Vita originals/exclusives, I don't see a problem with console ports on the System.

Options are always good.

Amazingmrbrock2195d ago

Yeah but if they can do both then they should have at er.

They've given the impression that porting ps3 games to the vita isn't exceptionally difficult. I'm sure the developers can go into making the game with the intention of having it on both consoles with good results.

Though I do essentially agree with you, portable games are usually designed with shorter game spans in mind. The difference between peace walker and mgs 4 was huge in terms of game play. Still though doesn't mean there isn't room for both types on one system.

Personally I never play games on the go and probably wouldn't haul around a medium sized system to do so in a pinch. When I get a vita I will probably end up playing it before bed or in the bath, like a good book.

Amazingmrbrock2194d ago

Totally in the bath. As long as your sure you won't drop your electronic devices in it. Why not lol.

dotwithshoes2194d ago

I agree with in the bath.. nice time to sit back, relax and play a little.

I like the Vita, I just don't want to see Sony try to shoehorn nothing but console games on the handheld. If I wanna play Sony console games, I have a ps3 to do so.

Sithlord-Gamble2194d ago

Why should handheld only gamers have to miss out on great console games?

They should be released on both systems.

In fact, many people, including myself, bought the vita bc we COULD play console type games on a portable handheld.

Im all for console games coming to the handheld ... ps3 ports, new ips and everything in between. The more games that come to the vita, the better.

DigitalRaptor2195d ago

Games like LBP and All Stars Battle Royale are perfect for a handheld experience, so I would love to see LBP Karting on the Vita.

GOW: Ascension though... not sure if it would be a good fit. It seems to me that the game is made of bigger things, don't think the Vita could pull off what they're doing with Ascension, technologically.

I just don't want to see all PS3 games on Vita. Each should have a healthy dose of exclusives.

Zuperman2195d ago

If Sony ported PS3 games over to Vita for free like how Apple ports Iphone games to Ipad, etc...

Than Vita Sales will boost through the roof.

Hufandpuf2195d ago

Enough with the port rumors, where are the original Vita games!? Why would I pay for a handheld version when I can play the superior version on PS3 for $15+ more? This is why Sony is dropping the ball, announce some new IPs for the Vita already, if no one ran out to buy the first lineup, why-o-why do they think people will opt for a handheld version of a game they can play on console!?

Zuperman2195d ago

Good question Hufandpuf,

What Sony needs is some sort of a PSCLOUD that ables you to enjoy PS3 titles on the go with the Vita,

Sony should start focusing more on their GAMES instead of releasing certain titles on a certain platform. Even tho they are doing an amazing job with their brand by showcasing outstanding games.

I believe every Sony platform should have the right to play every title. The Vita is a POWERHOUSE for a handheld, theirs no doubt about that. So it should be able to play just about every title without any problems.

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