Sony considering “buy PS Vita game, get PS3 version free” for PS Plus subscribers

An online survey Sony posted has revealed some potential new features heading to Playstation Plus that benefit both PS3 and PS Vita owners.

Currently, the PS Plus subscription service is under-going a re-vamp in order to get more subscibers by tempting them with PS3 games for free. Sony announced at E3 there would be a PS Plus service for the Vita too, in the hope of boosting Vita sales.

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Snookies122170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Well that's awesome, though doesn't FFX HD already do this? I thought I heard it would...

Not that it matters, I'm buying both versions anyway, because that game was amazing...

Zuperman2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

If Sony ported PS3 games over to Vita for free under PS+

I'll tell you what will happen

1. PS3 + Vita Hardware Sales increases.
2. PSN+ Sales increases.
3. Game Sales increases.


milohighclub2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

But does this mean they both have to be downloaded from psn or would customers get codes when they buy games??? Its just that new ps3 games are 49.99 on psn but get them on release day for between £30 n £40 from else way. If it's purely download only then I hope they lower the price of ps3 games.

Edit: and it mentions this in the article...

MaxXAttaxX2169d ago

Either one is a win by me.

plmkoh2169d ago

Finally someone who builds a list of things and doesn't use "???" followed by "profit".

It's not even funny, so good on you.

Dark-vash2169d ago

And then, you stop paying for PSN+ and have 0 games to play!

Screw the digital market, they will not get away with it, and that's why the PSP Go Floped!

I like to have value for my money, and getting 2 games for one is in fact great, until you notice you cant play them without PSN+, you can't play them over your friends, you can't borrow them and you cant sell them to afford other games!

Awesome_Gamer2169d ago

100% agree with Zuperman, that would be a win for PlayStation owners :)

hay2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Totally agree, free for PSN+ users could make Playstation branch and Gamers happy.

@Dark-vash: One does not simply stop paying for PSN. Not after what Playstation offered this month, hell no.

Dark-vash2169d ago


I didn't even start! They can offer whatever they want!

Not that I don't own digital games, but as a collector, digital doesn't fulfill my needs!

darthv722169d ago

i wont take credit for this but I posted a similar idea shortly during e3 week. I was thinking that perhaps sony should offer vita versions of games on the same disc as the ps3.

It is a little different but in a way you are getting both games for the price of 1. I hope they go through with this.

It would increase sales of not only the hardware (ps3/vita) but also the titles supported.

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DOMination-2169d ago

AFAIK FFX HD is NOT doing this. There was an article a while back that suggested titles that shared cross-platform multiplayer would provide the other console version for free.. so the assumption was stuff like Wipeout HD, SF vs. Tekken, etc. would be applicable but not a single player title like FFX.

Would be nice though, it would make me get PS+.

Patriots_Pride2169d ago

This would problaby only applpy to Sony 1st party games.

jujubee882169d ago

But, Playstation could easily cut a deal to pay royalties for 3rd party developers.

Even so, I suspect Ubisoft, EA sports would get onto this type of deal day one.

Sevir2169d ago

if you buy the PSvita version online you also get the ps3 version for free instantly from the store! So i'm sure with this already being done on a number of first party title plus a select few 3rd party titles sony has been in talks with 3rd party publishers to see the best possible way to do this in proper execution! I say When sony does roll this out their will be a plethora of major publishers on board to make it worth the purchase of PS+

avengers19782169d ago

If its true I would love it, I just dont have the funds to buy two versions of the same game.
And so far what the vita can do has impressed me, but really looking forward to more games built from the ground up with vita....
Also want God of War for Vita, and Infamous, New Games though not re-releases.

SilentNegotiator2169d ago

Awesome, but the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

Either make it happen or don't get my hopes up, Sony.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

This is what i thought would have been done day 1. Especially with top seller titles like FIFA & COD. I would definitely go out and buy a Vita if i know i could play people who are using the PS3 from my VITA by just buying 1 copy.

But knowing I might have too buy 2 copies of the same game for the PS3 & VITA is too much money.

Sevir2169d ago

the concept if its a game vita specific and not a port. because if its the exact same game on PS3 and PSVita then it makes sense like WipeoutHD/2048 or UMVC3 which both do this and MLB the show 12. but a game like COD Black Ops 2 and Black Ops:Declassified or AC3 and AC3:Liberation Just wouldn't work because they are presumably stand alone games made specific to the vita and have different content to their PS3 main offerings... So i can only assume something like this would be for games that will have exact same content. like SF-X-TK or something that will have the same content across both platforms.

Darth Stewie2170d ago

It should be the other way around. Sony should make it for example if you buy PS:ABR on PS3 it comes with a code for a digital download version for Vita. By doing this Sony will get more sales for the PS3 version and huge increase in Vita memory stick sales.

Soldierone2170d ago

Yeah, but PS3 games cost 60 bucks and Vita titles are only 20 to 40. So as a customer, i love the Buy a Vita title get a Ps3 title free :P

SandWitch2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

That would be cool, but there is one huge problem. People who have PS3 but don't have PS Vita (or vice versa) will sell digital code to some Vita owner and thus developers will lose half of their earnings.

So such scheme is only possible on PSN titles.

miyamoto2170d ago

but isn't the catch is...that this will only work with one PS+ account?

Ultr2170d ago

yeah but it should be like this

"once you enter the ONLINE-Pass, you get the code for the vita version, so it does only work with your acc"

SuburbanHell2169d ago

Agreed, since the PS3 title is going to be a little more expensive anyway, have it so if you purchase the PS3 title you get a digital download code for the Vita.

black9112170d ago

Vita needs a better/cheaper 3G/4G service. Games are not problem. Whats the point of having call of duty if I can't play it online with friends anywhere.

sloth33952170d ago

the 3g/4g isnt for games to be played online for a shooting game

black9112170d ago

This gen of gaming is all about online unless your going for the casual market. Trust me if Sony starts 4G psvita $60 a year sales will sky rocket.

DOMination-2169d ago

Like what was said, the Vita isn't designed to play games on a mobile network at all. It could happen in future I guess but the infrastructure still isn't there. It would be annoying to have migrating hosts every five seconds because someone lost their 3G connection.

rjdofu2169d ago

@black911: online is for casual. Lol @ thinking COD is hardcore.

Sevir2169d ago

I'm sure as hell positive that 4G LTE Networks already being fleshed out and launched by major networks, Verizon and ATT already and Sprint this year and Tmo Next year will all cause sony to Have a 4GLTE Vita with a plan thats reasonable on those LTE networks will happen sometime next year or 2 years from now! 3G was just the first step. and i'm sure Sony is seeing that Apple's Ipad and other Android Tablets are coming with 4GLTE data plans that are more conducive to gaming on the go with multiplayer!

Its only a matter of Time!

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Nutsack2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

If you want to play online through 3G, tether it from your phone or MiFi modem. Vista connects through WiFi then and you can play online. Fixed!

I even play online on XBL and PSN with 360/PS3 on trips when I take one of them with me over 3G/MiFi, lag free and no connection problems

3G on Vista is for messaging, trophy checking only, no online gaming

catfrog2169d ago

people who want a better wireless service for their games are going to be sorely disappointed, right now will likely be the best it ever gets for gaming through large cell towers.

spectrum has physical limitations, you can only send so much data through radiation before interference patterns start to effect your information. right now the industry is just starting so we have a lot of spectrum available for use, but in the future more and more spectrum will be designated for other uses (or we'll socialize the cell industry to create many smaller 'tower' structures to service smaller and smaller areas, reducing spectrum cost on the larger scale)

the spectrum right now is used, its all taken, the cell companies dont even have the best (most useful part of) the spectrum to use, theyre stuck with the less useful parts of the spectrum because companies like fox are holding onto their licensing for the spectrum from back when television was broadcast to antennas on your tvs. their reasoning is that as more people want to use data wirelessly, the cost of that data will go up, and with it spectrum cost will rise, and because they have the best/largest piece of the spectrum, they can control this, which can make them a lot of money.

tl;dr want faster cell plans for gaming? stop watching fox (also the other very old cable providers) movies/shows, when they need money they'll sell their spectrum. (btw, getting the spectrum out of the limbo that its in will not only raise cell speeds, it'll create availability and lower cost also. yes, your cell phone bill will go down when fox sells their spectrum licensing)

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