The ten most disappointing games this generation

Digitally Downloaded writes: "This generation has put up some truly amazing games – both high profile and niche. But, of course, it has also put up some real disappointments. Games that should have been great, or looked great in the promos, but didn’t follow through with the promise."

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WildArmed2197d ago

Aye, some of these games are actually pretty good. When I saw Kingdoms of Amalur and Dragon's Dogma on there, I was like O.O? THESE are your biggest disappointment? new IPs that are actually pretty good games?

Never mind the fact that Duke Nukem didn't make the list, there are still tons of games that were sold to be something, but delivered nothing.

Army_of_Darkness2197d ago

Is it okay to assume that he is a FPS fanboy??

Oh_Yeah2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

ddogma, kingdoms of amular, alice, shadows of the damned....shouldnt be on this list, they werent even hyped games, they were must plays imo this gen. the others were pretty bad games though.

TheLeapist2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Honestly, how could anyone list Dragon's Dogma as a disappointment? First of all there was zero hype for it, so how could you have such high expectations to allow such a huge disappointment?

And more importantly it's my favorite game of the year so far. It's really amazing. Most of the negative reviews I've read all seem to not understand how to play.

EX: "The pawns talk way too much!" That's funny because if you sit down at an INN with a pawn you can tell him to talk less.
"The pawns are always running far ahead even when I tell them to come close" Well that's because you set them up that way and that can be changed as well.
The list goes on but you get the idea

It's seriously so great.

CommonSense2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

kingdoms of amalur has no business being on this list.
in fact, a lot of this list is just lame.
in order for something to be disappointing, there has to be some hype/buzz about it in the first place.

how about La Noire? how about Lair? Too Human? Brink? FF13? FF14? Force Unleashed?

i have a question. why do idiot "articles" like this even make it to the front page? any moron with a blog can churn out junk like this on a daily basis.

ThanatosDMC2196d ago

Dragon's Dogma is damn good. This guy must be blind or Petarded. (family guy, fyi)

milohighclub2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Lol I agree that some of these games shouldn't be on the list but some of the above games make no sense at all. There doesn't have to hype for a game for an individual to have high expectations.

Also some of the Gamen's listed below I.e crackdown I can't believe people actually had expectations for. Crackdown 2 looked scrap from the day it was announced.

Mounce2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Yea, this guy has horrible taste, he seems to have a gear to grind against Fantasy-adventure type games or something. Most games listed involve swordplay, him adding Resonance of Fate just cuts the cake though, he either is craving for traffic attention or whoever this person is, has the shittiest taste and sense of judgmental and self-glorified opinion in the world for this very moment.

I'm hooked on DDogma, it's a damn solid game, I had anti-Capcom fanboys heckle at me enough for not bashing the game simply because Capcom made it, let alone I have over 40 hours put into it and it's like SoTC + freaking Dark Souls + Monster Hunter, how can anyone say No?!

2196d ago
pixelsword2196d ago

Game Article Law #20:

Any article with "Disappointing" in the title sucks.

The pixel has spoken.

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StraightPath2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy 13

there are were alot more dissapointing games this gen. Some of those games are terrible i wudnt even say they dissapointed gamers.

terribles games are terrible but those games that dissapoint when expectations and hype are so high and the game seems really good turns out to be average dissapointing game.

SuperLupe2197d ago

Too Human, Haze, Crackdown 2, GT5 and FF13 definatly.

Trebius512197d ago

GT5 HYPED???? lmao!!!

Its only the best car simulation game ever made ... yeah hyped ... *cough*

ALLWRONG2197d ago

"Too Human, Haze, Crackdown 2, GT5 and FF13 definatly."

Agree those are crap games.

aaron58292196d ago

gt5 disappointing ? lol.. ok

nukeitall2196d ago

I think FF 13 and GT5 was disappointing relative to the hype (or expectation of gamers). Neither were or are terrible games by any means.

Terrible is like Ninja Gaiden 3! Went from highly anticipated to not worth buying in the bargain bin.

kikizoo2196d ago


don't worry, gt5 was only disapointing for people who can't play it (like the 2 xfanboyz here).

morkendo232196d ago

@ superlupe

GT5, REALLY??? i mean REALLY!!!!! CRAPPY game REALLY??? compare to forza,Need for Speed "The RUN", NFS Shift 1,2,NFS PROSTREETS,NFS UNDERCOVER GT5 crappy? REALLY!!!

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brodychet2197d ago

Horrible list. I'm hoping this was a misunderstood joke? Lol shame on you MattS.

dubt722197d ago

How could they not have Too Human, Duke Nukem Forever and Homefront on this list?

MiloGarret2197d ago

Story quality: WTF?
Liked this website: No

scotchmouth2196d ago

Not enough people utilize that function

TENTONGUN2197d ago

god man dragons dogma is a dissapointment? what the fuck is dude smokin some ready's. seriously one of the best games ive played.

joab7772197d ago

Near insanity...unless he simple meant that each looked to b a possible game of the year and fell a bit short for one reason or another. He did not say this though. For some he simple tire them apart. I dunno, I can say Sky rim was a disappointment to me for various reasons. There are many aspects of dragons dogma and kingdoms that I love a lot more than sky rim, like their old school RPG elements that deliver satisfaction instead of a simple epic journey.

Now, I would love to see DD, KoA (which won't happen and I am sad) and DA look at some other games and try to make some improvements but not at the expense of all the wonderful things they did do. I love DD.

Liqvid2196d ago

War in the North wasn't an amazing game, but I definitely had lots of fun playing spltscreen with my girlfriend. There were way worse disappointing games.

gedapeleda2196d ago

I agree Alice was the ****
That CANDY ASS is probably 13...

MrMister2196d ago

How did this article ever pass? Multiple accounts, maybe?

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Venox20082197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

say what you want, but Shadows of the Damned is a GREAT GAME!


This list needs:

Perfect Dark: zero
Golden axe: beast rider

Mutant-Spud2197d ago

Dragon's Dogma is everything it claimed to be and more, it's one of the most unique and complex action RPG's on the market, I really liked Amalur too but I thought it was way too easy. This is a dumb list, they've put great games on there for stupid reasons, Resonance of Fate was fantastic but the author has included it because of it's release date?
Innovative RPG's and quirky action games like Shadows of the Damned are a niche market, it's like comparing fans of Black Metal to fans of R'nB, some people are willing to expand their minds and be challenged, others aren't.

WildArmed2197d ago

Resonance of Fate was indeed a fantastic game. Loved the combat system and soo many side-quests! Probably one of my fav. JRPGs this gen. The story was a lil' weak -- not very driven, but I think they wanted it that way. To let the player fit in the pieces together, but it's def. one of the most stragetic combat mechanics I've played this gen.

It def. was in no way a disappointment.

Hicken2196d ago

I tried to give the article some credit, but saying tri-Ace is a small time developer kinda destroyed that. They're not the biggest of the big, but between Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile, they're more than a little well known by JRPG fans.

madjedi2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Funny because resonance of fate was a hell of alot better jrpg than ff13 by a long shot.

The almost the entire list is stupid as hell cursed crusade, even a blind man could that was a budget title, alice was good and lengthy for action/platformer. War in the north was still a decent game not a champions of norrath, but still good. DD haven't played except the demo.

Da2 only played the demo was so so, shadows wasn't bad but all the innuendos put me off it, kingdoms was a shocker for how fun it actually was. I was expecting another casual heavy fable type game, it was actually real good. Amy never played it

The force unleashed wasn't not that bad, probably not as good as jk 3, but still an enjoyable game.

Another guy listed golden axe and i agree that was really bad. I don't care if it was hyped or not, and rogue warrior and legendary deserve to be on the list, just bad games.

I still laugh about brink, if it had released for $29 like it should of been instead $59 it wouldn't have been torn apart so badly.

Dead island i can't see the appeal, everything is subpar and poorly implemented, only the driving was done decently. I still think people who compare it to fallout 3 or borderlands are idiots.

GillHarrison2196d ago

Shadows of the Damned was rated very well. It is a fantastic game, idiots like the person who wrote this article didn't help move copies.

MrDead2197d ago

Blue Toad Mystery Files, it's the worse piece of arse dribble that I've ever had the misfortune to play.

helghast1022197d ago

The mention of Dragon's Dogma completely invalidates this list. Nice try.

Redempteur2197d ago

DDogma is one amazing piece of work

WetN00dle692197d ago

Exactly! That guy must be on drugs!

Ducky2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

In recent memory, I'd add Brink.

I still kinda liked the game, but it just wasn't anywhere near what was portrayed in the previews/trailers.

christheredhead2197d ago

I fell for the trap that was Brink. The game looked absolutely incredible with the parkour, customization and objective based gameplay....but man, it was pretty bad. Still can't believe I wasted 64 dollars on that. It had so much potential, but didn't really follow through on any core element.

MysticStrummer2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Yeah I'd take Dragon's Dogma and Amalur off and replace them with Brink and Dead Island. Both were games I was very excited about that ended up being less than stellar. The rest of the games I don't know about, but those two are actually the only disappointing games I've played this gen. I liked Amalur ok, but I had no expectations that it didn't live up to. I love me some Dragon's Dogma.

Mutant-Spud2196d ago

Dead Island wasn't too bad but the novelty wore off pretty quick for me because it was just constant combat and not much else, Brink was so broken on release that it never had a chance, if it was a $10 download and had been marketed the same way as Gotham City Impostors it would probably have been a minor hit.