Copycat Games: Is stealing gameplay ideas from others evolution?


"Almost anywhere you look nowadays, new games on the horizon contain some familiar features.

E3 this year demonstrated a lot of common elements , with few additions. Here are some strong examples of games ‘borrowing’ from others."

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gaminoz2228d ago

There are a LOT of games that are very similar these days. Especially looking at shooters:

Black Ops 2 is like Ghost Recon Future Soldier mixed with Modern Warfare. Or even Medal of Honor: Warfighter is using the same words from Ghost Recon Modern Warfighter.

I think that devs need to copy what gamers seem to like to make the $, and it does make sense to build on something that works and add your own twist to it, like say Dishonored.

A game can still 'feel' original even if it is getting inspiration from elsewhere.

LarVanian2228d ago

When I watched the Black Ops 2 trailer, all I could see was Call of Duty with a Deus Ex paint job.

gaminoz2228d ago

Spot on. It still looked like Modern Warfare with some extras to go with the explosions. I sure hope they hand hold less: "Follow!" "Get going" "Dont't stop and look at those indestructible light bulbs! Keep going so you miss the faults!"

DeusExer2228d ago

I really hope they don't add in random civilian deaths this time around, ala MW3.

Sure, the airport massacre in MW2 carried some weight to it, but the little girl getting blown up in MW3 just seemed trivial to me.

I do however like the idea of branching storylines, which gives the campaign some more replayability. As the last few years it's been treated like a 4 hour tutorial for the multiplayer component.

gaminoz2228d ago

I agree. Single player should be more than a scripted event after another with occasional shooting.

Soldierone2228d ago

First thing I thought of was all the Battlefield fanboys asking for a Battlefield 2142 game again, and Activision/Treyarch attempting to beat DICE to the punch so the COD fanboys can scream "COPYCATS!"


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Blacktric2228d ago

And not one Xbox 360 exclusive mentioned in the article. Ladies and gentleman; OXCGN! Probably the most biased piece of sh*t fanboy infested site ever!

gaminoz2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Ummm....maybe because there aren't many Xbox exclusive titles? Didn't he say something about Gears of War?

Yup: "I believe it (Last of Us) stands out from all the brown, dull environments of the past few years (I’m looking at you, Gears of War)."

Looks like you are the 'most biased sh* fanboy ever!' :p

BadCircuit2228d ago


So sending a PS3 only owner to an MS show is the sign of a 360 biased site?

The review wasn't even flattering to MS? What are you on?

DeusExer2228d ago

I don't know about you buddy, but nowhere in the article was I attempting to sink the boots into a particular console.

If I was having a crack at a console, would I complement one of their exclusive titles? Didn't think so.

Just to comfort you, when I mentioned rechargeable health, I was also talking about Halo 4. Happy?

The majority of games I talked about were multi-platform anyway. Just chill out and don't get all up in arms because you misinterpreted the content of the article.

jetlian2228d ago

blacktric your right. he even so far as to say tomb raider copied uncharteds platforming lol

Biggest change in games this gen was 3rd person, cover systems, and online play. What series did he not mention =) horde mode is seen everywhere what game doing =)

DigitalAnalog2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Oh, and I suppose that basically negates whatever troll article(s) it has sent before? Imagine criminals having their records wiped clean simply because they at one time did good charity works and the like.


Blacktric2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

"Looks like you are the 'most biased sh* fanboy ever!' :p"

Checking your profile pretty much reveals how much of a bottomfeeder of OXCGN you are, with your repeated submissions from that crap of a site, and somehow I am the most biased sh*t fanboy ever? Good one. Also try do less "personal" attacks next time when you are replying to someone who doesn't like your buttbuddy's horrible and biased website that kept repeatedly producing horrible and biased articles over the course of its existence.

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Nimblest-Assassin2228d ago

Well the reason TLOU looks like Enslaved can be explained.... some of the people behind enslaved's design are working on TLOU

DigitalRaptor2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Thanks for mentioning that. I forgot, but you reminded me.

Here's the link:

t0mmyb0y2228d ago

Original titles will always surface.

ReservoirDog3162228d ago

Haha, exactly. Everyone copies everything. There are rarely any truly original ideas in anything. Very very very rarely. But it matters on how you take those ideas and make them interesting that matters.

I mean, are you gonna slap The Godfather for "copying" The Roaring Twenties or Little Cesaer or other gangster movies from the 30s and 40s? Come on.

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BadCircuit2228d ago

There are a few games like The Journey that are pretty original, but these tend to be niche or smaller titles.

A big AAA title requires a lot of money, and there is no point in re-inventing the wheel, when you know you just need to advance some areas.

This is indeed evolution. One games copies somethng from here and there and then mixes it: if it works it survives, if it doesn't it is tossed by the next dev.

Survival of the fittest.

It's sad when the whole recipe is repeated over and over and over though!

TopDudeMan2228d ago

Absolutely, I'd rather have a game that borrowed all the awesome features from other games (and brought something new to the table) than a game that tried to be completely original and sucked.

Skateboard2228d ago

Amen brother. Well said bubble for you.

Snookies122228d ago

Taking previous ideas and expanding upon them to form something new. That is evolution, and that's what SOME developers are doing. Just because something started out as someone else's idea, doesn't mean it's "stealing" if it's improved upon and turned into something else (which could be better or worse)

SilentNegotiator2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Someone else invented the wheel, but no one gets pissy at the creator of the bicycle for "stealing" that guy's idea. Old ideas have to be turned into new ideas and be built upon. That's life.

Or else we can go live in a cave and argue about who owns the patent to fire and loincloths and clubs and rocks....

SeekDev2228d ago

Indeed. I think it's ok to take game ideas because it's necessary for gaming to progress. However, if taken, it should always be refined, innovated further, or changed for the better so that it isn't a blatant rip and helps to push gaming forward.

Lol, cavemen

Proeliator2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I think that it's simply a sign that we're at the end of a generation. Some of the bigger ideas - such as Watch Dogs, or just the Unreal Engine 4 - aren't possible on current-gen consoles.

(WD has not been listed for any platform yet, and the look of it spurs debate that it's a next-gen title - only my thoughts on the matter! :) )

BadCircuit2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Star Wars 1313 is also rumoured to be 'next gen'

Do you really think that the next gen will not copy this gen though?

I think everything can be accused of some plagiarism. Look at the guy suing Ubisoft for stealing the Assassin's Creed idea...

BootHammer2228d ago

Taking what works and is proven to be popular with gamers is fine IMO as long as the devs are still creative in other ways throughout the game's creation.

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