Sorcery Only Sold 50,000 Copies Within Its First Two Weeks

Chris Penwell from PlayStation Euphoria writes: According to, Sorcery only sold approximately 50,000 copies within its first two weeks. At first, it was shocking to read such a low statistic but with the small amount of publicity and the PlayStation Move fading into obscurity, this is actually no surprise. The PlayStation Move games have never captured the attention of the general public as of late with “Everybody Dance” only selling 60,000 copies and now Sorcery, which has only sold 50,000. This number does not include digital sales but there are two major reasons why this game has suffered.

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Abash2371d ago

No surprise, you have to advertise new IPs to get them to sell

darthv722371d ago

isnt this game also available to purchase via psn?

NPD and other sources track retail so I dont know if digital numbers are ever revealed. Chances are they dont make that much of a difference in relation to retail but a sale is still a sale.

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Machioto2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

@ bash it's only bad if it cost Sony more than 500 thousand to make this game because,even with 50 thou copies it grossed 2 mil,its all about how much it cost them and the return on investment.

cstyle2371d ago

dude, this game probably cost more than that to develop. Maybe if this was back in the 80s or something but game development today is quite expensive and selling only 50 thousand copies is not even close to making a profit.

Machioto2371d ago

@cstyle it a move game I'm sure that the cost to make these games are lower than the ps3,that's why they sold cheap in comparison to other ps3 games.

Soldierone2371d ago

@cstyle, don't let that full you. The only time games "cost a lot" is when a studio puts a ton of staff behind a big game to get it out faster. This is a smaller game, with a smaller studio.

Plus Move games are at the right price of 40 dollars, instead of 60, which shows they are cheaper to make.

DiRtY2370d ago

let's say 30 developers were working on that game.

The average developer makes about 95k per year.

Let's say it wwas a very cost effective studio with lower wages with a 85k average.

The title was revealed two years ago at E3 2010. Of course it must have been in development before the reveal - it was played live on stage... So we are looking at minimum 2.5 years development time.

30 * 85k * 2,5 = 6,375,000 USD just for the staff.

Then you have to add marketing, technical equipment, rent, taxes, voice actors, distribution etc etc etc.

So no, it is not a 500k USD game. Not at all.
Braid cost 200k and was developed by ONE guy for 3 years.

Just facts.

Awesome_Gamer2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

That's what i was going to say,

oh and Btw, it's estimated that sorcery costed Sony only 2.8 million to develope , so i think they will make profit of it very quickly

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

LOL. we have another case of Twisted Metal here.

everyone on N4G says they want amazing exclusive,day 1 AAA titles,then only minor amounts of people buy them.

SONY!!! stop listening to what your fans want these days. stick to your 4 decent exclusives and stop wasting money on games your audience doesn't want. coff coff Wonder Book coff coff.

GUARANTEED All-Stars:BR sells really REALLY badly compared to what sony think they are going to get.

@soldierone. it was called a AAA title by many of users on here, also majority of PS users were saying this is going to be the title that sells the move controller.

"Why should Sony toss out games with "non-blockbuster" sales just because all the shooter nuts don't buy it?"

because non-blockbuster games should be left to 3rd party devs. when a console company is trying to sell there console they should have blockbuster titles under there belt.

microsoft know what they are doing by dropping non-blockbuster exclusives and making fewer exclusives that everybody wants and loves, then focuses on getting 3rd party devs in with them for timed DLC and kinect cooperation.

Soldierone2371d ago

Don't think that many people were saying that about this. And the ones that did, went and bought it.

Why should Sony toss out games with "non-blockbuster" sales just because all the shooter nuts don't buy it? They release a shooter and that alone will make up for the sales, if anything needs to be made up to begin with.

cstyle2371d ago

This just goes to prove that sony investment in the move isn't paying off. The one game that was supposed to be a blockbuster move title turned out to be much less....nad now people are making excuses like it didn't cost that much to which we know is BS.

Outside_ofthe_Box2370d ago

Too many 360 gamers caring about what Sony does...

Sorcery does not have a high budget, but 50k obviously isn't the return they were looking for. Not that it's surprising that it sold that low with no marketing at all...

SPAM-FRITTER-123, I find it funny that you have a problem with Wonderbook, but no problem with that Nike fitness crap... lol

trouble_bubble2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

It's a MOVE game genius! Dear lord, just look at all the Kinect shovelware games. Go tell MS the same thing. Why does Star Wars Kinect have like a 50 something metacritic avg?

Btw, you brought up Twisted Metal, yet according to vgchartz Twisted Metal has sold more than 360 console exclusive 'The Witcher 2'. 500,000 to 390,000. Ummmmm, wtf happened there lol? Would you say "stick to Halo"?

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ThanatosDMC2371d ago

I'm not surprised because the damn thing took too long to come out. I dont even know where i put my two Move controllers after i moved to a different city.

GraveLord2371d ago

and there's no point it advertising a new IP for a failed product which is PS Move.

Playstation Move is only successful when used as an alternative control method, not the main one.

OmegaSlayer2370d ago

The main character is unappealing, like 70% of Sony characters.
That's where Sony fails, look at the character designs of fantasy stuff like Diablo, Skyrim, Amalur, Dark Souls, The Witcher...they destroy Sorcery with class.
Make the character a badass and not an Harry Potter rip off, give him a fire salamander instead of a cat, make the world darker and see how the game does.

trouble_bubble2370d ago

70%? LOL, what's your science behind that number? Or is it magic? Harry Potter just pulled it magically outta his @&% I guess.

Jazz41082370d ago

I have also heard ms now has more first party studios then sony. Most of them have not anounced any games but I sure as heck bet they are working on next gen games. Next ge could get interesting since ms is investing some money in studios.

mysterym2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Advertise? It's had a prime time demo in last years e3. Fact is, the game sucks.

Edit: I should I have two move controllers gathering dust, I wish this was as good as the promise. Wasted ip.

SilentNegotiator2369d ago

Headline reality: "Poorly rated game that had early hype sells poorly"

PS3 haters' spin: "ZOMG, dem pstree fanboys are alwayz talkin but den dey don' buy da gaem!"

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Lovable2371d ago

Can't wait for Sorcery 2

iamnsuperman2371d ago

Personally the demo turned me off getting it.

gamingviking2371d ago

Actually, no it isn't. The game had such promise when they first showed it off, I'm just disappointed. But I wish they would make more games that are exclusively developed for the move.

Wh15ky2370d ago

The game didn't really appeal to me in the first place (I never understood what everybody was so excited about after it's first showing 2 years ago). I kept an eye on it, as I like the Move controller, but tried the demo and it was a complete turn off, I may pick it up cheap at some point to try out the full game.

mt2370d ago

I am quite the opposite, I didn't care alot about the game till I tried the demo, I like it.

Soldierone2371d ago

Er....well I personally was interested in the game, and didn't even know it released till this week. Heck finding the demo on PSN hidden in the "new demos" area, instead of getting featured, was a surprise......

Whitefeather2371d ago

It was featured when it was released...

Soldierone2371d ago

I must have overlooked it. I visit the store almost everyday and didn't see it till this weeks update.

problemchild842370d ago

The demo came out like two weeks or so after the game released, I'm sure that had an effect on sales, demo should have been there day one.

FlyGuyHung2371d ago

Flop game remains flopping.

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